Monday, October 1, 2012

Panini Billy

This recent purchase is the first card from Panini in my collection...

....a 2010 Souvenir Stamps Billy Williams autograph.  I've never looked too seriously at anything  Panini has put out since they don't have an MLB license.  But this card I like; they did a nice job of getting around the lack of logo issue they face.

The picture they used is what Billy currently looks like.  He's still connected with the Cubs organization, and he shows up on Cubs broadcasts every now and then.  I wasn't shocked at all by the picture--this was much better than the monstrosity of a card that unlicensed UD made for Ernie Banks in this year's Goodwin.

The signed stamp is a nice touch, too, especially since the stamp was from 1969.  The design is obviously based on the MLB logo, which came out the same year.  And how about the price for the stamp...six whole cents.  The sad thing is that I remember 6 cent stamps.  That's what stamps cost when I was a kid.  My grandpa was a huge stamp collector and I clearly remember him talking about the price hike that would take stamps all the way up to 8 cents.  Darn inflation!

I was also ready to praise Panini for making the design of the card Chicago-centric.  Any sharp-eyed Chicagoans catch the element?

There's the Chicago flag on the top of the card.  I thought, "How cool; they couldn't use team logos so instead they used the city logo."

Then I looked at some other cards.

Frank Howard and Red Schoendienst never played for a Chicago team.  The Chicago flag on the card isn't the Chicago flag.  So much for Panini being cool.

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