Monday, October 8, 2012

A Bryan LaHair Autograph, Before Its Too Late

What a year it's been for Bryan LaHair.  He won a starting job for the first time in his MLB career in the spring, got off to a terrific start and made the All Star team in July, and spent most of the second half of the season on the bench.

Topps included him in the 2012 Triple Threads set, but just barely.  He has a card in the Unity Autograph Relic insert.  There are 113 different cards in the set.  Most of the cards are numbered alphabetically, by the player's first name.  But apparently several got added at the last minute, and Bryan with a B is the final card in the set, #113.

My card is the base, numbered to 99.  Mine is #87.  There are also several parallels; sepia /75,  emerald /50, gold /25, sapphire /10, and ruby 1/1.  I won't be chasing a rainbow with these.

I wanted to get this card because I don't think that there will be many more LaHair autographs with the Cubs.  Anthony Rizzo has made LaHair expendable.  Maybe he'll end up a DH with an American League team.  That would seem to be a role he would do well with.  Plus, when the team is on the field, he can spend the extra time working on his signature.  It would be nice to see him come up with something other than the BLH he signs now.


  1. You may have noticed, but LaHair actually got two unity cards in TTT. One for his first Grand Slam and one for being the 2011 PCL MVP, each with their own set of parallels. Pretty cool for Topps to include him.

  2. Whatever happens in Brian's career he'll always be able to say he was an All-Star.