Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Update Cubs

My update cards have arrived!

There were 24 different cards in my Cubs update package, and I'll have them all over the next couple days.

Today, its the base cards and the gold sparkles.  There were eight different Cubs cards in the 330 card update set.

Two Cubs, Starlin Castro and Bryan LaHair, made the All Star team, but just Castro got an All Star card.


Shawn Camp and Jeff Russell did a nice job out of the bullpen this year, a bullpen that saw plenty of work.

The other five cards are of guys that probably won't be on the Cubs opening day roster in 2013.


They're either rookies that need more time in the minors....

....utility role vets....


...or roster-filling no-names.

Here are the golden sparkle versions...




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