Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tile Tuesday: Allen & Ginter

Last week's Conlon tile was pretty plain looking.  Most of the cards has the exact same black design.  This week its another plain looking tile, but with white instead of black...Allen & Ginter.

Plain cards doesn't mean unpopular, though. Topps brought back the Allen and Ginter name in 2006 and it was immediate hit.  It has been one of their most popular brands ever since.  Count me among the likers.  I've got complete sets of each of year of Ginter.

My only complaint with Ginter is the ever growing number of relic cards.  The tile will give you a good look at the recent explosion of relics.  Here is how the number of Cubs relics has grown over the years...1..2..3..2..5..12..10.  That's 22 from the past two years, 13 from the first five.


  1. I am not a fan of the A&G set, but this is an impressive way to show them off. Nicely done!