Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Triple Thread Cubs

A couple Hall of Fame Cubs made the 2012 Triple Threads checklist....

....Ryne Sandberg and

....Andre Dawson.  I picked up both of these cards for my player collections.

I don't think you can tell from the scans, but both cards arrived with creases in them, compliments of the United States Postal Service.  I bought the cards from Sportlots for a price much cheaper than what they were going for on Ebay.  But when you buy from Sportlots, you can expect that most of the time the cards are going to come in a PWE.  These did, and the envelope got crushed in processing.  The toploader was cracked and the cards were creased. My thriftiness cost me this time.

On another note, while not trying to sound like a broken record, why was Ron Santo not included in this...or any Topps product this year?  At this point, I'm wondering if Topps can't.  Do they need a special licensed from his estate, since I'm assuming that dead guys aren't part of the MLB licensing agreement?  I would think that his family would have signed an agreement if that's whats needed.

I haven't heard anything at all about an issue with the family.  Anyone know anything about this?


  1. I tried Sportlots for a bit but it seems like that site hasn't been redesigned since 1998.

    A true terror of a site to navigate.

  2. I believe Topps has to arrange a licensing deal with the family, which can get very expensive and is why you see the same old-time players in sets over and over again.

  3. I think I've asked the same thing about Santo. You'd expect the family would be reasonable considering they'd want keep his image alive with the public.

  4. Even creased, that Dawson card is a beauty!!!

    I shop on Sportlots all of the time. There is a handful of buyers that I have bought from multiple times that ship in bubble mailers - you just don't find that out until they arrive...