Friday, October 12, 2012

Sorry, Sori

I don't mind admitting when I'm wrong, and regarding Alfonso Soriano, I was wrong.

Jim Hendry massively overspent to get Soriano in 2007, in both dollars and years. For the first couple seasons, Soriano would get amazingly hot and single-handily carry the team for weeks. It's no coincidence that they won the division his first two seasons with the Cubs.

But Soriano got old very quickly and coming into this season, he was 36 years old with $18 million due him each of the next three seasons. I can't think of any player his age worth that amount of money, let alone one with declining offensive skills and little defensive skills.

When the first first six weeks of the season came and went, Soriano had yet to hit a home run. It seemed like he was done, and the Cubs would be on the line for $54 million worth of nothing. Somehow, though, he was able to turn things around. He hit his first homer on May 15 and would end up with 32. He also knocked in 108 runs, his most ever as a Cub. He stayed healthy and played in 151 games. He even improved himself defensively, making several plays during the season that would never have been made in previous seasons.

So Sori, sorry for doubting you!

I've been looking for over a year to add a Soriano autograph to my collection, but was never able to find one at a decent prices. Most of his auto cards go for over $30. Finally I found this bargain...

....2007 UD Premier. It went for below the usual price and its a /35 card to boot. Now, if there's another team looking for an aging outfielder, maybe Theo can give them a $36 million bargain.



  1. I was surprised as well. Good year for a good guy. Maybe he'll get a chance at a ring next season (somewhere else).