Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tile Tuesday: My Relics

Last Wednesday I wrote a post about the problems that I'm having with relic cards.  With more time to reflect, I don't think that I'll quit them cold-turkey.  But I do plan to be very selective with what I buy.

When writing the post, I went through my cards to come up with a list of all the different players in my relic collection.  I've decide to do one better than just a list....might as well show all of the cards.

I split them into two different tiles; one for vertical cards and the other for the horizontal cards.  All together there are 159 different cards.  To see just how far I've come, check out this post from January 31, 2009, when I got my first.



  1. Nice collection. I never really had much faith into the validity of the relics used, but I really like the way they are presented so I'm still a fan of the relics. The retro styled vintage relics are the best in my opinion.

  2. Wow Paul, that took me four full minutes to page down through. A very solid collection, indeed!