Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tile Tuesday: The Conlon Collection

From 1991 through 1995, the Sporting News and Megacards put out the Conlon Collection.  The cards featured the works of sports photographer Charles Conlon.  A total of 1430 cards were issued.  For the first four years, the cards featured an identical design and were in sets of 330 cards.  They were numbered consecutively, from 1 - 1320.

In 1995 a change was made to both the design (the cards were green instead of black, and glossy) and in number.  The set was going to be released in two series of 110 cards.  The second series never saw the light of day, and so the set ended with 1430 cards.

I like the cards enough that I've purchased the entire run.  The first three years are easy and inexpensive.  The 2004 set is tougher and the 2005 is a real pain.  I think I waited almost a year for a set of the 2005s to show up at an affordable price, and I was able to get the entire set in an unopened package.

There are 88 different cards that featured Cubs players.  We get cards of Hall of Fame guys like Gabby Hartnett, Dizzy Dean, and Mordicai Brown and cards of anonymous players like Art Nehf and Curt Davis.  It's a very eclectic set.

If you want to get a better look at the cards, click on the Conlon logo below the tile and it will take you to my Photobucket page.


  1. I like how it's almost a perfect square. Very aesthetically pleasing.