Saturday, October 20, 2012

Excited About Rafael Dolis' Autograph

Why on earth am I excited about getting this update card, with Rafael Dolis' autograph?

It certainly isn't his 2012 record of 2-4, or his ERA of 6.39 that's got me excited.

Actually, it isn't Rafael at all.  It's the seller that I bought the card from that made my day.  First, the card was listed as a BIN for only $1.99.  On card autographs for a couple bucks, what a deal.  But even better than the price was the shipping.  Look at how the card arrived...

....Blue tape sealing up the toploader!!  I've been on the blue tape kick for a couple years, now.  Why?  Because it peals off so easily and leaves no residue behind. The toploader can be reused without a sticky mess left on it.

Go green...recycle...use the blue.


  1. And it's almost Cubbie blue, too!

  2. Yes, I agree completely! When I started trading with bloggers I noticed that couple exclusively use blue tape and how easy it was to remove. So now I've joined the bandwagon myself!

  3. I agree. It seems, though, that it's mostly the blogging community that is turned on to the blue tape. I still get a ton of ebay sellers using scotch tape or clear packaging tape. Hopefully we can convert them soon.