Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Bonus Page I Didn't Want

I've got another reminder of a really bad Cubs season.

I keep my Topps Cubs team sets in binders, one for each decade.  I also have a yearly stat sheet that I use as a divider between the years.  It makes it really easy to find a particular year when I'm searching for a card.  It's also a handy reference page if I'm looking for stats on a particular player.

Here is what a typical page looks like...


...On the top I've got the team's record and place.  That is followed by the stats of the position players.  All of the pitching stats are on the bottom.

Yesterday I was working on the 2012 version.  It was a very unpleasant task to type in the 101 losses.  Then I started putting in the position players.  Soon I realized that there was going to be a space issue.  The 24 position players took up quite a bit of room on the sheet.  They used a lot of players.  Typically, when that many players have stats, its not been a good year.

Below them I was going to need to fit in 30 pitchers.  Yes, 30 pitchers.  Need any more evidence of a really nasty season?  Well, there was no way that I was going to be able to fit in 30 more players on the page.  I could do it only if I reduced the font size to something almost unreadable....not a bad idea considering how bad the stats are.

In the interest of readability, I had to put the pitchers on a second page.  For the first time in 62 seasons of stat sheets, I've got a front and a back.  I hope this bonus page...

... never happens again!


  1. No wonder I'm having a hardtime finding a photo of Alex Hinshaw to use for my custom team set. Just 1/3 of an inning over two appearances. The two images Getty has, he looks rather disgusted.

    1. He should look disgusted....he faced six batters over that 1/3 of an inning and five of the six scored.....hence the 135.00 ERA.

  2. More than likely, he won't get any further major-league appearances, to try and work that ERA down to double digits!

  3. Haven't had a year this bad since I was a wee tike.

  4. I love those divider sheets! I'll have to steal that idea once I get around to re-organizing my team binders...