Friday, October 5, 2012

More 2012 Season Tickets

I got the rest of my 2012 Cubs season tickets to add to the player collections. I know, they're not really baseball cards, but they are pretty cool looking.

Ernie Banks made it on two tickets. Even better was the game numbers they picked for his 14 and 41. The significance of those: Ernie wore #14 (and 41 is 14 flipped).

Too bad they didn't do that with the other players. Billy Williams is on game 61...

Andre Dawson got game 3....

...and Ryne Sandberg showed up on game 39

And how did the Cubs do in each of these games?

Ernie Banks game #14...they won, 5-4 over the Dodgers
Ernie Banks game #41...they won, 4-1 over the Diamondbacks
Andre Dawson game #3...they won 4-3 over the Nationals (their first win of the season)
Billy Williams game #61...they won 5-0 over the Rockies
Ryne Sandberg game #39...they won 3-0 over the Astros

Five tickets, five wins....not bad for a team that only won 38 home games.


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