Saturday, September 12, 2015

1990 Starting Lineup Cubs

The 1990 edition of Starting Lineup saw the checklist halved from the previous year, dropping for 168 players to 82, plus another seven in the extended set.  But since the Cubs were division champs in 1989, they ended up with eight players.  All eight were a big part of the Boys of Zimmer.

As for the cards themselves, Kenner used a completely new design.  It seems pretty boring to me.  The circle with the name seems very simplistic and the Cubs logo circle inside a larger circle looks kinda weird.  Other team logos might look better inside that circle.


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  1. Super steep dropoff compared to the 88 and 89 design... but as a fan of all SLU cards... I'd still rank this higher than 2015 Donruss. At least these have logos ;)