Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Milk Duds Billy

I've added another item to the Billy Williams PSA collection and it is a repeat, of sorts.

For reasons that I don't understand, the PSA master list includes both a cut-out version and full box version from the 1971 Milk Duds set.

The cut version was picked almost three years ago...fairly simple to find.

The complete box is tougher and more expensive.  That makes sense.  What kid in 1971 would save the whole box?  I was ten in 1971 and there's no way I would have done that.  I would have cut it out.

There have been boxes available, but most are either grades and very expensive or had way-to-high BINs.  My plan (as ususal) was to wait patiently for one to pop up as an auction with a low starting price, set the sniper, and then wait and hope.

All's well that ends well.  I got this for a fraction of the graded card price though the box is in wonderful condition.

With this I've hit the 75% mark..three quarters of the way complete!  That's 95 out of 127.


  1. That beauty of an oddball is certainly no "dud!" That pun I just made however...

  2. I would have kept the box. The Santo is probably my white whale at the moment. There was a graded one out there recently but it had some sort of schmutz on it that disqualified it for me. I guess it's good to have something left to hunt for. Your Williams looks pretty perfect. Congrats on finding it.