Thursday, September 17, 2015

Putting Together A Billy Rainbow 2

Here's another Billy rainbow and this one is done.  The cards come from Panini's Chicago Legends set that was given out at this year's National.

The base card is on top.  In the middle is the cracked ice version, which is /25.  The bottom card is /10 and it is called the pyramid.  I see cracked ice on that card, but the pyramids card; looks more like bubbles.

The cost of these?  Well, the /25 went for three bucks.  I had to cough up an extra buck for the /10.   The base card set me back two dollars.  So that's nine bucks for the three, probably the cheapest average for any rainbow I've put together.   Hurray for Panini's logoless cards!

I'll close with the three side by side:

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  1. I hope price-wise that it's more a reflection on Panini than on Billy. Rizzo hit his 30th home run today. He joins Billy as the only Cub lefties with multiple 30 home run seasons.