Monday, September 28, 2015

Heritage Minors Leaders

I've got three more from Heritage Minor League.

Topps did leader cards in the main Heritage set because the '66 set had league leaders.

This year for the first time, Topps included leader cards in Heritage Minor League.  It is the first time a Minor League set included these, though other Heritage sets had them.  In a set with only 225 cards, it seems like a waste of ten slots to include them.

Kris Bryant was included on three of the cards, so I picked them up to keep the team set complete.


Bryant led the minors with 43 home runs, was second in runs scored (111) and his 110 RBIs was good for third.

Notice how Topps used the same picture on all three cards. That seems a bit lazy to me.  Matt Olson got different pictures on the HR and Runs Scored card.  Why use the same on all three from Bryant?

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  1. Hey, it's a Marquez Smith sighting! He played in Peoria back in the day when the Chiefs were still affiliated with the Cubs.