Thursday, September 24, 2015

1994 Startling Lineup Cubs

Hey!  Two years in a row the Starting Lineup set showed some growth.  For 1994 the set increased to 57 cards.

The Cubs netted two on the checklist, and they are the two from the mid-90s that make the most sense, Grace and Sandberg.  Sammy wasn't SAMMY yet.


You can see the card design was another snazzy one, with colors and curves and all.  

The set marks the end of a seven-year run from Ryno.  He had a card in each of the different Starting Lineup sets.  His retirement during the 1994 season would bring his streak to an end.  He did, though, get a card in the 1997 set when he came back.

Here's the seven year Ryno run:

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