Monday, September 14, 2015

Darwin's Heading North of the Border

There is a little life left in Darwin Barney's career!

Yesterday the Blue Jays picked him up in a trade with the Dodgers.  It cost Toronto the services of a catcher named Jack Murphy, who hit .220 in AA this season.  Wasn't much of a price, was it.

With Troy Tolowitzki out with a shoulder injury for a couple weeks, Barney gives them an extra glove as insurance. Since he was acquired by the organization after September 1, he will not be eligible for their post season roster.  He gets to spend three weeks with Toronto and then he'll be job hunting again.

The trade did give me the opportunity to make another card for Darwin.  Chances are this will be the one and only card showing him with the Blue Jays.


  1. Fingers crossed that Darwin ends up in Update. That said, Im willing to bet your custom is much better than what Topps would put out.

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