Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Borrowed a Body for Barney

My Photoshop skills aren't that good.

I made this card on Sunday, before Barney had even met up with the Blue Jays.  You may have wondered how I got him in a Blue Jays uniform.

Again, my Photoshop skills aren't that good.  There is no way I can fake a Blue Jays uniform.  Actually, Topps isn't the best at faking another team's uniform, either.  It's usually pretty obvious in those series one cards of a player that moved over the winter.  I've written several posts over the years on the lousy Photoshop jobs.

So I went with a different plan.

I borrowed a body for Barney.


It's much easier to stick a head on a body than to create an entire uniform.  And I think it turned out pretty well for a job that took 20 minutes.

I wonder why Topps hasn't gone this route?  Are there legal issues for switching bodies around?  I'm assuming the cost would double too since you have to use two originals instead of one. But if the results look better, isn't it worth the extra expense?

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