Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fleer Quiz Cards

Today I've got a couple more Fleer oddballs from 1969, 1970, and 1971.

At that time Fleer's baseball product was cloth patches.  I've shown some of them here.  To keep the cloth patches from getting bent in the wax packs, Fleer used a cardboard insert for protection.

From 1969 - 1971, the cardboard had a team logo and a two or three question baseball quiz.  Each of the three years were slightly different.

This is the 1969 quiz.  It has three questions and a Cubs logo with a small "UBS".

In 1970, the logo was changed.  The shade of blue is darker, the UBS was enlarged, and there are only two questions.

One year later, the logo is almost the same (the UBS was moved slightly to the right) but its back to three questions.  The questions are the same as on the '69 card, with one slight change.  The first question on the '69 card asks "What IS the nickname of the Seattle baseball club" while on the '71 card it was changed to "What WAS the nickname of the Seattle baseball club."


  1. I love these cards. A few months back I got some of them for the Expos, Senators and I think Orioles and maybe the Pilots.

  2. Never seen these before. I've really enjoyed chasing down some of those vintage Fleer cloth stickers. Looks like I'll need to add these to the list.