Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jewel Week: August 18, 1969

The Jewel ad with the Cubs pictures was in the Tribune for the third Monday in a row on August 18, 1969

August 18 was an off day for the Cubs, as they were returning to Chicago from a long trip out west.  They finished a four city, twelve game trip with a lead over the Mets of 8 games, having picked up 1½ games while on the road.  The next day, August 19, was probably the peak of the season. Ken Holtzman tossed a no-hitter against the Braves.  It seemed that the Cubs were on their way.

Jewel was peaking too, because this was the week that they included my all-time favorite player.

The hero from Opening Day was included.  Another odd observation....look at how empty the box seats are but how filled the grandstand seats are.  In 1968 the grandstand seats were general admission and cost $1.50.  The first 12 rows of box seats were $3.50 and the next section up cost $3.00.

Regan was the bullpen ace in 1969.  But Leo overused him and he became ineffective by the end of the season. On August 1 his ERA was 2.86.  He finished the year at 3.70.

Young platooned in center field and was most known for being called out by Ron Santo after dropping a couple balls in a game against the Mets.

And here's the pretty looking color version:

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