Monday, January 11, 2016

Jewel Week: August 4, 1969

I found a complete set of the 20 Cubs pictures from Jewel Food, 1969.  The seller took my best offer, shipped the cards from Florida, and I got them in just two days.

I be featuring the pictures four per day, grouped the same way that Jewel issued them back in 1969.

We start with the first four, that were given out the week of August 4.  On Monday, August 4, the Cubs beat the Astros in Houston to extend their lead over the Mets by 7½ games.  They were in the midst of a seven game win streak and confidence in Chicago was high.  Jewel picked the right time to start this promotion.

The four featured players were Ernie Banks, Randy Hundley, Ted Abernathy, and Ken Holtzman,

The picture of Ernie Banks has to be one of my favorites.  Smiling Ernie, home whites, Wrigley Field in the background; its a thing of beauty.
Hundley's picture is from 1968.  It looks weird to have ivy in the background of a catcher's picture.  It should be bricks, not ivy. 
Abernathy posed to show his submarine style of pitching but lost both of his hands in the cropping process.
Holtzman got to keep his hands with a tighter follow-through.

Finally, since I have the color pictures, I decided to all a little color to the boring black and white Jewel ad,


  1. Good memories. I was wondering if you were ever going to mention this set of photos on the blog someday!

    I grew up in Berkeley and then Hillside and my mom worked at Jewel so she brought home a set of these for me when I was about 6 six years old. I still have them in the bottom of a box in the basement somewhere, hopefully all 20 of them.

    Man, now I want a box of Maurice Lenell cookies.

    1. Maurice Lenell... you can buy some on-line...

  2. Crazy something that is going on 50 years old becomes "new" upon discovery online! Makes me wonder all of the fun promotions and random items that weren't cataloged are floating around out there. Has to be in the tens of thousands!