Friday, January 29, 2016

The Topps Picture Library is Gone

In 2010 Topps made had what they called their Million Card Giveaway.  As part of the program they needed pictures of all of their cards from 1952 - 2010.  The pictures included the front and back of every baseball card.

I was able to figure out the system they used for the URL of each card.  With that, I could get a scan of any card.  It was a tremendous resource.

A few weeks ago I tried to get the scan of a card for a post I was writing.  I filled in the URL, hit enter, and got this:

It looks like the pictures are gone.  I tried a few other random card number from different years and got the same message.



  1. Almost every Topps baseball release is shown in it's entirety on the Trading Card Database. The lowest percentage of completion I saw on a flagship was 96%.

  2. It's been gone for quite awhile. I tried to go there at least 2 or 3 years ago and it wasn't there. But there are other options. Trading Card Database is a good one. You could also try Baseball Card Database, although that only goes up to 2009.

  3. Or better yet, the CardCyber Museum is now open for business:

    Has cards from many sets, including the full run from 1951 Topps through 2015 Update Series, and beyond.


    JayBee Anama

  4. Thanks guys...I'll check out both of those