Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jewel Week: August 11, 1969

This is week two of the five weeks that Jewel issued Cubs player pictures.

The Cubs had no game on Monday, August 11. They were out on their second of two West Coast trips.  Over the weekend they dropped two of three to the Dodgers and were on their way to San Diego.  Their lead over the Mets was still 7 ½ games.

The four players from this week were Fergie Jenkins, Al Spangler, Jim Hickman, and Ron Santo.

The angle of the picture makes Fergie seem even taller than the 6'5" he actually was.

Spangler doesn't look to excited to be having his picture taken.  At this point in his career he should have been ecstatic   that he was still in the major leagues.
 An odd thing caught my eye...look at the ivy and how thin it is.  There is a lot of brick showing.

 And now the ivy seems to have filled in.

Time for some color in the newpaper...

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