Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jewel Week: August 2, 1984

I hope you're not sick of seeing Jewel pictures, because I've got another four days worth.

These are from the 1984 set.

First, a few changes in the 15 years since the 1969 set.  This time around, there are pictures of both Cubs and Sox players.  The Cubs were in the thick of things in 1984 while the Sox were the defending West Division champs.

The Jewel logo has been changed too.

The MLBPA was involved with this, and their logo is on the pictures.  I'm assuming that Jewel had an MLB license since logos are shown.

The length of the promotion was shorten by a week to four weeks.  That means 16 players instead of 20.

The pictures themselves didn't have much of a format change.  They are still 6" x 9" and printed on white photo paper

The first pictures were introduced in an ad that ran on August 2.  Jewel picked a good week to start, as far as the Cubs were concerned.  Just a day earlier they moved into first place by ½ game, and they would stay at the top for the rest of the season.  The won on August 2, beating the Expos 3-2 and upped their lead over the Mets to 1½ games.  It was a very exciting time to be a Cubs fan!

You still needed to make a specific purchase of an item to get a picture.  The small print says that the pictures will be given out in the order that they come in the stack and that you can't request a specific player.

The week one Cubs were Ryne Sandberg, Tim Stoddard, Gary Matthews, and Jody Davis.... three biggies and a dud.

I feel sorry for anyone that was in line when Tim Stoddard's picture was on the top of the stack.  That would be a time to politely allow the person behind you to take your spot in line.

As I did with the 1969 ads, I've added some color.



    When this Jewel week starts, let me know. I'm still trying to find the 5x7s I have from one year. Nothing yet. :(

  2. Makes me wonder if they did 1969 and 1984, is there 1989 and will there be 2015?