Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 Series Two Salute Cubs

Salute returns in series two and included five more Cubs.

Because Topps loves inserts that include the word "Legend" (Longball Legends, Legends in the Making) we have a Salute card of Cubs Legend Ernie Banks.

Two Cubs were saluted for their throwbacks, which they wore on June 17, 2017.

It was a nice touch that the Cubs wore black helmets instead of their usual blue.  Often when teams wear throwbacks they overlook the helmet and then end up with a real mismatched situation.

Here we salute a 16.88 ERA

Addison Russell gets saluted for his glovework.  The picture was from a game last year in St. Louis when he dove into the stands for a foul ball.  He got the ball but destroyed a fans nachos tray (you can see the nachos just to Russells right). 

Later in the game Russell brought the fan a new tray.


  1. I remember the nacho incident. Good times!
    Have fun watching the Home Run Derby tonight! I've got Harper topping Schwarbombs in the final, but I'll be really happy if Kyle and Javy just don't lay an egg.

  2. Of all the throwbacks the Cubs wear, I wonder why Topps did two of the same (even though it is unique)? Especially since the Rizzo looks like it could be on an unlicensed card!