Friday, July 13, 2018

Cub #39

On Wednesday James Norwood made his MLB debut and became the 39th player to see game action for the 2018 Cubs.  He made it through the 12th inning unscathed and had two strikeout.  He retired the first two hitters in the 13th but then ran into trouble, giving up a walk followed by two singles.  That was the ballgame.

I couldn't find any pictures of him from the game and he never pitched for the Cubs in spring training, so those are out too. I ended up using a screen capture from the WGN telecast for the card.

 Here's the cards of all 39 Cubs....


  1. Tough to take the L in your MLB Debut, but I think Norwood handled it well.

  2. Talk about putting the kid in an uncomfortable situation for his debut.