Monday, July 9, 2018

The Arrieta Could Have Been and Is

I'm back!  Mrs. WW and I had a great trip.  We ended up doing 123 miles on the bikes over six days and saw some great sites.

My Series Two cards have arrived and instead of starting with the Cubs cards, I'm starting with a could-have-been Cubs card.

This is the card Topps put out for Jake Arrieta.  I figured it was a photoshop job.  Digging around Getty Images I found the original, which was take during the 2015 NLCS.  I wonder why they used a picture from so many seasons ago?

So what would the card have looked like if Jake was still with the Cubs?



  1. Welcome back. That's a lot of miles!

  2. Nice job on the trip and the detective work. I had this one on my radar as an "undercover Cub" but haven't picked one up yet.