Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Series Two Vs. Factory Set

There are six Cubs that have cards in both the factory team set and series two.  Four players have the same picture in both while two players have different pictures.  Let's take a look at those two and see which set has the better picture, series two or the factory set.

Up first is Albert Almora.


The factory card is on the left, series two on the right.  I'm voting for the factory set, which gives a better look at his face.

Kyle Hendrick also saw his picture change.

The factory card is on top, series two is on the bottom.  I again give the nod to the factory set.  The series two card is horizontal, which always loses point in my book.  But it also shows him with the ugly grunt face.  I don't like the pitcher grunt face cards at all.

So it is a clean sweep for the factory set.  Agree with me?

Why would Topps downgrade the pictures for Series Two.  In fact, who looks at the factory set and says, "We can do better" and then fails?


  1. I'm not a fan of pitcher face at all. I agree with both of your assessments here.

  2. That's pretty cool that Topps changed the photo on two cards. I might need to grab the A's team set the next time I'm out at Target.

  3. Agreed that the factory cards are better. Too bad no one will ever see most of them. It's so weird that buying a complete set actually gives you a different set. (Do the factory sets correct the numbering errors?)