Sunday, July 1, 2018

HItting the Road

I'm doing something this week that I've never done with the blog before.  I'm taking the week off.

Mrs. WW and I are taking a bike trip vacation as we celebrate our 35th anniversary.  When I've gone on vacation before I wrote and scheduled posts for those days.  This year I just haven't had time to do that.  So instead, it will truly be a vacation; from work, from home, from WW.

We'll be heading from Charlevoix, Michigan up to Mackinaw City, then spend a day on Mackinac Island, then ride to Cheboygan and back to Mackinaw.  We're spreading the trip out so that the longest daily ride is just 26 miles.  We're looking forward to a nice relaxing week.

See you on July 9.


  1. Have fun up there with the Yoopers!

  2. Wait, are you biking that entire blue squiggly line? Good luck and have fun. I hope the weather behaves for you and Mrs. WW.

  3. Yup, the blue line is our route. It's about 100 miles total, but divided over five rides, so it's not too tough. Today was hot, but the rain held off until the evening. The rest off the week looks cooler and dry so we should be good.

  4. Enjoy the ride and your anniversary!