Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A Little Detective Work, Still Need Help

I did a little more detective work with the two sets I showed in yesterday's post and go some help for you readers, too. 

I know that they were not sold at Wrigley Field.  The picture packs the Cubs had at the ballpark were black and white and had a much larger selection of players.

The Trading Card Database lists a 1972 Cubs color picture pack  The checklist is here.

This is the Milt Pappas picture. 

Here is where things get odd. 


 My set and the Trading Card Database set have the exact same design and font.  None of the players in my set on on the TCD list, and none on the TCD list are in my set.  Is it possible that there are actually twelve pictures in the set?

I'm also questioning the date that the TCD uses, 1972.  Jose Ortiz played his last game with the Cubs in June, 1971.  It doesn't make sense for him to be included in a 1972 set.

I'm inclined to believe that there were twelve pictures in a set issued in 1971.  The TCD also has color picture packs for several other teams listed and they have a similar design and twelve players on the checklist.

Still the biggest mystery to me is who made them.  There is nothing on the pictures to help with that.  The pack label has one clue, a company logo.

I have never seen the logo before.  A google search for M logos turned up nothing.  So as far as identifying the producer of the pictures, I'm still in the dark.

Anyone able to shed any light?


  1. These are confusing, for sure. I picked Set A in order to get the Banks; the store I was at also had Set B. I have two standard Catalogs: in the 2003 edition they show a photo of these for the 1972 Cubs Picture Pack. The problem is the photo is wrong. The description mentions that it's a black-and-white set; I have that in a PSA 9 on my Master Set in the Set Registry. By 2010 they'd taken the whole set out of the catalog. The color set is from either 1972 or 1973. PSA isn't likely to grade them as they're not in the catalog. But we certainly know they're legit!

  2. Have you tried researching "McCarthy" as in J.D. McCarthy?