Monday, October 14, 2019

Unknown Oddball Pictures - Help Needed

I picked up a couple packs of Cubs pictures from the 1970s.  Each pack contains six color pictures printed on glossy paper.

These are pictures of the packs from the Ebay listing.  The odd thing is that there are no markings at all on the pictures other than the player's name.  There's no company name, no copyright year, no nothing.

The top pack is most likely from 1971, based on the players in the set.  I'm dating the second pack as 1972 or 1973, based on the uniforms and the longer hair on the players.

Has anyone seen these before for the Cubs or any other team?  Any idea who made them?  I'm pretty sure that they weren't sold at the ballpark.  The Cubs scorecards from this era list team sets of photos, but those sets included more players than just six.

Let's take a look at who was included.  Here's the 1971 pictures.  It includes some very big names and some very obscure ones:




Jose Ortiz is the player that helps to identify the year.  He played with the Cubs just one season, 1971.  Some of the pictures are older, though.  The Banks is from 1969 and Hickman's comes from 1970.

The 1972-73? set has all recognizable names.




Any help you might with more information on either set would be appreciated!


  1. I believe these are from the Chicago Cubs Color Picture Packs.

  2. Jose Ortiz seemed to be a pretty good young player. Wonder why he didn't stick?