Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I'm Back with Finest

I'm back after a great vacation.  Mrs. WW and I ended up putting in around 200 miles over six days of bike riding.  It was nice that we were going downhill the entire trip.

Here I am at the eastern continental divide..

.. and here we are in Pittsburgh, where the two rivers merge and become the Ohio River.

I had a stack of packages awaiting me at the post office.  Two of them contained my 2020 Finest Cubs.  The 100-card Finest has seven Cubs cards, which is a pretty decent representation.




Of course Topps seemed obligated to include Adbert Alzolay and Nico Hoerner, but at least we were spared another card for Robel Garcia!


  1. A downhill bike ride vacation? Now that's my kind of vacation.

    1. Yeah, I agree! I was thinking 33 miles a day (on average) seemed like a bunch, but going down hill, even the slightest amount, would make it a little bit more manageable.
      Glad you had a fun trip and (selfishly) happy to have my daily Cubs read back! :)