Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, here we go....

I got back into collecting cards about a year ago (the complete story will be saved for a future post) and have spent the last year completing my collection of Topps Cubs team sets. I was looking for on-line information about cards and have recently started reading many of the blogs out there. While I found team specific blogs on several teams, I could not find one for the Cubs. I figured, why not start one. So here we go…

I currently collect from just the base sets and traded/update sets. From 1951 – 2008 by my count there are a total of 1,730 Topps Cubs cards. I have 1,702 of them, which is 98%.

Missing from my Cubs collection are…

  • 27 of the 28 cards from 1952 (I have Hank Sauer), although I do have a complete Topps Archives set of the ’52 set

  • Ernie Banks 1954 rookie card, although again, I do have the archives set card.

Anyone out there with any ’52 Cubs that you’re looking to get rid of, give me a holler! And if you’ve got a spare ’54 Banks, I’ll be happy to give that card a new home.

My collection also includes all of the Fleer and Donruss base sets and traded sets cards of the Cubs from 1981 until they stopped, which adds another 734 cards from Fleer and 527 cards from Donruss.

I left the hobby in the mid 90's when all of the other different companies and releases became common. It got to be too much for me. I am just a simple base set kind of guy.

On my return I was intrigued by the concept of the Topps Heritage set, so I worked on adding all of the Cubs from the Heritage sets to my collection.

I’m not sure what to add next…anyone have any suggestions???

Here are my Topps Cubs bookends…

The First Topps Cubs card, 1951 Redback #14, Wayne Terwilliger

And the last, 2008 Updates and Highlights #292, Ryan Dempster