Friday, February 28, 2014

Flick Friday: Fear Strikes Out

Last week's flick, 42, was the newest release that I'm watching this year.  Today I've got the oldest, Fear Strikes Out, which came out in 1957.

Anthony Perkins stars in the "true" story of Jimmy Piersall.  Piersall's major league career stretched from 1950 - 1967, but the movie covers up through the 1952 season.  That was his true rookie year and the year he had his mental breakdown.

The movie shows him flipping out while with the Red Sox.  Actually, he had been demoted to Birmingham when he was admitted to a mental hospital.  The movie also places most of the blame for his problems on his hard-driving father,

played by Karl Malden.  Piersall himself has criticized the movie for doing this.  Mental illness actually ran in his family; his mother was institutionalized several times while he was growing up.

The athletic "ability" of Anthony Perkins as Piersall has often been criticized. and rightfully so.  Both his throwing and his batting do not look major league.  I always wondered why such a non-athlete was hired to portrait a big league player.  Something that I never knew until doing some research for this post was that Perkins was left-handed while Piersall was a righty.  Perkins had to play with his opposite hand and he looked like someone playing with the wrong hand.

Gary Cooper faced the same problem when he was cast as Lou Gerhig in The Pride of the Yankees.  The solution for that movie was to film Cooper throwing normally and then flip the film around--a righty became a lefty.

The Pride of the Yankees was a big-budget movie and could afford to do some tricks to get the correct look.  Fear Strikes Out seems to be pretty low budget.  By 1957, big budget movies were in color, while run of the mill movies were in black and white.  This is a black and white film.

More cost cutting....

Some stock shots of Fenway were used, but for actual action shots...

...this is Fenway Park?

...the uniforms don't match.  The other players have a headspoon on the jersey that is missing from the jersey Perkins is wearing.

A low budget movie with bad acting that plays loose with the facts--Fear Strikes Out strikes out.

Cubs Connection
As a player Piersall spent time with the Red Sox, Indians, Senators, Mets, and Angels.  He worked for Charlie Finley in the A's front office and did TV work for the Rangers and later teamed with Harry Caray doing White Sox TV.  Its his time with the Sox that I'm most familiar with.  Harry and Jimmy were very entertaining.  As a Cub fan, I took great delight hearing them bash the Sox for poor play.  They were brutally honest when the Sox were brutal, which was often during his time in the booth.

Eventually his mouth got him into trouble: he called Bill Veeck's wife a colossal bore and later said the player's wives were a bunch of horny broads.  That's the kind of talk that gets you fired and in 1981 it did. But getting fired is what led to his Cub Connection.

After being fired by the Sox, the Cubs hired him as a roving instructor, teaching correct outfield techniques to the Cubs' minor league teams.  He held this job through 1999 when his mouth again got him into trouble.  The Cubs had just fired manager Jim Riggleman, but on his radio show, Jimmy said the Cubs should have fired the other two guys, meaning president Andy McPhail and GM Ed Lynch.  Criticizing your bosses is not a good way to ensure job safety.

Wrigley Wax Connection
I actually got to see Jimmy while he was in the Cubs organization.  From 1995 to 1998  the Cubs had their class A team in Rockford, Illinois. It was just a little more than an hours' drive from where we were living at the time, so I took the family to see the Cubbies a couple times.  Tickets were cheap, the park was never full--it was a fun family night out.

One time we were able to get a foul ball--remember the park was pretty empty.  During the game we were walking around and I spotted Jimmy Piersall.  He wasn't in uniform, but I knew he worked for the Cubs and he was pretty recognizable.  I gave him a Sharpie and politely asked him to sign....

which he did.  My two boys had no idea who the old guy was, but I did.

When we got home I took the ball and started playing catch with the boys.  We played until they started crying because their had hurt so much from my hard throws.

No we didn't.  That was something Jimmy and his dad did.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Heritage Checklist By Team

Yesterday Topps released the checklist for 2014 Heritage, which will be coming out next week.  Click here for a PDF of the list.

This year's Heritage throws back to 1965 and the cards should looks something like this Barney card I made last summer (and notice that I put him into Wrigley Field circa 1965).

The base checklist includes 500 cards and the last 75 of those are the dreaded SPs.  Lucky for me, the Cubs had only one player among the SPs plus 13 in the base numbers.

There are six variations for several players, throwback uniforms, action shots, logo variations, red border, blue border, and mini.  Again the Cubs escaped most and have only three cards among the 80 total variations.  A large chrome variation set is also included this year.

The inserts include most of the usual Heritage sets like Then and Now, Clubhouse Collection, Flashback, News Flashback, and New Age Performers.

Here is the entire breakdown of the Cubs...

Base and High Base...
12 Jeff Samardzija (leader card)
110 Starlin Castro
118 Justin Ruggiano
125 Nate Schierholtz
166 Logan Watkins
201 Zach Rosscup
235 Kevin Gregg
348 Kyuji Fujikawa
364 Darwin Barney
371 Edwin Jackson
372 Chris Rusin
392 Travis Wood
420 Jeff Samardzija
458 Anthony Rizzo

Logo Variation - 458 Anthony Rizzo
Chrome - 458 Anthony Rizzo
Mini Base - 458 Anthony Rizzo
Red Border - 458 Anthony Rizzo
1965 Mint - Ernie Banks
1965 Stamp Relic - Ernie Banks
Real One Autographs - Leo Burke, Frank Bauman, Ernie Banks
Baseball Flashback - Ernie Banks
Clubhouse Collection Relics - Fred McGriff
Flashback Autograph Relic - Billy Williams, Ernie Banks
Real One Triple Autographs - Fergie Jenkins, Bruce Sutter, Billy Williams

I'll planning to get the base and SPs, Rizzo logo, mini, and red variations, Bank Baseball Flashback, and the Clubhouse Collection McGriff Relic.

I'd love to get the triple autograph with Fergie, Sutter, and Billy, but I'm afraid a triple-signed card with three Hall of Famers is out of my price range.

Here's the checklist, by team. for the rest of you.  One thing to keep in mind...there are several multi-player cards (leader cards, rookies), so you may notice a card number more than once.

Cut and Paste, and then Happy Hunting...starting March 5!

AngelsBase1Mike Trout
AngelsBase9C.J. Wilson
AngelsBase65Garrett Richards
AngelsBase92C.J. Wilson
AngelsBase94Hector Santiago
AngelsBase102Howie Kendrick
AngelsBase140Jered Weaver
AngelsBase167Raul Ibanez
AngelsBase176J.B. Shuck
AngelsBase184Kole Calhoun
AngelsBase194Buddy Boshers
AngelsBase194Matt Shoemaker
AngelsBase210Erick Aybar
AngelsBase250Mike Trout
AngelsBase269Albert Pujols
AngelsHigh Base450David Freese
AngelsHigh Base460Josh Hamilton
AngelsThrowback Uniform Variation250Mike Trout
AngelsAction Image Variation140Jered Weaver
AngelsAction Image Variation250Mike Trout
AngelsLogo Variation250Mike Trout
AngelsChrome Base140Jered Weaver
AngelsChrome Base250Mike Trout
AngelsChrome Base269Albert Pujols
AngelsChrome Base442Mark Trumbo
AngelsChrome Base460Josh Hamilton
AngelsMini Base Variation140Jered Weaver
AngelsMini Base Variation250Mike Trout
AngelsMini Base Variation269Albert Pujols
AngelsMini Base Variation460Josh Hamilton
AngelsRed Border140Jered Weaver
AngelsRed Border250Mike Trout
Angels1965 Embossed3Mike Trout
Angels1965 Mint65M-APAlbert Pujols
Angels1965 Mint65M-MTMike Trout
AngelsBazooka65B-JHJosh Hamilton
AngelsBazooka65B-MTMike Trout
AngelsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-HKHowie Kendrick
AngelsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-MTMike Trout
AngelsNew Age PerformersNAP-MTMike Trout
AngelsPatch BookPBC-APAlbert Pujols
AngelsPatch BookPBC-JHJosh Hamilton
AngelsReal One AutographsROA-DLEDon Lee
AngelsReal One AutographsROA-KMKen McBride
AngelsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-HBCRod Carew
AngelsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-HBCJosh Hamilton
AngelsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-HBCDon Baylor
AstrosBase28Jose Altuve
AstrosBase39Chris Carter
AstrosBase45Brett Wallace
AstrosBase80Brett Oberholtzer
AstrosBase183Robbie Grossman
AstrosBase240Jarred Cosart
AstrosBase307Jonathan Villar
AstrosBase321Jason Castro
AstrosBase388Matt Dominguez
AstrosBase394Dexter Fowler
AstrosBase409Jorge DeLeon
AstrosBase410Max Stassi
AstrosReal One AutographROA-LYLarry Yellen
AstrosBaseball FlashbackBF-AAstrodome
AstrosBox Top LoaderCBCraig Biggio
AstrosBox Top Loader AutographsCB-ACraig Biggio
AstrosBox Top Loader RelicCB-RCraig Biggio
AstrosClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JAJose Altuve
AstrosReal One AutographsROA-DLDon Larsen
AthleticsBase7Bartolo Colon
AthleticsBase9Bartolo Colon
AthleticsBase29Derek Norris
AthleticsBase36Coco Crisp
AthleticsBase81Jed Lowrie
AthleticsBase177Dan Straily
AthleticsBase188Eric Sogard
AthleticsBase191Tommy Milone
AthleticsBase195John Jaso
AthleticsBase197Josh Reddick
AthleticsBase224Brandon Moss
AthleticsBase270Jim Johnson
AthleticsBase271Grant Balfour
AthleticsBase283Josh Donaldson
AthleticsBase366A.J. Griffin
AthleticsBase391Bob Melvin
AthleticsBase425Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsHigh Base429Sonny Gray
AthleticsHigh Base462Jarrod Parker
AthleticsThrowback Uniform Variation197Josh Reddick
AthleticsThrowback Uniform Variation425Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsChrome Base425Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Base Variation425Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Base Variation429Sonny Gray
AthleticsReal One AutographROA-NMNelson Mathews
AthleticsBox Top LoaderJPAJarrod Parker
AthleticsBox Top LoaderRHRickey Henderson
AthleticsBox Top Loader AutographsJPA-AJarrod Parker
AthleticsBox Top Loader RelicJPA-RJarrod Parker
AthleticsBox Top Loader RelicRH-RRickey Henderson
AthleticsClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-HCYoenis Cespedes
AthleticsClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-HCRickey Henderson
AthleticsClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-HJCReggie Jackson
AthleticsClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-HJCRickey Henderson
AthleticsClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-HJCYoenis Cespedes
AthleticsCut SignaturesHCS-MHMike Hershberger
AthleticsReal One AutographsROA-DEDoc Edwards
AthleticsThen and NowTAN-MCBartolo Colon
Blue JaysBase3Edwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysBase38Brett Lawrie
Blue JaysBase59Adam Lind
Blue JaysBase98Mark Buehrle
Blue JaysBase137Anthony Gose
Blue JaysBase139Melky Cabrera
Blue JaysBase145Edwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysBase158John Gibbons
Blue JaysBase229Colby Rasmus
Blue JaysBase262Casey Janssen
Blue JaysBase306R.A. Dickey
Blue JaysBase311Brandon Morrow
Blue JaysBase312Munenori Kawasaki
Blue JaysBase345Jose Bautista
Blue JaysBase421Kevin Pillar
Blue JaysBase422Ryan Goins
Blue JaysHigh Base455Jose Reyes
Blue JaysLogo Variation455Jose Reyes
Blue JaysChrome Base145Edwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysChrome Base345Jose Bautista
Blue JaysMini Base Variation145Edwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysMini Base Variation345Jose Bautista
Blue JaysClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-AGAnthony Gose
Blue JaysClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-EEEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-BLBrett Lawrie
Blue JaysClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-RDR.A. Dickey
BravesBase2Freddie Freeman
BravesBase2Chris Johnson
BravesBase6Freddie Freeman
BravesBase82Christian Bethancourt
BravesBase82David Hale
BravesBase148Freddie Freeman
BravesBase154Kris Medlen
BravesBase170Justin Upton
BravesBase200Jason Heyward
BravesBase227Jonny Venters
BravesBase231Chris Johnson
BravesBase252Dan Uggla
BravesBase275Julio Teheran
BravesBase279Evan Gattis
BravesBase335Tyler Pastornicky
BravesBase346Fredi Gonzalez
BravesBase383Ryan Doumit
BravesBase411Mike Minor
BravesBase423Alex Wood
BravesHigh Base435Andrelton Simmons
BravesHigh Base480Craig Kimbrel
BravesHigh Base484B.J. Upton
BravesThrowback Uniform Variation148Freddie Freeman
BravesThrowback Uniform Variation170Justin Upton
BravesThrowback Uniform Variation200Jason Heyward
BravesAction Image Variation148Freddie Freeman
BravesAction Image Variation170Justin Upton
BravesChrome Base148Freddie Freeman
BravesChrome Base170Justin Upton
BravesChrome Base200Jason Heyward
BravesChrome Base275Julio Teheran
BravesChrome Base435Andrelton Simmons
BravesChrome Base480Craig Kimbrel
BravesMini Base Variation148Freddie Freeman
BravesMini Base Variation170Justin Upton
BravesMini Base Variation200Jason Heyward
BravesMini Base Variation275Julio Teheran
BravesMini Base Variation480Craig Kimbrel
BravesBlue Border170Justin Upton
BravesBlue Border275Julio Teheran
BravesRed Border480Craig Kimbrel
Braves1965 Mint65M-HAHank Aaron
Braves1965 Mint65M-JUJustin Upton
BravesBazooka65B-JUJustin Upton
BravesBox Top LoaderEGEvan Gattis
BravesBox Top LoaderTGTom Glavine
BravesBox Top Loader AutographsEG-AEvan Gattis
BravesBox Top Loader AutographsTG-ATom Glavine
BravesBox Top Loader RelicEG-REvan Gattis
BravesBox Top Loader RelicTG-RTom Glavine
BravesClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-JUChipper Jones
BravesClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-JUJustin Upton
BravesClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-GMBrian McCann
BravesClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-GMEvan Gattis
BravesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-BUB.J. Upton
BravesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JTJulio Teheran
BravesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-SMGTom Glavine
BravesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-SMGJohn Smoltz
BravesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-SMGGreg Maddux
BravesCut SignaturesHCS-GOGene Oliver
BravesPatch BookPBC-CJChipper Jones
BravesPatch BookPBC-DSDeion Sanders
BravesPatch BookPBC-JUJustin Upton
BravesReal One AutographsROA-CJChipper Jones
BravesReal One AutographsROA-EGEvan Gattis
BravesReal One AutographsROA-FBOFrank Bolling
BravesReal One AutographsROA-FLFrank Lary
BravesReal One AutographsROA-HAHank Aaron
BravesReal One Dual AutographsRODA-MFFred McGriff
BravesReal One Dual AutographsRODA-MFFreddie Freeman
BravesReal One Dual AutographsRODA-MGEvan Gattis
BravesReal One Dual AutographsRODA-MGBrian McCann
BrewersBase25Kyle Lohse
BrewersBase124Aramis Ramirez
BrewersBase163Wily Peralta
BrewersBase225Juan Francisco
BrewersBase263Jonathan Lucroy
BrewersBase285Scooter Gennett
BrewersBase292Jim Henderson
BrewersBase297Khris Davis
BrewersBase304Marco Estrada
BrewersBase349Yovani Gallardo
BrewersBase353Rickie Weeks
BrewersBase387Jimmy Nelson
BrewersHigh Base457Carlos Gomez
BrewersHigh Base467Ryan Braun
BrewersHigh Base489Jean Segura
BrewersThrowback Uniform Variation457Carlos Gomez
BrewersThrowback Uniform Variation467Ryan Braun
BrewersLogo Variation457Carlos Gomez
BrewersChrome Base457Carlos Gomez
BrewersChrome Base467Ryan Braun
BrewersChrome Base489Jean Segura
BrewersMini Base Variation457Carlos Gomez
BrewersMini Base Variation467Ryan Braun
BrewersMini Base Variation489Jean Segura
BrewersBlue Border457Carlos Gomez
BrewersBazooka65B-CGCarlos Gomez
BrewersClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JSJean Segura
BrewersNew Age PerformersNAP-CGCarlos Gomez
BrownsCut SignaturesHCS-DGDon Gutteridge
CardinalsBase10Adam Wainwright
CardinalsBase21Jon Jay
CardinalsBase100Adam Wainwright
CardinalsBase116Kolten Wong
CardinalsBase116Audry Perez
CardinalsBase126Mike Matheny
CardinalsBase127Matt Adams
CardinalsBase153Joe Kelly
CardinalsBase156Mark Ellis
CardinalsBase174Carlos Martinez
CardinalsBase185Matt Holliday
CardinalsBase190Allen Craig
CardinalsBase230Lance Lynn
CardinalsBase233Daniel Descalso
CardinalsBase248Pete Kozma
CardinalsBase282Kevin Siegrist
CardinalsBase288Jhonny Peralta
CardinalsBase320Shelby Miller
CardinalsBase342Matt Carpenter
CardinalsBase378Trevor Rosenthal
CardinalsBase397Peter Bourjos
CardinalsBase407Michael Wacha
CardinalsHigh Base491Yadier Molina
CardinalsThrowback Uniform Variation100Adam Wainwright
CardinalsThrowback Uniform Variation491Yadier Molina
CardinalsAction Image Variation100Adam Wainwright
CardinalsAction Image Variation407Michael Wacha
CardinalsLogo Variation407Michael Wacha
CardinalsLogo Variation491Yadier Molina
CardinalsChrome Base43Carlos Beltran
CardinalsChrome Base100Adam Wainwright
CardinalsChrome Base190Allen Craig
CardinalsChrome Base320Shelby Miller
CardinalsChrome Base342Matt Carpenter
CardinalsChrome Base407Michael Wacha
CardinalsChrome Base491Yadier Molina
CardinalsMini Base Variation100Adam Wainwright
CardinalsMini Base Variation190Allen Craig
CardinalsMini Base Variation320Shelby Miller
CardinalsMini Base Variation342Matt Carpenter
CardinalsMini Base Variation407Michael Wacha
CardinalsMini Base Variation491Yadier Molina
CardinalsBlue Border407Michael Wacha
CardinalsRed Border320Shelby Miller
CardinalsRed Border491Yadier Molina
Cardinals1965 Mint65M-LBLou Brock
Cardinals1965 Mint65M-MWAMichael Wacha
Cardinals1965 Stamp Relic65US-BGBob Gibson
Cardinals1965 Stamp Relic65US-LBLou Brock
CardinalsReal One AutographROA-MAMatt Adams
CardinalsReal One AutographROA-MWAMichael Wacha
CardinalsBaseball FlashbackBF-BGBob Gibson
CardinalsBazooka65B-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsBox Top LoaderBGBob Gibson
CardinalsBox Top Loader RelicBG-RBob Gibson
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-DFDavid Freese
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-MAMatt Adams
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-AFMatt Adams
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-AFDavid Freese
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AFMMMatt Adams
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AFMMDavid Freese
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AFMMShelby Miller
CardinalsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-AFMMYadier Molina
CardinalsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-AWAdam Wainwright
CardinalsCut SignaturesHCS-JSTJerry Staley
CardinalsCut SignaturesHCS-NBNelson Briles
CardinalsFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-BGBob Gibson
CardinalsNew Age PerformersNAP-MWMichael Wacha
CardinalsPatch BookPBC-MAMatt Adams
CardinalsPatch BookPBC-OSOzzie Smith
CardinalsReal One AutographsROA-BSCBarney Schultz
CardinalsThen and NowTAN-GWBob Gibson
CardinalsThen and NowTAN-GWAdam Wainwright
CubsBase12Jeff Samardzija
CubsBase110Starlin Castro
CubsBase118Justin Ruggiano
CubsBase125Nate Schierholtz
CubsBase166Logan Watkins
CubsBase201Zach Rosscup
CubsBase220Junior Lake
CubsBase235Kevin Gregg
CubsBase348Kyuji Fujikawa
CubsBase364Darwin Barney
CubsBase371Edwin Jackson
CubsBase372Chris Rusin
CubsBase392Travis Wood
CubsBase420Jeff Samardzija
CubsHigh Base458Anthony Rizzo
CubsLogo Variation458Anthony Rizzo
CubsChrome Base458Anthony Rizzo
CubsMini Base Variation458Anthony Rizzo
CubsRed Border458Anthony Rizzo
Cubs1965 Mint65M-EBErnie Banks
Cubs1965 Stamp Relic65US-EBErnie Banks
CubsReal One AutographROA-LBLeo Burke
CubsBaseball FlashbackBF-EBErnie Banks
CubsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-FMFred McGriff
CubsFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-BWBilly Williams
CubsFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-EBErnie Banks
CubsReal One AutographsROA-EBErnie Banks
CubsReal One AutographsROA-FBFrank Baumann
CubsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-WJSBruce Sutter
CubsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-WJSBilly Williams
CubsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-WJSFergie Jenkins
DiamondbacksBase4Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksBase6Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksBase44Aaron Hill
DiamondbacksBase95Brandon McCarthy
DiamondbacksBase105Daniel Hudson
DiamondbacksBase109Miguel Montero
DiamondbacksBase114Addison Reed
DiamondbacksBase151Kirk Gibson
DiamondbacksBase165Gerardo Parra
DiamondbacksBase181Tuffy Gosewisch
DiamondbacksBase202Wade Miley
DiamondbacksBase216Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksBase249Martin Prado
DiamondbacksBase296Randall Delgado
DiamondbacksBase355Cody Ross
DiamondbacksBase368Chris Owings
DiamondbacksBase379Trevor Cahill
DiamondbacksBase408Didi Gregorius
DiamondbacksBase413A.J. Pollock
DiamondbacksBase422Brad Ziegler
DiamondbacksHigh Base442Mark Trumbo
DiamondbacksHigh Base463Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksThrowback Uniform Variation463Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksAction Image Variation463Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksLogo Variation463Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksChrome Base216Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksChrome Base463Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini Base Variation216Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksMini Base Variation442Mark Trumbo
DiamondbacksMini Base Variation463Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksBlue Border463Paul Goldschmidt
Diamondbacks1965 Mint65M-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-GGEDidi Gregorius
DiamondbacksClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-GGEAdam Eaton
DiamondbacksClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-GGEPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksNew Age PerformersNAP-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DodgersBase8Clayton Kershaw
DodgersBase10Clayton Kershaw
DodgersBase12Clayton Kershaw
DodgersBase22A.J. Ellis
DodgersBase40Carl Crawford
DodgersBase76Chris Capuano
DodgersBase79Dan Haren
DodgersBase84Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersBase101Brian Wilson
DodgersBase217Don Mattingly
DodgersBase219Michael Young
DodgersBase238Josh Beckett
DodgersBase260Zack Greinke
DodgersBase287Juan Uribe
DodgersBase300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersBase331Onelki Garcia
DodgersBase331Nick Buss
DodgersBase370Matt Kemp
DodgersBase384Andre Ethier
DodgersBase403Kenley Jansen
DodgersHigh Base426Yasiel Puig
DodgersHigh Base437Hanley Ramirez
DodgersHigh Base473Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersAction Image Variation84Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersAction Image Variation300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersAction Image Variation370Matt Kemp
DodgersAction Image Variation426Yasiel Puig
DodgersAction Image Variation437Hanley Ramirez
DodgersLogo Variation426Yasiel Puig
DodgersChrome Base84Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersChrome Base260Zack Greinke
DodgersChrome Base300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersChrome Base370Matt Kemp
DodgersChrome Base426Yasiel Puig
DodgersChrome Base437Hanley Ramirez
DodgersChrome Base473Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersMini Base Variation84Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersMini Base Variation260Zack Greinke
DodgersMini Base Variation300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersMini Base Variation370Matt Kemp
DodgersMini Base Variation426Yasiel Puig
DodgersMini Base Variation437Hanley Ramirez
DodgersMini Base Variation473Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersBlue Border300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersBlue Border426Yasiel Puig
DodgersRed Border84Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersRed Border260Zack Greinke
DodgersRed Border437Hanley Ramirez
Dodgers1965 Embossed4Yasiel Puig
Dodgers1965 Embossed8Hyun-Jin Ryu
Dodgers1965 Embossed11Clayton Kershaw
Dodgers1965 Mint65M-CKClayton Kershaw
Dodgers1965 Mint65M-MKMatt Kemp
Dodgers1965 Mint65M-MWMaury Wills
Dodgers1965 Mint65M-SKS Koufax
Dodgers1965 Mint65M-YPYasiel Puig
Dodgers1965 Stamp Relic65US-MWMaury Wills
Dodgers1965 Stamp Relic65US-SKS Koufax
DodgersReal One AutographROA-MWMaury Wills
DodgersBaseball FlashbackBF-SKSandy Koufax
DodgersBazooka65B-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersBazooka65B-HJRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersBazooka65B-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersBox Top LoaderCKClayton Kershaw
DodgersBox Top Loader RelicCK-RClayton Kershaw
DodgersClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-GEKKMatt Kemp
DodgersClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-GEKKClayton Kershaw
DodgersClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-GEKKAndre Ethier
DodgersClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-GEKKAdrian Gonzalez
DodgersCut SignaturesHCS-JPJohnny Podres
DodgersFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-MWMaury Wills
DodgersNew Age PerformersNAP-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersNew Age PerformersNAP-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersNew Age PerformersNAP-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersPatch BookPBC-DSNDuke Snider
DodgersPatch BookPBC-MKMatt Kemp
DodgersReal One AutographsROA-DLODavey Lopes
DodgersThen and NowTAN-KDSandy Koufax
DodgersThen and NowTAN-KKSandy Koufax
DodgersThen and NowTAN-KKClayton Kershaw
DodgersThen and NowTAN-WEMaury Wills
GiantsBase24Ehire Adrianza
GiantsBase32Bruce Bochy
GiantsBase35Ryan Vogelsong
GiantsBase50Matt Cain
GiantsBase96Andres Torres
GiantsBase149Buster Posey
GiantsBase281Gregor Blanco
GiantsBase282Heath Hembree
GiantsBase322Brandon Crawford
GiantsBase360Brandon Belt
GiantsBase389Marco Scutaro
GiantsHigh Base428Madison Bumgarner
GiantsHigh Base440Tim Lincecum
GiantsHigh Base445Pablo Sandoval
GiantsHigh Base479Hunter Pence
GiantsHigh Base486Angel Pagan
GiantsHigh Base488Sergio Romo
GiantsLogo Variation149Buster Posey
GiantsChrome Base50Matt Cain
GiantsChrome Base149Buster Posey
GiantsChrome Base428Madison Bumgarner
GiantsChrome Base445Pablo Sandoval
GiantsChrome Base479Hunter Pence
GiantsMini Base Variation50Matt Cain
GiantsMini Base Variation149Buster Posey
GiantsMini Base Variation428Madison Bumgarner
GiantsMini Base Variation445Pablo Sandoval
GiantsMini Base Variation479Hunter Pence
GiantsBlue Border149Buster Posey
Giants1965 Mint65M-BPBuster Posey
Giants1965 Mint65M-JMJuan Marichal
Giants1965 Mint65M-OCOrlando Cepeda
Giants1965 Mint65M-WMAWillie Mays
Giants1965 Stamp Relic65US-JMJuan Marichal
Giants1965 Stamp Relic65US-OCOrlando Cepeda
Giants1965 Stamp Relic65US-WMWillie Mays
GiantsReal One AutographROA-WMWillie Mays
GiantsBaseball FlashbackBF-JMJuan Marichal
GiantsBaseball FlashbackBF-WMWillie Mays
GiantsClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-BPBuster Posey
GiantsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-BPBuster Posey
GiantsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-PSPablo Sandoval
GiantsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-TLTim Lincecum
GiantsCut SignaturesHCS-BSBob Shaw
GiantsFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-JMJuan Marichal
GiantsFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-OCOrlando Cepeda
GiantsPatch BookPBC-PSPablo Sandoval
GiantsReal One AutographsROA-JDJim Duffalo
GiantsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-BPBuster Posey
GiantsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-MBJuan Marichal
GiantsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-MBMadison Bumgarner
GiantsThen and NowTAN-MCJuan Marichal
GiantsThen and NowTAN-MDWillie Mays
GiantsThen and NowTAN-MSJuan Marichal
GiantsThen and NowTAN-MVWillie McCovey
IndiansBase15Asdrubal Cabrera
IndiansBase108Justin Masterson
IndiansBase115Ubaldo Jimenez
IndiansBase207David Murphy
IndiansBase239Chris Perez
IndiansBase301Terry Francona
IndiansBase332Ryan Raburn
IndiansBase338Corey Kluber
IndiansBase357Lonnie Chisenhall
IndiansBase376Michael Brantley
IndiansBase380Michael Bourn
IndiansBase399Nick Swisher
IndiansBase405Danny Salazar
IndiansHigh Base448Jason Kipnis
IndiansHigh Base468Carlos Santana
IndiansLogo Variation468Carlos Santana
IndiansChrome Base448Jason Kipnis
IndiansChrome Base468Carlos Santana
IndiansMini Base Variation448Jason Kipnis
IndiansMini Base Variation468Carlos Santana
IndiansBlue Border468Carlos Santana
IndiansClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-JKJason Kipnis
IndiansClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-DSDrew Stubbs
IndiansCut SignaturesHCS-CHChuck Hinton
IndiansCut SignaturesHCS-JSJake Striker
IndiansFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-LTLuis Tiant
IndiansReal One AutographsROA-BDABud Daley
IndiansReal One AutographsROA-BMBilly Moran
MarinersBase37Logan Morrison
MarinersBase67Nick Franklin
MarinersBase83Justin Smoak
MarinersBase121Kendrys Morales
MarinersBase142Michael Saunders
MarinersBase144Brad Miller
MarinersBase157Kyle Seager
MarinersBase166Abraham Almonte
MarinersBase298Corey Hart
MarinersBase354James Paxton
MarinersBase354Taijuan Walker
MarinersBase381Dustin Ackley
MarinersBase415Mike Zunino
MarinersHigh Base477Robinson Cano
MarinersHigh Base482Felix Hernandez
MarinersHigh Base495Hisashi Iwakuma
MarinersLogo Variation477Robinson Cano
MarinersLogo Variation482Felix Hernandez
MarinersChrome Base354Taijuan Walker
MarinersChrome Base354James Paxton
MarinersChrome Base482Felix Hernandez
MarinersChrome Base495Hisashi Iwakuma
MarinersMini Base Variation477Robinson Cano
MarinersMini Base Variation482Felix Hernandez
MarinersMini Base Variation495Hisashi Iwakuma
MarinersBlue Border477Robinson Cano
MarinersBlue Border482Felix Hernandez
Mariners1965 Mint65M-FHFelix Hernandez
Mariners1965 Mint65M-TWTaijuan Walker
MarinersReal One AutographROA-MZMike Zunino
MarinersBazooka65B-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersBox Top LoaderMZMike Zunino
MarinersBox Top Loader AutographsMZ-AMike Zunino
MarinersBox Top Loader RelicMZ-RMike Zunino
MarinersClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-NFRNick Franklin
MarinersReal One Dual AutographsRODA-GHKen Griffey
MarlinsBase8Jose Fernandez
MarlinsBase27Jarrod Saltalamacchia
MarlinsBase53Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsBase61Nate Eovaldi
MarlinsBase63Jacob Turner
MarlinsBase112Marcell Ozuna
MarlinsBase146Juan Pierre
MarlinsBase212Steve Cishek
MarlinsBase268Christian Yelich
MarlinsBase286Arquimedes Caminero
MarlinsBase305Garrett Jones
MarlinsBase361Jake Marisnick
MarlinsBase365Adeiny Hechavarria
MarlinsHigh Base439Jose Fernandez
MarlinsLogo Variation53Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsChrome Base53Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsChrome Base439Jose Fernandez
MarlinsMini Base Variation53Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsMini Base Variation439Jose Fernandez
MarlinsBlue Border439Jose Fernandez
MarlinsRed Border53Giancarlo Stanton
Marlins1965 Embossed15Jose Fernandez
Marlins1965 Mint65M-GSGiancarlo Stanton
Marlins1965 Mint65M-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsBazooka65B-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-YSChristian Yelich
MarlinsClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-YSGary Sheffield
MarlinsNew Age PerformersNAP-GSGiancarlo Stanton
MarlinsNew Age PerformersNAP-JFJose Fernandez
MetsBase87Daniel Murphy
MetsBase93Jenrry Mejia
MetsBase147Johan Santana
MetsBase168Ike Davis
MetsBase186Jon Niese
MetsBase187Terry Collins
MetsBase199Jeremy Hefner
MetsBase221Bartolo Colon
MetsBase284David Wright
MetsBase308Travis d’Arnaud
MetsBase308Wilmer Flores
MetsBase318Dillon Gee
MetsBase374Wilfredo Tovar
MetsBase382Bobby Parnell
MetsBase424Zack Wheeler
MetsHigh Base490Matt Harvey
MetsHigh Base497Curtis Granderson
MetsAction Image Variation284David Wright
MetsLogo Variation490Matt Harvey
MetsChrome Base284David Wright
MetsChrome Base490Matt Harvey
MetsMini Base Variation284David Wright
MetsMini Base Variation490Matt Harvey
MetsMini Base Variation497Curtis Granderson
MetsBlue Border284David Wright
Mets1965 Draft65MLB-NRNolan Ryan
Mets1965 Embossed12David Wright
Mets1965 Mint65M-DWDavid Wright
Mets1965 Mint65M-MHMatt Harvey
Mets1965 Mint65M-YBYogi Berra
Mets1965 Stamp Relic65US-YBYogi Berra
MetsBazooka65B-DWDavid Wright
MetsBazooka65B-MHMatt Harvey
MetsBox Top LoaderDWDavid Wright
MetsBox Top Loader RelicDW-RDavid Wright
MetsCut SignaturesHCS-NRNolan Ryan
MetsCut SignaturesHCS-TSTom Seaver
MetsNew Age PerformersNAP-MHMatt Harvey
MetsPatch BookPBC-DWDavid Wright
NationalsBase10Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsBase13Ross Ohlendorf
NationalsBase24Zach Walters
NationalsBase51Denard Span
NationalsBase155Gio Gonzalez
NationalsBase214Doug Fister
NationalsBase242Ross Detwiler
NationalsBase256Wilson Ramos
NationalsBase351Adam LaRoche
NationalsBase385Nate McLouth
NationalsBase400Bryce Harper
NationalsBase402Jayson Werth
NationalsHigh Base443Rafael Soriano
NationalsHigh Base453Ian Desmond
NationalsHigh Base465Anthony Rendon
NationalsHigh Base469Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsHigh Base470Stephen Strasburg
NationalsHigh Base492Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsThrowback Uniform Variation400Bryce Harper
NationalsThrowback Uniform Variation469Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsAction Image Variation400Bryce Harper
NationalsLogo Variation400Bryce Harper
NationalsChrome Base400Bryce Harper
NationalsChrome Base453Ian Desmond
NationalsChrome Base469Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsChrome Base470Stephen Strasburg
NationalsChrome Base492Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsMini Base Variation400Bryce Harper
NationalsMini Base Variation453Ian Desmond
NationalsMini Base Variation469Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsMini Base Variation470Stephen Strasburg
NationalsMini Base Variation492Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsRed Border400Bryce Harper
NationalsRed Border470Stephen Strasburg
Nationals1965 Embossed2Bryce Harper
Nationals1965 Mint65M-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsBazooka65B-BHBryce Harper
NationalsBox Top LoaderBHBryce Harper
NationalsBox Top Loader RelicBH-RBryce Harper
NationalsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-BHBryce Harper
NationalsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JWJayson Werth
NationalsNew Age PerformersNAP-BHBryce Harper
NationalsNew Age PerformersNAP-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsPatch BookPBC-BHBryce Harper
NationalsPatch BookPBC-JWJayson Werth
NationalsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-GHBryce Harper
OriolesBase3Chris Davis
OriolesBase5Adam Jones
OriolesBase5Chris Davis
OriolesBase9Chris Tillman
OriolesBase49Jonathan Schoop
OriolesBase74Michael Belfiore
OriolesBase78Adam Jones
OriolesBase86Wei-Yin Chen
OriolesBase106Nick Markakis
OriolesBase150Manny Machado
OriolesBase223Miguel Gonzalez
OriolesBase278David Lough
OriolesBase290Chris Tillman
OriolesBase323Buck Showalter
OriolesBase377Kevin Gausman
OriolesBase410J.J. Hardy
OriolesBase417Bud Norris
OriolesHigh Base475Chris Davis
OriolesAction Image Variation150Manny Machado
OriolesAction Image Variation475Chris Davis
OriolesLogo Variation475Chris Davis
OriolesChrome Base49Jonathan Schoop
OriolesChrome Base78Adam Jones
OriolesChrome Base150Manny Machado
OriolesChrome Base475Chris Davis
OriolesMini Base Variation78Adam Jones
OriolesMini Base Variation150Manny Machado
OriolesMini Base Variation475Chris Davis
OriolesBlue Border475Chris Davis
OriolesRed Border78Adam Jones
OriolesRed Border150Manny Machado
Orioles1965 Embossed5Manny Machado
Orioles1965 Embossed7Chris Davis
Orioles1965 Mint65M-CDChris Davis
Orioles1965 Mint65M-MMManny Machado
Orioles1965 Stamp Relic65US-JPJim Palmer
OriolesBaseball FlashbackBF-JPJim Palmer
OriolesBazooka65B-CDChris Davis
OriolesBazooka65B-MMManny Machado
OriolesBox Top LoaderCDChris Davis
OriolesBox Top LoaderJPJim Palmer
OriolesBox Top LoaderKGKevin Gausman
OriolesBox Top LoaderMMAManny Machado
OriolesBox Top Loader AutographsJP-AJim Palmer
OriolesBox Top Loader AutographsKG-AKevin Gausman
OriolesBox Top Loader AutographsMMA-AManny Machado
OriolesBox Top Loader RelicCD-RChris Davis
OriolesBox Top Loader RelicJP-RJim Palmer
OriolesBox Top Loader RelicKG-RKevin Gausman
OriolesBox Top Loader RelicMMA-RManny Machado
OriolesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-AJAdam Jones
OriolesCut SignaturesHCS-BRBrooks Robinson
OriolesCut SignaturesHCS-JPAJim Palmer
OriolesNew Age PerformersNAP-CDChris Davis
OriolesPatch BookPBC-AJAdam Jones
OriolesPatch BookPBC-BRBrooks Robinson
OriolesPatch BookPBC-CRCal Ripken
OriolesReal One AutographsROA-DVDave Vineyard
OriolesReal One AutographsROA-HSHerm Starrette
OriolesReal One AutographsROA-KGKevin Gausman
OriolesReal One Dual AutographsRODA-RMManny Machado
OriolesReal One Dual AutographsRODA-RMCal Ripken
OriolesReal One Triple AutographsROTA-PMRCal Ripken
OriolesReal One Triple AutographsROTA-PMRManny Machado
OriolesReal One Triple AutographsROTA-PMRJim Palmer
OriolesThen and NowTAN-MDChris Davis
OriolesThen and NowTAN-RDChris Davis
PadresBase23Joaquin Benoit
PadresBase54Andrew Cashner
PadresBase117Chase Headley
PadresBase162Cameron Maybin
PadresBase189Tommy Medica
PadresBase189Reymond Fuentes
PadresBase193Ian Kennedy
PadresBase272Eric Stults
PadresBase277Will Venable
PadresBase291Carlos Quentin
PadresBase295Kyle Blanks
PadresBase313Yonder Alonso
PadresBase359Huston Street
PadresBase375Yasmani Grandal
PadresBase387Jedd Gyorko
PadresBase396Everth Cabrera
PadresBase398Chris Robinson
PadresClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-YOYonder Alonso
PhilliesBase4Domonic Brown
PhilliesBase12Cliff Lee
PhilliesBase16Carlos Ruiz
PhilliesBase17John Mayberry
PhilliesBase20Cliff Lee
PhilliesBase48Marlon Byrd
PhilliesBase57Ryne Sandberg
PhilliesBase75Cody Asche
PhilliesBase107Ethan Martin
PhilliesBase107Cameron Rupp
PhilliesBase119Chase Utley
PhilliesBase204Jonathan Papelbon
PhilliesBase208Roy Halladay
PhilliesBase255Darin Ruf
PhilliesBase280Ryan Howard
PhilliesBase310Domonic Brown
PhilliesBase337Jimmy Rollins
PhilliesBase373Ben Revere
PhilliesBase375Mauricio Robles
PhilliesHigh Base483Cole Hamels
PhilliesLogo Variation310Domonic Brown
PhilliesChrome Base20Cliff Lee
PhilliesChrome Base310Domonic Brown
PhilliesMini Base Variation20Cliff Lee
PhilliesMini Base Variation310Domonic Brown
PhilliesRed Border310Domonic Brown
Phillies1965 Stamp Relic65US-JBUJim Bunning
PhilliesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-DBDomonic Brown
PhilliesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-MSCMike Schmidt
PhilliesPatch BookPBC-CLCliff Lee
PhilliesPatch BookPBC-MSMike Schmidt
PhilliesReal One AutographsROA-DGDallas Green
PhilliesReal One AutographsROA-EREd Roebuck
PhilliesReal One AutographsROA-FTFrank Thomas
PiratesBase4Pedro Alvarez
PiratesBase19Jeff Locke
PiratesBase34A.J. Burnett
PiratesBase69Gaby Sanchez
PiratesBase73Francisco Liriano
PiratesBase91Clint Hurdle
PiratesBase143Andrew Lambo
PiratesBase143Stolmy Pimentel
PiratesBase159Clint Barmes
PiratesBase160Andrew McCutchen
PiratesBase205Starling Marte
PiratesBase254Charlie Morton
PiratesBase267Jason Grilli
PiratesBase286Kris Johnson
PiratesBase317Neil Walker
PiratesBase333Mark Melancon
PiratesBase343Russell Martin
PiratesBase412Jose Tabata
PiratesHigh Base434Pedro Alvarez
PiratesHigh Base499Gerrit Cole
PiratesLogo Variation160Andrew McCutchen
PiratesChrome Base73Francisco Liriano
PiratesChrome Base160Andrew McCutchen
PiratesChrome Base205Starling Marte
PiratesChrome Base434Pedro Alvarez
PiratesChrome Base499Gerrit Cole
PiratesMini Base Variation73Francisco Liriano
PiratesMini Base Variation160Andrew McCutchen
PiratesMini Base Variation205Starling Marte
PiratesMini Base Variation267Jason Grilli
PiratesMini Base Variation434Pedro Alvarez
PiratesMini Base Variation499Gerrit Cole
PiratesBlue Border160Andrew McCutchen
PiratesBlue Border434Pedro Alvarez
PiratesBlue Border499Gerrit Cole
PiratesRed Border205Starling Marte
Pirates1965 Mint65M-AMAndrew McCutchen
Pirates1965 Mint65M-GCGerrit Cole
Pirates1965 Mint65M-RCRoberto Clemente
Pirates1965 Stamp Relic65US-RCRoberto Clemente
Pirates1965 Stamp Relic65US-WSWillie Stargell
PiratesBaseball FlashbackBF-RCRoberto Clemente
PiratesBazooka65B-AMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesBazooka65B-GCGerrit Cole
PiratesBazooka65B-SMStarling Marte
PiratesClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-MAPedro Alvarez
PiratesClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-MAAndrew McCutchen
PiratesClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-CMSAPedro Alvarez
PiratesClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-CMSAWillie Stargell
PiratesClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-CMSARoberto Clemente
PiratesClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-CMSAAndrew McCutchen
PiratesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-AMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-CMSWillie Stargell
PiratesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-CMSRoberto Clemente
PiratesClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-CMSAndrew McCutchen
PiratesCut SignaturesHCS-BVBill Virdon
PiratesNew Age PerformersNAP-PAPedro Alvarez
PiratesPatch BookPBC-GCGerrit Cole
PiratesReal One AutographsROA-BVBill Virdon
PiratesThen and NowTAN-CCRoberto Clemente
RangersBase11Yu Darvish
RangersBase55Matt Garza
RangersBase56Alexi Ogando
RangersBase85Alex Rios
RangersBase104Joey Butler
RangersBase104Jim Adduci
RangersBase113Lance Berkman
RangersBase120Shin-Soo Choo
RangersBase203Leonys Martin
RangersBase215Matt Harrison
RangersBase228Mitch Moreland
RangersBase232J.P. Arencibia
RangersBase245Neftali Feliz
RangersBase274Ron Washington
RangersBase303Prince Fielder
RangersBase326Elvis Andrus
RangersBase361Michael Choice
RangersHigh Base427Jurickson Profar
RangersHigh Base436Nelson Cruz
RangersHigh Base444Yu Darvish
RangersHigh Base476Adrian Beltre
RangersHigh Base485Derek Holland
RangersAction Image Variation444Yu Darvish
RangersLogo Variation444Yu Darvish
RangersChrome Base427Jurickson Profar
RangersChrome Base436Nelson Cruz
RangersChrome Base444Yu Darvish
RangersChrome Base459Ian Kinsler
RangersChrome Base476Adrian Beltre
RangersMini Base Variation303Prince Fielder
RangersMini Base Variation427Jurickson Profar
RangersMini Base Variation436Nelson Cruz
RangersMini Base Variation444Yu Darvish
RangersMini Base Variation476Adrian Beltre
RangersMini Base Variation485Derek Holland
RangersBlue Border303Prince Fielder
RangersBlue Border444Yu Darvish
Rangers1965 Embossed9Yu Darvish
Rangers1965 Mint65M-YDYu Darvish
RangersReal One AutographROA-RPRafael Palmeiro
RangersBazooka65B-PFPrince Fielder
RangersBazooka65B-YDYu Darvish
RangersBox Top LoaderYDYu Darvish
RangersBox Top Loader RelicYD-RYu Darvish
RangersClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-NFNeftali Feliz
RangersNew Age PerformersNAP-YDYu Darvish
RangersReal One Dual AutographsRODA-RDYu Darvish
RangersReal One Dual AutographsRODA-RDNolan Ryan
RangersReal One Triple AutographsROTA-DRJYu Darvish
RangersReal One Triple AutographsROTA-DRJFergie Jenkins
RangersReal One Triple AutographsROTA-DRJNolan Ryan
RangersThen and NowTAN-KDYu Darvish
RaysBase9Matt Moore
RaysBase42Matt Joyce
RaysBase66Joe Maddon
RaysBase68Jake Odorizzi
RaysBase71Heath Bell
RaysBase111Yunel Escobar
RaysBase222Desmond Jennings
RaysBase259Tim Beckham
RaysBase259Enny Romero
RaysBase261Jose Molina
RaysBase264Fernando Rodney
RaysBase265James Loney
RaysBase316Ben Zobrist
RaysBase319David Price
RaysBase328Jeremy Hellickson
RaysBase367Alex Cobb
RaysBase401Jose Lobaton
RaysHigh Base446Wil Myers
RaysHigh Base451Matt Moore
RaysHigh Base461Evan Longoria
RaysHigh Base466Chris Archer
RaysThrowback Uniform Variation461Evan Longoria
RaysAction Image Variation446Wil Myers
RaysAction Image Variation461Evan Longoria
RaysLogo Variation461Evan Longoria
RaysChrome Base446Wil Myers
RaysChrome Base451Matt Moore
RaysChrome Base461Evan Longoria
RaysMini Base Variation446Wil Myers
RaysMini Base Variation451Matt Moore
RaysMini Base Variation461Evan Longoria
RaysBlue Border461Evan Longoria
RaysRed Border446Wil Myers
Rays1965 Mint65M-WMWil Myers
RaysReal One AutographROA-WMYWil Myers
RaysBazooka65B-WMWil Myers
RaysClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-LBWade Boggs
RaysClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-LBEvan Longoria
RaysClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-LBEvan Longoria
RaysClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-LBWade Boggs
RaysClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-MJMatt Joyce
RaysNew Age PerformersNAP-WMWil Myers
RaysPatch BookPBC-ELEvan Longoria
RaysPatch BookPBC-WMWil Myers
RaysReal One AutographsROA-JOJake Odorizzi
RaysReal One Dual AutographsRODA-BLEvan Longoria
RaysReal One Dual AutographsRODA-LMEvan Longoria
RaysReal One Dual AutographsRODA-LMWil Myers
RedsBase4Jay Bruce
RedsBase6Jay Bruce
RedsBase60Aroldis Chapman
RedsBase72Homer Bailey
RedsBase97Chris Heisey
RedsBase123Johnny Cueto
RedsBase128Mike Leake
RedsBase152Todd Frazier
RedsBase173Ryan Ludwick
RedsBase181Nick Christiani
RedsBase211Bronson Arroyo
RedsBase243Billy Hamilton
RedsBase247Mat Latos
RedsBase273David Holmberg
RedsBase324Devin Mesoraco
RedsBase339Zack Cozart
RedsHigh Base432Jay Bruce
RedsHigh Base456Brandon Phillips
RedsHigh Base472Joey Votto
RedsHigh Base496Tony Cingrani
RedsThrowback Uniform Variation472Joey Votto
RedsAction Image Variation472Joey Votto
RedsChrome Base60Aroldis Chapman
RedsChrome Base243Billy Hamilton
RedsChrome Base432Jay Bruce
RedsChrome Base456Brandon Phillips
RedsChrome Base472Joey Votto
RedsMini Base Variation60Aroldis Chapman
RedsMini Base Variation432Jay Bruce
RedsMini Base Variation456Brandon Phillips
RedsMini Base Variation472Joey Votto
RedsBlue Border432Jay Bruce
RedsRed Border472Joey Votto
Reds1965 Draft65MLB-JBJohnny Bench
Reds1965 Draft65MLB-JB2Johnny Bench
Reds1965 Mint65M-BHBilly Hamilton
Reds1965 Mint65M-FRFrank Robinson
Reds1965 Mint65M-JBJay Bruce
Reds1965 Mint65M-JVJoey Votto
Reds1965 Stamp Relic65US-FRFrank Robinson
Reds1965 Stamp Relic65US-JBJohnny Bench
RedsReal One AutographROA-TWTed Wills
RedsBaseball FlashbackBF-HKFrank Robinson
RedsBox Top LoaderJBJohnny Bench
RedsBox Top Loader RelicJB-RJohnny Bench
RedsClubhouse Collection Dual Autograph RelicCCDAR-BPJohnny Bench
RedsClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-BCJohnny Bench
RedsClubhouse Collection Dual RelicsCCDR-BCTony Cingrani
RedsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-HCCCTony Cingrani
RedsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-HCCCJohnny Cueto
RedsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-HCCCZack Cozart
RedsClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-HCCCBilly Hamilton
RedsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JBRJay Bruce
RedsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-ZCZack Cozart
RedsCut SignaturesHCS-FRFrank Robinson
RedsCut SignaturesHCS-GCGordy Coleman
RedsFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-FRFrank Robinson
RedsPatch BookPBC-JVJoey Votto
RedsReal One AutographsROA-CJACharlie James
RedsReal One AutographsROA-DCDave Concepcion
RedsReal One AutographsROA-EDEric Davis
RedsReal One AutographsROA-JBJay Bruce
RedsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-BPJohnny Bench
RedsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-RBJay Bruce
RedsReal One Dual AutographsRODA-RBFrank Robinson
RedsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-RBBJohnny Bench
RedsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-RBBJay Bruce
RedsReal One Triple AutographsROTA-RBBFrank Robinson
RedsThen and NowTAN-MVJoey Votto
RedsThen and NowTAN-RDFrank Robinson
Red SoxBase18Felix Doubront
Red SoxBase46Stephen Drew
Red SoxBase49Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxBase52Daniel Nava
Red SoxBase58A.J. Pierzynski
Red SoxBase182Jake Peavy
Red SoxBase206John Lackey
Red SoxBase213Clay Buchholz
Red SoxBase234Jonny Gomes
Red SoxBase244Mike Napoli
Red SoxBase251John Farrell
Red SoxBase257Koji Uehara
Red SoxBase276Ryan Dempster
Red SoxBase289Will Middlebrooks
Red SoxBase293Shane Victorino
Red SoxBase352Edward Mujica
Red SoxHigh Base431Jon Lester
Red SoxHigh Base441David Ortiz
Red SoxHigh Base447Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxAction Image Variation441David Ortiz
Red SoxLogo Variation447Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxChrome Base49Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxChrome Base213Clay Buchholz
Red SoxChrome Base431Jon Lester
Red SoxChrome Base441David Ortiz
Red SoxChrome Base447Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxChrome Base454Jacoby Ellsbury
Red SoxMini Base Variation213Clay Buchholz
Red SoxMini Base Variation431Jon Lester
Red SoxMini Base Variation441David Ortiz
Red SoxMini Base Variation447Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxBlue Border447Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxRed Border431Jon Lester
Red Sox1965 Mint65M-DODavid Ortiz
Red Sox1965 Mint65M-XBXander Bogaerts
Red SoxReal One AutographROA-NGNomar Garciaparra
Red SoxClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-OGEPNomar Garciaparra
Red SoxClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-OGEPDustin Pedroia
Red SoxClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-OGEPJacoby Ellsbury
Red SoxClubhouse Collection Quad RelicCCQR-OGEPDavid Ortiz
Red SoxClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-DPDustin Pedroia
Red SoxClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-WBWade Boggs
Red SoxNew Age PerformersNAP-XBXander Bogaerts
Red SoxReal One AutographsROA-BSBill Spanswick
Red SoxReal One AutographsROA-JRJay Ritchie
Red SoxReal One AutographsROA-JRIJim Rice
Red SoxReal One Dual AutographsRODA-BLWade Boggs
Red SoxThen and NowTAN-WEJacoby Ellsbury
RockiesBase2Michael Cuddyer
RockiesBase26Ryan Wheeler
RockiesBase33Michael Cuddyer
RockiesBase47Rex Brothers
RockiesBase99Walt Weiss
RockiesBase122Tyler Chatwood
RockiesBase179Rafael Betancourt
RockiesBase218Juan Nicasio
RockiesBase236Jorge DeLaRosa
RockiesBase241Drew Stubbs
RockiesBase273Chad Bettis
RockiesBase309Brandon Barnes
RockiesBase327D.J. LeMahieu
RockiesBase344Justin Morneau
RockiesBase347Jhoulys Chacin
RockiesBase404Charlie Blackmon
RockiesHigh Base478Nolan Arenado
RockiesHigh Base481Wilin Rosario
RockiesHigh Base487Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesHigh Base494Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesLogo Variation494Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesChrome Base33Michael Cuddyer
RockiesChrome Base478Nolan Arenado
RockiesChrome Base487Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesChrome Base494Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesMini Base Variation33Michael Cuddyer
RockiesMini Base Variation478Nolan Arenado
RockiesMini Base Variation481Wilin Rosario
RockiesMini Base Variation487Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Base Variation494Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesBlue Border487Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesRed Border494Carlos Gonzalez
Rockies1965 Mint65M-CGCarlos Gonzalez
RockiesClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-WRWilin Rosario
RockiesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-WRWilin Rosario
RockiesNew Age PerformersNAP-CGOCarlos Gonzalez
RoyalsBase31Salvador Perez
RoyalsBase103Alex Gordon
RoyalsBase192Luke Hochevar
RoyalsBase198Eric Hosmer
RoyalsBase209Jason Vargas
RoyalsBase246Jeremy Guthrie
RoyalsBase253Justin Maxwell
RoyalsBase299Mike Moustakas
RoyalsBase329Ervin Santana
RoyalsBase334Alcides Escobar
RoyalsBase363Norichika Aoki
RoyalsBase369Omar Infante
RoyalsBase386Yordano Ventura
RoyalsBase393Lorenzo Cain
RoyalsBase416Emilio Bonifacio
RoyalsHigh Base449James Shields
RoyalsHigh Base474Billy Butler
RoyalsHigh Base498Greg Holland
RoyalsThrowback Uniform Variation198Eric Hosmer
RoyalsChrome Base449James Shields
RoyalsChrome Base474Billy Butler
RoyalsMini Base Variation449James Shields
RoyalsMini Base Variation474Billy Butler
RoyalsBox Top LoaderBJBo Jackson
RoyalsBox Top Loader AutographsBJ-ABo Jackson
RoyalsBox Top Loader RelicBJ-RBo Jackson
RoyalsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-MMMike Moustakas
RoyalsClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-SPSalvador Perez
RoyalsReal One AutographsROA-BJBo Jackson
RoyalsReal One AutographsROA-BSABret Saberhagen
SenatorsReal One AutographROA-RSRoy Sievers
SenatorsCut SignaturesHCS-EBEd Brinkman
SenatorsReal One AutographsROA-BDBennie Daniels
SenatorsReal One AutographsROA-DSTDave Stenhouse
SenatorsReal One AutographsROA-DZDon Zimmer
TigersBase1Miguel Cabrera
TigersBase3Miguel Cabrera
TigersBase5Miguel Cabrera
TigersBase7Anibal Sanchez
TigersBase9Max Scherzer
TigersBase11Max Scherzer
TigersBase130Austin Jackson
TigersBase141Torii Hunter
TigersBase196Jose Iglesias
TigersBase243Nick Castellanos
TigersBase258Rick Porcello
TigersBase336Andy Dirks
TigersBase356Victor Martinez
TigersBase390Alex Avila
TigersBase406Rajai Davis
TigersBase418Joe Nathan
TigersHigh Base430Justin Verlander
TigersHigh Base452Anibal Sanchez
TigersHigh Base459Ian Kinsler
TigersHigh Base493Max Scherzer
TigersHigh Base500Miguel Cabrera
TigersThrowback Uniform Variation500Miguel Cabrera
TigersAction Image Variation430Justin Verlander
TigersAction Image Variation493Max Scherzer
TigersAction Image Variation500Miguel Cabrera
TigersLogo Variation500Miguel Cabrera
TigersChrome Base243Nick Castellanos
TigersChrome Base303Prince Fielder
TigersChrome Base430Justin Verlander
TigersChrome Base493Max Scherzer
TigersChrome Base500Miguel Cabrera
TigersMini Base Variation130Austin Jackson
TigersMini Base Variation430Justin Verlander
TigersMini Base Variation459Ian Kinsler
TigersMini Base Variation493Max Scherzer
TigersMini Base Variation500Miguel Cabrera
TigersBlue Border430Justin Verlander
TigersRed Border493Max Scherzer
TigersRed Border500Miguel Cabrera
Tigers1965 Embossed1Justin Verlander
Tigers1965 Embossed6Miguel Cabrera
Tigers1965 Mint65M-AKAl Kaline
Tigers1965 Mint65M-JVEJustin Verlander
Tigers1965 Mint65M-MSMax Scherzer
Tigers1965 Mint65M-PFPrince Fielder
Tigers1965 Stamp Relic65US-AKAl Kaline
TigersBaseball FlashbackBF-AKAl Kaline
TigersBazooka65B-JVJustin Verlander
TigersBazooka65B-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersBox Top LoaderAKAl Kaline
TigersBox Top Loader RelicAK-RAl Kaline
TigersClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-BRBruce Rondon
TigersClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-JVJustin Verlander
TigersClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-KCFMiguel Cabrera
TigersClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-KCFPrince Fielder
TigersClubhouse Collection Triple RelicCCTR-KCFAl Kaline
TigersFlashback Autograph RelicFAR-AKAl Kaline
TigersNew Age PerformersNAP-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersNew Age PerformersNAP-MSMax Scherzer
TigersPatch BookPBC-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersThen and NowTAN-CCMiguel Cabrera
TigersThen and NowTAN-MSMax Scherzer
TwinsBase1Joe Mauer
TwinsBase62Kevin Correia
TwinsBase88Ricky Nolasco
TwinsBase89Kyle Gibson
TwinsBase90Trevor Plouffe
TwinsBase169Brian Dozier
TwinsBase180Oswaldo Arcia
TwinsBase201Josmil Pinto
TwinsBase237Phil Hughes
TwinsBase315Mike Pelfrey
TwinsBase340Josh Willingham
TwinsBase341Glen Perkins
TwinsBase419Aaron Hicks
TwinsHigh Base464Joe Mauer
TwinsThrowback Uniform Variation464Joe Mauer
TwinsLogo Variation464Joe Mauer
TwinsChrome Base464Joe Mauer
TwinsMini Base Variation464Joe Mauer
TwinsRed Border464Joe Mauer
Twins1965 Draft65MLB-GNGraig Nettles
Twins1965 Embossed14Joe Mauer
Twins1965 Mint65M-HKHarmon Killebrew
TwinsReal One AutographROA-KRKen Retzer
TwinsClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-AHAaron Hicks
TwinsReal One AutographsROA-BPBill Pleis
TwinsReal One AutographsROA-JFJerry Fosnow
White SoxBase11Chris Sale
White SoxBase41Andre Rienzo
White SoxBase41Erik Johnson
White SoxBase70Paul Konerko
White SoxBase74Charlie Leesman
White SoxBase129Alejandro DeAza
White SoxBase164John Danks
White SoxBase171Gordon Beckham
White SoxBase175Dayan Viciedo
White SoxBase178Jose Quintana
White SoxBase266Adam Dunn
White SoxBase302Adam Eaton
White SoxBase314Avisail Garcia
White SoxBase325Alexei Ramirez
White SoxBase368Matt Davidson
White SoxBase398Daniel Webb
White SoxBase414Robin Ventura
White SoxHigh Base471Chris Sale
White SoxThrowback Uniform Variation471Chris Sale
White SoxLogo Variation471Chris Sale
White SoxChrome Base471Chris Sale
White SoxMini Base Variation471Chris Sale
White SoxBlue Border471Chris Sale
White Sox1965 Mint65M-CSAChris Sale
White SoxClubhouse Collection Autograph RelicCCAR-CSChris Sale
White SoxClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-CSChris Sale
White SoxCut SignaturesHCS-MSMoose Skowron
White SoxCut SignaturesHCS-PKPat Kelly
White SoxCut SignaturesHCS-RJRon Jackson
White SoxPatch BookPBC-FTFrank Thomas
YankeesBase5Robinson Cano
YankeesBase14Brian Roberts
YankeesBase30Hiroki Kuroda
YankeesBase43Carlos Beltran
YankeesBase64Alex Rodriguez
YankeesBase77Austin Romine
YankeesBase131Joe Girardi
YankeesBase161Brett Gardner
YankeesBase172Ivan Nova
YankeesBase226Cesar Cabral
YankeesBase226J.R. Murphy
YankeesBase294David Robertson
YankeesBase330CC Sabathia
YankeesBase350Alfonso Soriano
YankeesBase358Vernon Wells
YankeesBase362Eduardo Nunez
YankeesBase395Brian McCann
YankeesHigh Base433Derek Jeter
YankeesHigh Base438Mark Teixeira
YankeesHigh Base454Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesThrowback Uniform Variation433Derek Jeter
YankeesAction Image Variation433Derek Jeter
YankeesChrome Base30Hiroki Kuroda
YankeesChrome Base330CC Sabathia
YankeesChrome Base350Alfonso Soriano
YankeesChrome Base433Derek Jeter
YankeesChrome Base477Robinson Cano
YankeesChrome Base497Curtis Granderson
YankeesMini Base Variation30Hiroki Kuroda
YankeesMini Base Variation43Carlos Beltran
YankeesMini Base Variation330CC Sabathia
YankeesMini Base Variation433Derek Jeter
YankeesMini Base Variation454Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesRed Border330CC Sabathia
YankeesRed Border433Derek Jeter
Yankees1965 Embossed10Derek Jeter
Yankees1965 Embossed13CC Sabathia
Yankees1965 Mint65M-CSCC Sabathia
Yankees1965 Mint65M-DJDerek Jeter
Yankees1965 Mint65M-MRMariano Rivera
Yankees1965 Mint65M-RCARobinson Cano
Yankees1965 Mint65M-WFWhitey Ford
YankeesReal One AutographROA-POPaul O’Neill
YankeesBazooka65B-CSCC Sabathia
YankeesBazooka65B-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesBox Top LoaderCCCC Sabathia
YankeesBox Top LoaderMMMike Mussina
YankeesBox Top Loader AutographsMM-AMike Mussina
YankeesBox Top Loader RelicCC-RCC Sabathia
YankeesBox Top Loader RelicMM-RMike Mussina
YankeesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-APAndy Pettitte
YankeesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-INIvan Nova
YankeesClubhouse Collection RelicsCCR-RCRobinson Cano
YankeesPatch BookPBC-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesReal One AutographsROA-DMDon Mattingly
Base132World Series Game 1
Base133World Series Game 2
Base134World Series Game 3
Base135World Series Game 4
Base136World Series Game 5
Base137World Series Game 6
Real One AutographROA-KOKeith Olbermann
Real One AutographROA-KO2Keith Olbermann
News FlashbacksNF-ALAleksei Leonov
News FlashbacksNF-BCBill Cosby
News FlashbacksNF-GAGateway Arch
News FlashbacksNF-JNJoe Namath
News FlashbacksNF-MAMuhammad Ali
News FlashbacksNF-MXThe Autobiography of Malcom X
News FlashbacksNF-TBThe Beatles
News FlashbacksNF-TRSThe Rolling Stones
News FlashbacksNF-TSOMThe Sound of Music
News FlashbacksNF-VRAVoting Rights Act of 1965
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-AGArt Garfunkel
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-BGBob Gibson
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-BWBetty White
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-CHCharlton Heston
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-CNChuck Noll
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-EPElvis Presley
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-JBJohnny Bench
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-JBUJim Bunning
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-JCJimmy Carter
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-JKJim Kaat
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-JLJack Lemmon
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-JWJohn Wayne
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-LPLou Piniella
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-PRPhil Rizzuto
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-RSRon Santo
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-RSTRoger Staubach
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-SCSteve Carlton
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-SMStan Musial
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-TLTommy Lasorda
Celebrity Cut SignaturesCCS-TMTim McCarver