Saturday, January 31, 2015

2008 Topps Finest Cubs

My trek through Finest has been dormant for a while as I've been sidetracked by all sorts of other projects.  Most of those have wrapped, and 2015 series one is still a few days out, so let's get back to Finest.

The set consists of 150 base cards and 18 autographed rookie cards.  The Cubs come up one short in the base, with only four cards, but did nab a rookie spot.

Sam Fuld gets the rookie autograph. As a September call-up, he made a great catch in 2007 during the Cubs division drive.  But otherwise, his time with the Cubs was pretty unspectacular.

The four in the base set are the four biggest names from that era...Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, and Zambrano.  No surprises here at all.



Friday, January 30, 2015

Added A Previously Unknown (to me) 2014 Topps Barney Parallel

I thought I was down to chasing just one more Barney 2014 parallel, the clear acetate /10.

But during one of my daily Ebay Barney searches, I saw a parallel I'd never seen before.

According to the seller, the card is from the First Edition set.  Ten of these factory sets were made and given away as prizes for Topps 2014 Power Players Spring Training Access Sweepstakes. The seller must have won a set because he was a boatload of these (and he's making a killing on them too.  If he can sell 600 cards for just $5 each, that's a $3,000 prize he won.  Many of the cards are going for much more that $5).

According to the contest rules, those who got an access pass in series one hobby boxes had until December 31, 2014 to redeem them.  In January, Topps chose the winners from among those who redeemed passes.  I suppose that's why I hadn't seen the card's been out for just a little while.

Since only ten of the sets were made, that makes this card as rare as the clear acetate card I'm still hunting.  The 1st Edition cards was a BIN and I snapped it up almost immediately.  I didn't want to see it pass by.

Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the 1st Edition cards will be harder to find than the clear ones.  The reason...they come as part of a factory set.  I'll bet some of the winners won't want to break up the set, which will cut down on the supply.

My 2014 parallel collection is now up to 23 cards...with one more to go.  Before I get to the tile, I was playing with a GIF maker and here are all 23 in GIF form

...and the tile...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

All the Cubs Inserts From the 2010s

We've reached this decade!  And the number of different inserts sets has exploded.

Part of the reason for more inserts was the Topps 60th anniversary.  The "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" set was popular, and it had both insert  back and original back cards.  Of course, Topps had to repeat the set the following year.  Attax and Toppstown also added several cards.

So far, from 2010 - 2014, I've got 128 Cubs inserts.  That's over 30 more than any previous decade, and there are still five more years to go!  I'm going to guess I'll end up with over 200 by the end of 2019.

Here's a look at the 128 cards...

Here is the checklist that I used:

20101951 Blue Backs: NO CUBS
1951 Red Backs: NO CUBS
Attax: Derrek Lee, Starlin Castro, Alfonso Soriano
Cards Your Mother Threw Out: 3 Ernie Banks, 63 Ernie Banks, 130 Ernie Banks, 127 Lou Brock, 32 Ryne Sandberg, 91 Ryne Sandberg
Cards Your Mother Threw Out Original Backs: 3 Ernie Banks, 63 Ernie Banks, 130 Ernie Banks, 127 Lou Brock, 32 Ryne Sandberg, 91 Ryne Sandberg
History of the Game: 25 First MLB Game In Japan
History of the World Series: NO CUBS
Legendary Lineage; 70 Starlin Castro, 60 Ryne Sandberg, 36 Alfonso Soriano
Mickey Mouse All-Stars: 7 Chicago Cubs
Million Card Giveaway: NO CUBS
More Tales of the Game; 9 The Last Shall Be First, 3 Seven Touchdowns
Peak Performance: 116 Starlin Castro, 120 Tyler Colvin, 67 Derrek Lee, 40 Alfonso Soriano
Red Hot Rookies: 5 Starlin Castro
Tales of the Game: 6 Lets Play Two
Ticket to Toppstown: NO CUBS
Topps 2020: NO CUBS
Turkey Red: 17 Derrek Lee, 25 Ernie Banks, 45 Ryne Sandberg, 80 Kosuke Fukudome, 107 Aramis Ramirez, 136 Rogers Hornsby, 150 Starlin Castro
Vintage Legends Collection: 46 Rogers Hornsby
When They Were Young: NO CUBS
20111952 Black Diamond, 59 Starlin Castro
60 Years of Reprints: 4 Ernie Banks, 76 Ernie Banks, 36 Dennis Eckersley, 37 Greg Maddux, 26 Bruce Sutter
60 Years of Reprints Original Backs: 4 Ernie Banks, 76 Ernie Banks, 36 Dennis Eckersley, 37 Greg Maddux, 26 Bruce Sutter
60 Years of Topps Lost Cards: NO CUBS
60 Years of Topps Lost Cards Original Backs: NO CUBS
Before There Was Topps: NO CUBS
Blue Diamond: NO CUBS
CMG Reprints: NO CUBS
Diamond Die Cut: 54 Ernie Banks, 94 Marlon Byrd, 92 Starlin Castro, 137 Tyler Colvin, 22 Carlos Marmol, 134 Aramis Ramirez, 153 Ryne Sandberg
Diamond Duos: 7 Starlin Castro Darwin Barney, MH Greg Maddux
Diamond Stars: NO CUBS
History of Topps: NO CUBS
Kimball Champions: 72 Ernie Banks, 11 Starlin Castro, 141 Andre Dawson, 138 Rogers Hornsby, 84 Ryne Sandberg
Prime 9: NO CUBS
Purple Diamond: 9 Starlin Castro
Red Diamond: NO CUBS
Ruby Red: NO CUBS
Sapphire Blue: NO CUBS
Ticket to Toppstown: 21 Starlin Castro, TTU-14 Matt Garza, TT2-28 Aramis Ramirez, TTU-28 Alfonso Soriano
Topps 60: 98 Marlon Byrd, 84 Starlin Castro, 123 Andre Dawson, 105 Rogers Hornsby, 92 Alfonso Soriano
20121987 Minis: 47 Starlin Castro, 138 Ryan Dempster, 134 Bryan LaHair
A Cut Above: NO CUBS
Blockbusters: 19 Ryne Sandberg
Career Day: NO CUBS
Classic Walk-Offs: NO CUBS
Gold Future: 7 Starlin Castro
Gold Rush: 44 Starlin Castro, 72 Matt Garza, 42 Ryne Sandberg
Gold Standard: 8 Ernie Banks, 32 Ernie Banks
Golden Greats: 81 Ernie Banks, 76 Andre Dawson
Golden Moments: U21 Ernie Banks, 35 Starlin Castro, U15 Starlin Castro, 8 Andre Dawson, 20 Ryne Sandberg, 48 Ryne Sandberg
Golden Moments Die Cut: 78 Starlin Castro, 56 Ryne Sandberg
Mound Dominance: NO CUBS
Prime 9: NO CUBS
Timeless Talents: 20 Ernie Banks, 22 Starlin Castro, 16 Andre Dawson, 10 Ryne Sandberg
20131971 Topps Minis: NO CUBS
1972 Minis: 98 Ernie Banks, 13 Starlin Castro, 12 Anthony Rizzo
Chasing History: 36 Kerry Wood, 54 Anthony Rizzo, 103 Anthony Rizzo
Chasing the Dream: 6 Anthony Rizzo
Cut to the Chase: 34 Ernie Banks
The Greats: 4 Ernie Banks
Calling Cards: NO CUBS
Proven Mettle: NO CUBS
Spring Fever: 15 Andre Dawson, 14 Anthony Rizzo, 13 Josh Vitters
Elite: 10 Ernie Banks
Chase It Down: NO CUBS
WBC Stars: 2 Anthony Rizzo
Making Their Mark: 17 Anthony Rizzo
Franchise Forerunners: NO CUBS
Postseason Heroes: NO CUBS
20141989 Mini Die Cuts: 35 Ernie Banks, 70 Starlin Castro, 15 Andre Dawson, 98 Ryne Sandberg
50 Years of the Draft: NO CUBS
All Rookie Cup Team: NO CUBS
All-Star Access: ARI Anthony Rizzo, JS Jeff Samardzija
Before They Were Great: 12 Greg Maddux
Breakout Moments: NO CUBS
Fond Farewell: NO CUBS
Future Stars That Never Were: 18 Greg Maddux
Power Player: 96 Darwin Barney: 156 Starlin Castro, 146 Kyuji Fujikawa, 44 Junior Lake, 93 Jeff Samardzija: 47 Carlos Villanueva
Power Players: AR Anthony Rizzo
Saber Stars: NO CUBS
Spring Fever: NO CUBS
Super Veterans: NO CUBS
The Future is Now: NO CUBS
Upper Class: 50 Ernie Banks, 39 Greg Maddux, 45 Ryne Sandberg
World Series Heroes: NO CUBS

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Got Me A Venezuelan Problem

Since the 2013 version of Heritage came out, I've had a bit of a problem with the black back Venezuelan version.

When it comes to the Darwin Barney card, I can't stop buying 'em.

And I've done it again.

And again.

The Venezuelan versions are short-printed.  That we know.  Unknown is just how rare they are, since they are not numbered.  I've been tracking the card since release, and only eleven have been sold on Ebay.  By contrast, the much more hyped and expensive Barney no-position card from 2012 (which I've also been tracking) has been sold 34 times.

I've been preaching for the past couple years that the Venezuelan cards are more scarce, and the prices should be much higher.  But they aren't.

A few days ago I showed some Ernie and Billy cards from a recent COMC purchase.  At the same time I browsed through the Barney cards and found a Venezuelan.

It cost me $1.47.  I added it to my cart.

While waiting for the order to arrive, guess what pops up on Ebay for the first time in nearly a year?

Yup, a Barney Venezuelan.  The auction started at 99¢.  It ended at 99¢.

For less that three bucks I added two more to my stash...

...which now stands at ten cards.

I know, I've got a problem!

My problem---I can't pass up a bargain.

The average price of the 11 Ebay Barneys and my COMC is $3.27.

The average price of the 34 Ebay 2012 No-position Barneys is $88.46.

I just can't pass up rare cards at bargain prices.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Those Little Inconsistencies Bug Me!

If you've been reading the blog for any length of time, you know that I'm an organized person.  Maybe even over-organized.

I like things nice and tidy.  I like them in neat rows.  I like them looking organized and consistent.

My team sets and complete sets reflect that organization and consistency.

So why, dear Topps, must you torment me with inconsistencies??

This is Don Zimmer's card from 1991.  The 1991 Cubs got off to a mediocre 18-19 start and Zimmer was fired.  Jim Essian, who was managing the Cubs AAA team, was hired to take over the big league club.

When 1991 Topps traded was released, Topps made a card for the new skipper.

But something in the design of the card is a little different that what was used with the base set.

Look at the two manager cards side by side and it should be pretty easy to spot the change.


They went  from using a special MGR logo to just plain lettering.

You know that those inconsistencies kill me!  Of course I had to do something about it immediately!

Ahhhh!  Much better.

But a quick look through the complete traded set gave me these...

....more inconsistent manager cards.

You know I had to do it!

Monday, January 26, 2015

More Goodies From Tim

Reader Tim has been re-prioritizing and thinning his collection.  He's been extremely generous by sending cards he no longer wanted my way.

A boatload of Billys was included.  I've got many of these already, so the doubles will go into the birthday packs for the kids at school.

In addition to the cards, a box was included...

...this box, a Ryne Sandberg Baseball Card Kit.  Line Drive was the maker of the kit back in 1991.

And what makes up a baseball card kit?

First, you get an album, this one personalized for Ryne Sandberg.  Inside are ten four-pocket pages for cards.

The kit also included this six page booklet on Ryno.

But you can't call something a baseball card kit without baseball cards.  So Line Drive included a set of 20 Ryne Sandberg cards.

I'd never seen the kit or cards before, so I am thrilled to add them to the Ryno collection.

Thank you Tim!

And if you see and 2014 Topps Tribute Billy Williams cards, let Tim know.... he's on the hunt for ALL of them!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mr. Cub

There are so many thoughts swirling through my head.  

I really started rooting for the Cubs in 1969, when I was 7½ years old.  I knew who Ernie Banks was...Mr. Cub, the greatest of all the Cubs.  Mr. Optimist, saying things like "The Cubs Will Shine in '69," "Let's Play Two," "The Friendly Confines of Beautiful Wrigley Field."

We copied his batting stance, with his wrists cocked and his fingers wiggling on the bat handle, playing the piano.

I saw him play many times on WGN, but never got to see him play in person.  I only went to one game went during his active career (July 22, 1970), and knee trouble was limiting his time on the field.  He didn't play that day and he went on the DL the next day.  For all intents and purposes, his career was over.

To me, he was the old first baseman.  I never knew him as the slugging shortstop, two-time MVP.  Billy Williams was my favorite Cub.

But no matter what, Ernie was still, and will always be, Mr. Cub.

After he retired he was a coach for a couple years.  He became a team executive.  Dallas Green tried to purge the organization of Ernie, but it didn't work.  Guess who threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Game 1 of the 1984 playoffs.  You can't toss aside the face of the franchise.

Ernie worked a few jobs outside the Cubs organization.  He moved to California.

Yet Wrigley Field was always home.

And now heaven is his home.

No Cub will ever again wear #14.  His number flies from the left-field flagpole.  There is a statue of him outside the ballpark.  I'm sure the Cubs will add an Ernie Banks memorial to their uniform this season.  They are all fitting tributes.

The most fitting and simplest tribute is this....Mr. Cub

He will be missed.

Here are the 397 Ernie Banks cards in my collection:


Saturday, January 24, 2015

All The Cubs Inserts From the 2000s

We're moving into the 21st century and the number of inserts has exploded!

By my count there are 95 Cubs inserts, almost ten per year.  That's over double the number from the '90s.

In the early part of the decade, Sammy Sosa was Topps' go-to Cub.  At the end of the decade, Alfonso Soriano took over that role.  

The decade also has the three inserts that I was missing....and am still missing!  Keep your eyes open for the 2000 Century's Best Insert #3 Lance Johnson, the 22006 2K6 All-Stars #4 Derrek Lee, and the 2006 Walmart Insert #38 Derrek Lee.

Here are the 92 inserts of the 2000s that I do have:

And here is the checklist I used:

2000 20th Century's Best: 3 Lance Johnson
21st Century Topps: NO CUBS
All-Star Rookie Team: NO CUBS
All-Topps Team: 9 Sammy Sosa
Combos: 6 Sammy Sosa
Hands of Gold: NO CUBS
Own the Game: 8 Sammy Sosa, 29 Sammy Sosa
Perennial All-Stars: 3 Sammy Sosa
Power Players: 16 Sammy Sosa
2001Before There Was Topps: NO CUBS
Combos: 6 Ernie Banks: 12 Sammy Sosa
Future Archives Reprints: 20 Rafael Palmeiro
Golden Anniversary: 2 Ernie Banks, 34 Corey Patterson, 24 Sammy Sosa
A Look Ahead: NO CUBS
Noteworthy: 40 Ernie Banks, 3 Sammy Sosa
Through the Years: 13 Ernie Banks, 33 Ryne Sandberg
A Tradition Continues:15 Sammy Sosa
Two of a Kind: NO CUBS
What Could've Been: NO CUBS
2002Aces: NO CUBS
All-World Team: 6 Sammy Sosa
East Meets West: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 10 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: NO CUBS
Ring Masters: NO CUBS
20031951 Blue Backs: 18 Mark Prior, 4 Sammy Sosa
1951 Red Backs: 4 Sammy Sosa
All-Stars: 12 Sammy Sosa
Draft Picks: NO CUBS
Flashback: NO CUBS
Futures Game: NO CUBS
Hit Parade: 2 Sammy Sosa, 16 Sammy Sosa
Hobby Masters: 15 Mark Prior, 5 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: 6 Sammy Sosa
Record Breakers: FJ Fergie Jenkins, SS Sammy Sosa, HW Hack Wilson, SS Sammy Sosa (Green)
2004All-Stars: 12 Kerry Wood
Fall Classic Covers: 06 Cubs, 07 Cubs, 08 Cubs, 10 Cubs, 18 Cubs, 29 Cubs, 32 Cubs, 35 Cubs, 38 Cubs, 45 Cubs
Hit Parade: 1 Sammy Sosa, 30 Sammy Sosa
Hobby Master: 2 Mark Prior, 6 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: 24 Mark Prior, 26 Kerry Wood
2005All-Stars: 7 Sammy Sosa
Grudge Match: 10 Sammy Sosa, 4 Carlos Zambrano
Hit Parade: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 8 Nomar Garciaparra, 2 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: 24 Mark Prior, 26 Kerry Wood
20062k6: 4 Derrek Lee
Hit Parade: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 3 Nomar Garciaparra, 1 Derrek Lee, 9 Mark Prior
Opening Day Team Vs Team: RC Reds Cubs
Own the Game: 1 Derrek Lee
Rookie of the Week: 4 Ernie Banks, 24 Ryne Sandberg
Topps Stars: NO CUBS
Trading Places: NO CUBS
Walmart: 38 Derrek Lee, 33 Ryne Sandberg, 8 Carlos Zambrano
2007All-Star Rookies: NO CUBS
All-Stars: NO CUBS
Distinguished Service: NO CUBS
Flashback Friday: 6 Alfonso Soriano
Generation Now: NO CUBS
Hit Parade: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 5 Alfonso Soriano
Home Run Derby: Aramis Ramirez, Alfosno Soriano
Opening Day Team Vs Team: 8 Cubs
Own the Game: NO CUBS
Rookie Stars: NO CUBS
Stars: 2 Alfonso Soriano
Trading Places: 4 Alfonso Soriano
Walmart: 54 Alfonso Soriano
World Domination: NO CUBS
200850th Anniversary All-Rookie Team: 106 Kerry Wood
Home Run Derby: 48 Derrek Lee, 4 Alfonso Soriano
K Mart Gold: NO CUBS
Own the Game: NO CUBS
Dick Perez: 17 Alfonso Soriano
Red Hot Rookies: 4 Kosuke Fukudome, 8 Jeff Samardzija
Topps Stars: 21 Alfonso Soriano
Trading Card History: 21 Alfonso Soriano, 74 Carlos Zambrano
Year in Review: 32 Derrek Lee
2009Legends of the Game: RS Ryne Sandberg
Legends of the Game Career Best: NO CUBS
Red Hot Rookies: NO CUBS
Ring of Honor: NO CUBS
Ticket to Toppstown: 38 Kosuke Fukudome, 15 Alfonso Soriano, 39 Carlos Zambrano
Turkey Red: 118 Ryan Dempster, 40 Kosuke Fukudome, 52 Rich Harden, 133 Rogers Hornsby, 58 Alfonso Soriano, 42 Geovany Soto, 56 Carlos Zambrano
WBC Rising Stars: NO CUBS

Friday, January 23, 2015

Picked Up Some Ernies (and a Billy) From COMC

I used COMC when I was putting my Ovation sets together.  Since COMC charges a flat $3 shipping, I decided I could pick up a few more cards since the shipping was taken care of.  I searched through both their Ernie Banks and Billy Williams cards and I found several oddball to add. 

Here's what I got:

This is from the 1990 MVP Baseball game.  Ernie is listed as a shortstop on the card, but he is clearly playing first base.

This is a nice combo card from Fleer, 2001....two Hall of Famers.

This disc is from the 2001 King B League Legends set.  Mr. Cub was one of 18 legends on the checklist.

Another combo card, this time a triple combo and comes from 2001 Topps Stars.  Progression was a nine-card insert set.

In 2005 Leaf put out reduced sized reprints of the Sportscaster cards.


This is my last Ernie and the one and only Billy.  These come from the O'Connell and Sons Ink sets.  A total of 250 different cards were released between 1984 and 1991.  These are both from the 1985 release.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Topps 2015 Series One Checklist Sorted By Team

Topps released the Series One checklist on Monday.  You can download a PDF of the list here.

The first thing I do when I get the list is check to see how many Cubs are on it.  Including all inserts, relics, autographs, and everything else, there are a total of 44 Cubs cards.  My hunt will be much less than that, though.  I'm just after the ten base cards and eight inserts, less than half.  None of the Cubs on the autograph or relic lists are missing from my one-and-done collection, so I can skip them all.

I've seen the checklist on a few other blogs, but they were in numerical order.  As a team collector, I appreciate the list sorted by team.  I've gone ahead and done that for any other team collectors out there.

Good luck with your chase!


Base74Tyler SkaggsAngels
Base98Mike TroutAngelsLeague Leaders
Base102Gordon BeckhamAngels
Base151C.J. CronAngelsFuture Star
Base161Howie KendrickAngels
Base195Garrett RichardsAngels
Base213Jered WeaverAngels
Base214Jered WeaverAngelsLeague Leaders
Base223Angels AngelsAngels
Base285Mike TroutAngelsLeague Leaders
Base295Erick AybarAngels
Base300Mike TroutAngels
Base321Josh HamiltonAngels
Base326C.J. WilsonAngels
ArchetypesA-19Albert PujolsAngels
ArchetypesA-4Mike TroutAngels
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-MTMike TroutAngels
Archetypes AutographsAA-MTMike TroutAngels
Archetypes RelicsAR-APAlbert PujolsAngels
Archetypes RelicsAR-MTMike TroutAngels
Baseball History8BNolan RyanAngels
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-NR74Nolan RyanAngels
Baseball History StampsBH-NR1Nolan RyanAngels
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-15Albert PujolsAngels
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-24Mike TroutAngels
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-MTMike TroutAngels
Career High AutographsCH-CCC.J. CronAngels
Career High AutographsCH-MTMike TroutAngels
Career High RelicsCRH-MTTMike TroutAngels
First Home RunFHR-34Mike TroutAngels
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-MTMike TroutAngels
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-MTMike TroutAngels
Free Agent 40F40-1Albert PujolsAngels
Free Agent 40 Autograph RelicsF40AR-APAlbert PujolsAngels
Free Agent 40 AutographsF40A-APAlbert PujolsAngels
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-APAlbert PujolsAngels
Gallery Of GreatsGG-17Albert PujolsAngels
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-APAlbert PujolsAngels
Highlight Of The YearH-17Nolan RyanAngels
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-NRCNolan RyanAngels
In The Name RelicsINT-MTMike TroutAngels
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-08Mike TroutAngels
RobbedR-14Mike TroutAngels
RobbedR-5Josh HamiltonAngels
Robbed Autograph RelicsRA-JHNJosh HamiltonAngels
Robbed Autograph RelicsRAR-JHNJosh HamiltonAngels
Robbed RelicsRR-JHNJosh HamiltonAngels
Robbed RelicsRR-MTMike TroutAngels
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-CCC.J. CronAngels
Base2Jose AltuveAstrosLeague Leaders
Base31Nick TropeanoAstrosRookie
Base110Tony SippAstros
Base113Jason CastroAstros
Base135Matt DominguezAstros
Base171Mike FoltynewiczAstrosRookie
Base174Jesus GuzmanAstros
Base246Chris CarterAstros
Base282Alex PresleyAstros
Base285Chris CarterAstrosLeague Leaders
Base318George SpringerAstrosFuture Star
Base347Dexter FowlerAstros
Baseball History14BNolan RyanAstros
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-NR85Nolan RyanAstros
Baseball History StampsBH-NR2Nolan RyanAstros
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-18Nolan RyanAstros
Career High AutographsCH-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
Career High RelicsCRH-GSRGeorge SpringerAstros
Free Agent 40F40-14Roger ClemensAstros
Free Agent 40F40-4Nolan RyanAstros
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-NRNolan RyanAstros
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-RCSRoger ClemensAstros
Future Stars PinFS-03George SpringerAstros
Highlight Of The YearH-22Nolan RyanAstros
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-NRNolan RyanAstros
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-NRHNolan RyanAstros
In The Name RelicsINT-JALJose AltuveAstros
RobbedR-12George SpringerAstros
Robbed Autograph RelicsRA-GSRGeorge SpringerAstros
Robbed Autograph RelicsRAR-GSRGeorge SpringerAstros
Robbed RelicsRR-GSRGeorge SpringerAstros
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-MFOMike FoltynewiczAstros
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
Base5Josh DonaldsonAthletics
Base33Oakland AthleticsAthletics
Base35Brandon MossAthletics
Base87Eric SogardAthletics
Base117Sean DoolittleAthletics
Base153Josh ReddickAthletics
Base155Jesse ChavezAthletics
Base162Drew PomeranzAthletics
Base165John JasoAthletics
Base183Craig GentryAthletics
Base279Coco CrispAthletics
Base297Scott KazmirAthletics
Base305Sonny GrayAthletics
ArchetypesA-1Rickey HendersonAthletics
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
Archetypes AutographsAA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
Archetypes RelicsAR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-06Josh DonaldsonAthletics
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-JDJosh DonaldsonAthletics
Career High AutographsCH-SSScott SizemoreAthletics
Career High RelicsCRH-JDJosh DonaldsonAthletics
First Home RunFHR-31Yoenis CespedesAthletics
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-YCYoenis CespedesAthletics
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-YCYoenis CespedesAthletics
First Pitch InsertFP-05Biz MarkieAthletics
Highlight Of The YearH-16Catfish HunterAthletics
Highlight Of The YearH-23Jose CansecoAthletics
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-JCJose CansecoAthletics
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-CHCatfish HunterAthletics
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-JCJose CansecoAthletics
In The Name RelicsINT-BMBrandon MossAthletics
In The Name RelicsINT-JDJosh DonaldsonAthletics
In The Name RelicsINT-SDSean DoolittleAthletics
In The Name RelicsINT-SKScott KazmirAthletics
In The Name RelicsINT-YCYoenis CespedesAthletics
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-CHCatfish HunterAthletics
ArchetypesA-13Cal RipkenBaltimore
Base13Toronto BlueJaysBlue Jays
Base14Kendall GravemanBlue JaysRookie
Base25Jose BautistaBlue Jays
Base90Marcus StromanBlue JaysFuture Star
Base96Sergio SantosBlue Jays
Base97Dalton PompeyBlue JaysRookie
Base134Brett LawrieBlue Jays
Base217Daniel NorrisBlue JaysRookie
Base226Dioner NavarroBlue Jays
Base242Edwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
Base249Jose ReyesBlue Jays
Base294Aaron SanchezBlue JaysFuture Star
Base316R.A. DickeyBlue Jays
Career High AutographsCH-ASAaron SanchezBlue Jays
Career High AutographsCH-BCBrett CecilBlue Jays
Career High RelicsCRH-JBAJose BautistaBlue Jays
In The Name RelicsINT-JBJose BautistaBlue Jays
In The Name RelicsINT-MBEMark BuehrleBlue Jays
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-22Jose BautistaBlue Jays
RobbedR-10Colby RasmusBlue Jays
Robbed RelicsRR-CRColby RasmusBlue Jays
Base36Julio TeheranBraves
Base58Evan GattisBravesFuture Star
Base64Atlanta BravesBraves
Base69Justin UptonBraves
Base73Freddie FreemanBraves
Base181Jason HeywardBraves
Base184B.J. UptonBraves
Base201Tommy LaStellaBraves
Base202Mike MinorBraves
Base255James RussellBraves
Base283Chris JohnsonBraves
Base349Justin UptonBravesLeague Leaders
ArchetypesA-20Greg MadduxBraves
ArchetypesA-22Hank AaronBraves
Archetypes RelicsAR-GMGreg MadduxBraves
Baseball History1BHank AaronBraves
Baseball History3BRed SchoendienstBraves
Baseball History5BWarren SpahnBraves
Baseball History7BHank AaronBraves
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-HA54Hank AaronBraves
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-HA70Hank AaronBraves
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-RSRed SchoendienstBraves
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-WSWarren SpahnBraves
Baseball History StampsBH-HA1Hank AaronBraves
Baseball History StampsBH-HA2Hank AaronBraves
Baseball History StampsBH-RSRed SchoendienstBraves
Baseball History StampsBH-WSWarren SpahnBraves
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-01Hank AaronBraves
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-08Tom GlavineBraves
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-23Julio TeheranBraves
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-JTJulio TeheranBraves
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-TGTom GlavineBraves
Career High AutographsCH-CJChipper JonesBraves
Career High AutographsCH-HAHank AaronBraves
Career High AutographsCH-JSMJohn SmoltzBraves
Career High AutographsCH-JTJulio TeheranBraves
Career High AutographsCH-MMMike MinorBraves
Career High RelicsCRH-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
Career High RelicsCRH-JTJulio TeheranBraves
First Home RunFHR-10Chipper JonesBraves
First Home RunFHR-12Jason HeywardBraves
First Home RunFHR-33Freddie FreemanBraves
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-CJChipper JonesBraves
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JHEJason HeywardBraves
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-JHEJason HeywardBraves
First Pitch InsertFP-07Austin MahoneBraves
Free Agent 40F40-8Greg MadduxBraves
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-GMGreg MadduxBraves
Gallery Of GreatsGG-16Hank AaronBraves
Gallery Of GreatsGG-5Tom GlavineBraves
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-HAHank AaronBraves
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-TGTom GlavineBraves
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-HAHank AaronBraves
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-TGTom GlavineBraves
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-TGTom GlavineBraves
Highlight Of The YearH-13Warren SpahnBraves
In The Name RelicsINT-CKICraig KimbrelBraves
In The Name RelicsINT-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
In The Name RelicsINT-JTJulio TeheranBraves
InspirationsI-10Fred McGriffBraves
InspirationsI-10Freddie FreemanBraves
InspirationsI-13Craig KimbrelBraves
InspirationsI-13John SmoltzBraves
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-FMFred McGriffBraves
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-FMFreddie FreemanBraves
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-FMFred McGriffBraves
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-FMFreddie FreemanBraves
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-12Freddie FreemanBraves
RobbedR-6Jason HeywardBraves
Robbed Autograph RelicsRA-JHDJason HeywardBraves
Robbed Autograph RelicsRAR-JHDJason HeywardBraves
Robbed RelicsRR-JHDJason HeywardBraves
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-SMShelby MillerBraves
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-EMEddie MathewsBraves
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
Base56Matt GarzaBrewers
Base57Lyle OverbayBrewers
Base101Scooter GennettBrewers
Base115Khris DavisBrewers
Base230Jean SeguraBrewers
Base262Ryan BraunBrewers
Base291Mark ReynoldsBrewers
Base293Zach DukeBrewers
Base334Gerardo ParraBrewers
Base340Carlos GomezBrewers
Career High RelicsCRH-CGCarlos GomezBrewers
Career High RelicsCRH-RBRyan BraunBrewers
In The Name RelicsINT-ARRAramis RamirezBrewers
In The Name RelicsINT-CGCarlos GomezBrewers
In The Name RelicsINT-FRRFrancisco RodriguezBrewers
In The Name RelicsINT-JLUJonathan LucroyBrewers
RobbedR-4Carlos GomezBrewers
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-RBRyan BraunBrewers
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-RFRick FerrellBrowns
Base11Jon JayCardinals
Base60Michael WachaCardinals
Base61Adam WainwrightCardinalsLeague Leaders
Base80Adam WainwrightCardinals
Base85Adam WainwrightCardinalsLeague Leaders
Base220Shelby MillerCardinals
Base261Lance LynnCardinals
Base286Trevor RosenthalCardinals
Base311Jhonny PeraltaCardinals
Base336Matt CarpenterCardinals
ArchetypesA-11Mark McGwireCardinals
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Archetypes AutographsAA-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Archetypes RelicsAR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-21Ozzie SmithCardinals
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
Career High AutographsCH-ACAllen CraigCardinals
Career High AutographsCH-KWKolten WongCardinals
Career High AutographsCH-MADMatt AdamsCardinals
Career High AutographsCH-SMShelby MillerCardinals
Career High AutographsCH-STSam TuivailalaCardinals
Career High RelicsCRH-ACAllen CraigCardinals
Career High RelicsCRH-APAlbert PujolsCardinals
Career High RelicsCRH-AWAdam WainwrightCardinals
Career High RelicsCRH-MAMatt AdamsCardinals
Career High RelicsCRH-YMYadier MolinaCardinals
First Home RunFHR-09Matt CarpenterCardinals
First Home RunFHR-16Matt AdamsCardinals
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-MAMatt AdamsCardinals
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-MCMatt CarpenterCardinals
Gallery Of GreatsGG-7Mark McGwireCardinals
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Highlight Of The YearH-25Mark McGwireCardinals
Highlight Of The YearH-5Stan MusialCardinals
Highlight Of The YearH-9Enos SlaughterCardinals
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-SMStan MusialCardinals
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-SMStan MusialCardinals
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-MMMark McGwireCardinals
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-SMStan MusialCardinals
In The Name RelicsINT-AWAdam WainwrightCardinals
In The Name RelicsINT-MCAMatt CarpenterCardinals
InspirationsI-9Stan MusialCardinals
InspirationsI-9Mark McGwireCardinals
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-17Yadier MolinaCardinals
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-24Adam WainwrightCardinals
Postseason Performance Autograph RelicsPPAR-MCMatt CarpenterCardinals
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-MAMatt AdamsCardinals
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-MCMatt CarpenterCardinals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-JJJon JayCardinals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-KWKolten WongCardinals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-LLLance LynnCardinals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-MHMatt HollidayCardinals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-SMShelby MillerCardinals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-YMYadier MolinaCardinals
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-MADMatt AdamsCardinals
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-DDDizzy DeanCardinals
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-ESEnos SlaughterCardinals
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-SMStan MusialCardinals
Base37Arismendy AlcantaraCubsFuture Star
Base43Starlin CastroCubs
Base47Anthony RizzoCubs
Base95Junior LakeCubs
Base108Jorge SolerCubsRookie
Base164Brian SchlitterCubs
Base196Chicago CubsCubs
Base252Travis WoodCubs
Base313Anthony RizzoCubsLeague Leaders
Base315Javier BaezCubsRookie
Baseball History10BBruce SutterCubs
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-BSBruce SutterCubs
Baseball History StampsBH-BSBruce SutterCubs
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-02Javier BaezCubs
Career High AutographsCH-AAArismendy AlcantaraCubs
Career High AutographsCH-ADAndre DawsonCubs
Career High AutographsCH-FJFergie JenkinsCubs
Career High AutographsCH-JBJavier BaezCubs
Career High AutographsCH-JSOJorge SolerCubs
Career High RelicsCRH-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
Career High RelicsCRH-JBZJavier BaezCubs
First Home RunFHR-01Jorge SolerCubs
First Home RunFHR-13Javier BaezCubs
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JBAJavier BaezCubs
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JSJorge SolerCubs
First Pitch InsertFP-04Eddie VedderCubs
First Pitch InsertFP-10Graham ElliotCubs
First Pitch InsertFP-11Tom MorelloCubs
Free Agent 40F40-7Andre DawsonCubs
Future Stars PinFS-05Arismendy AlcantaraCubs
Highlight Of The YearH-10Ernie BanksCubs
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-EBErnie BanksCubs
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-EBErnie BanksCubs
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-EBErnie BanksCubs
In The Name RelicsINT-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
In The Name RelicsINT-JSJeff SamardzijaCubs
In The Name RelicsINT-SCStarlin CastroCubs
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-15Anthony RizzoCubs
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-18Javier BaezCubs
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-FJFergie JenkinsCubs
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-JBJavier BaezCubs
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-JSJorge SolerCubs
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-RSRon SantoCubs
Base63Chris OwingsDiamondbacksFuture Star
Base116Vidal NunoDiamondbacks
Base172Didi GregoriusDiamondbacks
Base203Paul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Base247Aaron HillDiamondbacks
Base248Addison ReedDiamondbacks
Base260David PeraltaDiamondbacks
Base265Arizona DiamondbacksDiamondbacks
Base280Miguel MonteroDiamondbacks
Base310Jake LambDiamondbacksRookie
Base346Trevor CahillDiamondbacks
ArchetypesA-7Paul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Archetypes AutographsAA-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Archetypes RelicsAR-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Career High AutographsCH-COChris OwingsDiamondbacks
Career High RelicsCRH-PGPaul GoldschimdtDiamondbacks
First Home RunFHR-32Paul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Free Agent 40F40-10Randy JohnsonDiamondbacks
In The Name RelicsINT-MMMiguel MonteroDiamondbacks
In The Name RelicsINT-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-COWChris OwingsDiamondbacks
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Base61Clayton KershawDodgersLeague Leaders
Base85Clayton KershawDodgersLeague Leaders
Base93Andre EthierDodgers
Base100Clayton KershawDodgers
Base191Yimi GarciaDodgersRookie
Base192Joc PedersonDodgersRookie
Base238Hyun-Jin RyuDodgers
Base267Zack GreinkeDodgers
Base272Matt KempDodgers
Base284Brandon LeagueDodgers
Base308Carl CrawfordDodgers
Base317Clayton KershawDodgers2014 Baseball Highlights
Base328Adrian GonzalezDodgers
Base349Adrian GonzalezDodgersLeague Leaders
Base350Yasiel PuigDodgers
ArchetypesA-21Jackie RobinsonDodgers
ArchetypesA-5Yasiel PuigDodgers
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Archetypes AutographsAA-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Archetypes RelicsAR-CKClayton KershawDodgers
Archetypes RelicsAR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Baseball History12BFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-FVFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Baseball History StampsBH-FVFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-12Sandy KoufaxDodgers
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-14Yasiel PuigDodgers
Career High AutographsCH-AEA.J. EllisDodgers
Career High AutographsCH-DSDuke SniderDodgers
Career High AutographsCH-JPJohnny PodresDodgers
Career High AutographsCH-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
Career High AutographsCH-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Career High RelicsCRH-CKClayton KershawDodgers
Career High RelicsCRH-HRHanley RamirezDodgers
Career High RelicsCRH-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
First Home RunFHR-14Yasiel PuigDodgers
First Home RunFHR-19Paul KonerkoDodgers
First Home RunFHR-37Mike PiazzaDodgers
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-MPMike PiazzaDodgers
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-PKPaul KonerkoDodgers
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
First Pitch InsertFP-01Jeff BridgesDodgers
First Pitch InsertFP-08Jermaine JonesDodgers
First Pitch InsertFP-13SuzyDodgers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-1Clayton KershawDodgers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-11Yasiel PuigDodgers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-13Hanley RamirezDodgers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-15Sandy KoufaxDodgers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-20Jackie RobinsonDodgers
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-CKClayton KershawDodgers
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-HRHanley RamirezDodgers
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Highlight Of The YearH-21Fernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-FVFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-FVFernando ValenzuelaDodgers
In The Name RelicsINT-CKEClayton KershawDodgers
In The Name RelicsINT-DGDee GordonDodgers
In The Name RelicsINT-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
InspirationsI-7Clayton KershawDodgers
InspirationsI-7Fernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-09Yasiel PuigDodgers
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-19Clayton KershawDodgers
Postseason Performance Autograph RelicsPPAR-CKClayton KershawDodgers
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-CKClayton KershawDodgers
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-AGNAdrian GonzalezDodgers
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-DGDee GordonDodgers
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-MKMatt KempDodgers
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-ZGZack GreinkeDodgers
RobbedR-9Yasiel PuigDodgers
Robbed Autograph RelicsRAR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Robbed Autograph RelicsRA-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Robbed RelicsRR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-AGAdrian GonzalezDodgers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-DSDuke SniderDodgers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-JPEJoc PedersonDodgers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-JPOJohnny PodresDodgers
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-DSDuke SniderDodgers
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-JRJackie RobinsonDodgers
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-CKClayton KershawDodgers
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-HRHanley RamirezDodgers
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-YPYasiel PuigDodgers
Base9Hunter PenceGiantsWorld Series Highlights
Base20Madison BumgarnerGiants
Base29Brandon BeltGiants2014 Baseball Highlights
Base67Hunter PenceGiants
Base86Tim HudsonGiants
Base88Madison BumgarnerGiantsWorld Series Highlights
Base138Tim LincecumGiants
Base139Gary BrownGiantsRookie
Base156Santiago CasillaGiants
Base159Brandon CrawfordGiants
Base167Matt CainGiants
Base188Madison BumgarnerGiantsWorld Series Highlights
Base227Madison BumgarnerGiantsWorld Series Highlights
Base228Jake PeavyGiants
Base232Andrew SusacGiants
Base234Brandon BeltGiants
Base245Tyler ColvinGiants
Base273Brandon HicksGiants
Base275Buster PoseyGiants
Base299Joaquin AriasGiants
ArchetypesA-23Willie MaysGiants
Archetypes RelicsAR-BPBuster PoseyGiants
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-03Madison BumgarnerGiants
Career High AutographsCH-EFErik CordierGiants
Career High AutographsCH-JPAJoe PanikGiants
Career High RelicsCRH-BPBuster PoseyGiants
First Home RunFHR-18Buster PoseyGiants
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-BPBuster PoseyGiants
Gallery Of GreatsGG-14Willie MaysGiants
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-WMWillie MaysGiants
Highlight Of The YearH-15Juan MarichalGiants
Highlight Of The YearH-7NY Giants win the PennantGiants
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-JMJuan MarichalGiants
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-JMJuan MarichalGiants
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-JMJuan MarichalGiants
In The Name RelicsINT-HPHunter PenceGiants
In The Name RelicsINT-MBUMadison BumgarnerGiants
In The Name RelicsINT-THTim HudsonGiants
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-06Buster PoseyGiants
RobbedR-8Michael MorseGiants
Robbed RelicsRR-MMMichael MorseGiants
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-JPAJoe PanikGiants
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-HWHoyt WilhelmGiants
World Champion Autograph RelicsWCAR-BBBrandon BeltGiants
World Champion Autograph RelicsWCAR-BCBrandon CrawfordGiants
World Champion Autograph RelicsWCAR-HPHunter PenceGiants
World Champion Autograph RelicsWCAR-JPJoe PanikGiants
World Champion Autograph RelicsWCAR-PSPablo SandovalGiants
World Champion AutographsWCA-BBBrandon BeltGiants
World Champion AutographsWCA-BCBrandon CrawfordGiants
World Champion AutographsWCA-HPHunter PenceGiants
World Champion AutographsWCA-JPJoe PanikGiants
World Champion AutographsWCA-PSPablo SandovalGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-BBBrandon BeltGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-BCBrandon CrawfordGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-BPBuster PoseyGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-GBGregor BlancoGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-HPHunter PenceGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-JPAJoe PanikGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-JPEJuan PerezGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-MBMadison BumgarnerGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-MMMichael MorseGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-PSPablo SandovalGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-RVRyan VogelsongGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-SRSergio RomoGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-THTim HudsonGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-TITravis IshikawaGiants
World Champion RelicsWCR-TLTim LincecumGiants
Base2Michael BrantleyIndiansLeague Leaders
Base18Cody AllenIndians
Base23Michael BournIndians
Base68Lonnie ChisenhallIndians
Base111Trevor BauerIndians
Base122Corey KluberIndians
Base194David MurphyIndians
Base214Corey KluberIndiansLeague Leaders
Base221Jason KipnisIndians
Base341Corey KluberIndiansLeague Leaders
Base348Carlos SantanaIndians
Career High AutographsCH-CSCarlos SantanaIndians
Career High RelicsCRH-CSCarlos SantanaIndians
First Home RunFHR-36Victor MartinezIndians
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-VMVictor MartinezIndians
Highlight Of The YearH-4Bob FellerIndians
In The Name RelicsINT-MBAMichael BrantleyIndians
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-BFBob FellerIndians
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-BLNBob LemonIndians
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-LBLou BoudreauIndians
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-LDLarry DobyIndians
Base27Kendrys MoralesMariners
Base49Dominic LeoneMariners
Base52Fernando RodneyMariners
Base70Charlie FurbushMariners
Base81Chris YoungMariners
Base114Mike ZuninoMariners
Base189Dustin AckleyMariners
Base325Felix HernandezMariners
Base332Kyle SeagerMariners
Base339Austin JacksonMariners
Base341Felix HernandezMarinersLeague Leaders
ArchetypesA-25Ken GriffeyMariners
Baseball History15BKen GriffeyMariners
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-KGKen GriffeyMariners
Baseball History StampsBH-KGGriffeyMariners
Career High AutographsCH-HIHisashi IwakumaMariners
Career High AutographsCH-JJJohn JasoMariners
Career High AutographsCH-MZMike ZuninoMariners
Career High RelicsCRH-FHFelix HernandezMariners
Career High RelicsCRH-HIHisashi IwakumaMariners
First Home RunFHR-15Alex RodriguezMariners
First Home RunFHR-26Adam JonesMariners
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-AJAdam JonesMariners
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-AJAdam JonesMariners
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-AROAlex RodriguezMariners
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-AJAdam JonesMariners
First Pitch InsertFP-12MacklemoreMariners
Free Agent 40F40-2Robinson CanoMariners
Free Agent 40 Autograph RelicsF40AR-RCRobinson CanoMariners
Free Agent 40 AutographsF40A-RCRobinson CanoMariners
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-RCORobinson CanoMariners
Gallery Of GreatsGG-4Ken GriffeyMariners
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-KGKen GriffeyMariners
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-KGKen GriffeyMariners
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-KGKen GriffeyMariners
In The Name RelicsINT-FHFelix HernandezMariners
In The Name RelicsINT-FROFernando RodneyMariners
In The Name RelicsINT-KSKyle SeagerMariners
In The Name RelicsINT-RCRobinson CanoMariners
InspirationsI-14Randy JohnsonMariners
InspirationsI-14Felix HernandezMariners
InspirationsI-2Ken GriffeyMariners
InspirationsI-2Robinson CanoMariners
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-CGRobinson CanoMariners
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-CGKen GriffeyMariners
Inspirations Dual AutographsA-CGKen GriffeyMariners
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-CGRobinson CanoMariners
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-CGRobinson CanoMariners
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-CGKen GriffeyMariners
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-13Robinson CanoMariners
RobbedR-1Dustin AckleyMariners
Robbed Autograph RelicsRA-DADustin AckleyMariners
Robbed Autograph RelicsRAR-DADustin AckleyMariners
Robbed RelicsRR-DADustin AckleyMariners
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-KGKen GriffeyMariners
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-RCRobinson CanoMariners
Base53Nathan EovaldiMarlins
Base105Jeff BakerMarlins
Base121Garrett JonesMarlins
Base147Andrew HeaneyMarlinsFuture Star
Base150Giancarlo StantonMarlins
Base178Christian YelichMarlins
Base229Bryan MorrisMarlins
Base254Steve CishekMarlins
Base257Jarrod SaltalamacchiaMarlins
Base313Giancarlo StantonMarlinsLeague Leaders
Base349Giancarlo StantonMarlinsLeague Leaders
Base351Tom KoehlerMarlins
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Archetypes AutographsAA-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Archetypes RelicsAR-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Career High AutographsCH-CYChristian YelichMarlins
Career High AutographsCH-GSTGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Career High RelicsCRH-GSNGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Free Agent 40F40-15Ivan RodriguezMarlins
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-IRIvan RodriguezMarlins
Highlight Of The YearH-28Josh BeckettMarlins
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-JBJosh BeckettMarlins
In The Name RelicsINT-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
In The Name RelicsINT-HAHenderson AlvarezMarlins
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-20Giancarlo StantonMarlins
RobbedR-13Giancarlo StantonMarlins
Robbed RelicsRR-GSNGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-CYChristian YelichMarlins
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-GSTGiancarlo StantonMarlins
Base4Curtis GrandersonMets
Base24NY MetsMets
Base83David WrightMets
Base129Jacob deGromMetsFuture Star
Base133Daisuke MatsuzakaMets
Base149Daniel MurphyMets
Base166Jenrry MejiaMets
Base173Carlos TorresMets
Base199Eric YoungMets
Base236Zack WheelerMets
Base237Lucas DudaMets
Base241Dilson HerreraMetsRookie
Base244Bartolo ColonMets
Base263Dillon GeeMets
Base306Juan LagaresMetsFuture Star
Base313Lucas DudaMetsLeague Leaders
ArchetypesA-15Mike PiazzaMets
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-MPMike PiazzaMets
Archetypes AutographsAA-MPMike PiazzaMets
Archetypes RelicsAR-MPMike PiazzaMets
Baseball History11BDarryl StrawberryMets
Baseball History6BTom SeaverMets
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-TSTom SeaverMets
Baseball History StampsBH-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
Baseball History StampsBH-TSTom SeaverMets
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-13Mike PiazzaMets
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-25David WrightMets
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-DWDavid WrightMets
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-MPMike PiazzaMets
Career High AutographsCH-DCDavid ConeMets
Career High AutographsCH-JDJacob deGromMets
Career High AutographsCH-JLJuan LagaresMets
Career High RelicsCRH-DWDavid WrightMets
First Home RunFHR-03David WrightMets
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-DWDavid WrightMets
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-DWDavid WrightMets
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-DWDavid WrightMets
First Pitch InsertFP-1450 CentMets
Gallery Of GreatsGG-6Mike PiazzaMets
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-MPMike PiazzaMets
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-MPMike PiazzaMets
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-MPMike PiazzaMets
In The Name RelicsINT-DMUDaniel MurphyMets
InspirationsI-11Tom SeaverMets
InspirationsI-11Matt HarveyMets
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-03David WrightMets
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-DHDilson HerreraMets
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-JDJacob deGromMets
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-MPMike PiazzaMets
Base6Jayson WerthNationals
Base30Tanner RoarkNationalsFuture Star
Base38Jordan ZimmermannNationals
Base44Gio GonzalezNationals
Base46Wilson RamosNationals
Base109Doug FisterNationals
Base132Michael TaylorNationalsRookie
Base160Washington NationalsNationals
Base207Bryce HarperNationals
Base251Anthony RendonNationals
Base274Ryan ZimmermanNationals
Base331Danny EspinosaNationals
Career High RelicsCRH-BHBryce HarperNationals
First Home RunFHR-06Bryce HarperNationals
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-BHBryce HarperNationals
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-BHBryce HarperNationals
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-BHBryce HarperNationals
Future Stars PinFS-09Tanner RoarkNationals
Gallery Of GreatsGG-18Bryce HarperNationals
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-BHBryce HarperNationals
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-BHBryce HarperNationals
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-02Bryce HarperNationals
Postseason Performance Autograph RelicsPPAR-BHBryce HarperNationals
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-BHBryce HarperNationals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-ARAnthony RendonNationals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-BHBryce HarperNationals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-DSDrew StorenNationals
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-BHBryce HarperNationals
Base8Miguel GonzalezOrioles
Base19Baltimore OriolesOrioles
Base84Jonathan SchoopOrioles
Base98Nelson CruzOriolesLeague Leaders
Base104Bud NorrisOrioles
Base136Manny MachadoOrioles
Base157Ubaldo JimenezOrioles
Base169Adam JonesOrioles
Base180Steve PearceOrioles
Base190Zach BrittonOrioles
Base215Alejandro DeAzaOrioles
Base285Nelson CruzOriolesLeague Leaders
Base290David LoughOrioles
Baseball History9BReggie JacksonOrioles
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-RJReggie JacksonOrioles
Baseball History StampsBH-RJReggie JacksonOrioles
Career High AutographsCH-AJAdam JonesOrioles
Career High AutographsCH-JSJonathan SchoopOrioles
Career High RelicsCRH-AJAdam JonesOrioles
Career High RelicsCRH-MMManny MachadoOrioles
Gallery Of GreatsGG-10Cal RipkenOrioles
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-CRCal RipkenOrioles
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-CRCal RipkenOrioles
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-CRCal RipkenOrioles
Highlight Of The YearH-14Brooks RobinsonOrioles
Highlight Of The YearH-27Cal RipkenOrioles
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-CRCal RipkenOrioles
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-CRCal RipkenOrioles
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-BRBrooks RobinsonOrioles
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-CRCal RipkenOrioles
In The Name RelicsINT-AJAdam JonesOrioles
In The Name RelicsINT-NCNelson CruzOrioles
InspirationsI-1Manny MachadoOrioles
InspirationsI-1Cal RipkenOrioles
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-MRManny MachadoOrioles
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-MRCal RipkenOrioles
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-MRManny MachadoOrioles
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-MRCal RipkenOrioles
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-MRManny MachadoOrioles
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-MRCal RipkenOrioles
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-16Manny MachadoOrioles
Postseason Performance Autograph RelicsPPAR-JSCJonathan SchoopOrioles
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-CTChris TillmanOrioles
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-JSCJonathan SchoopOrioles
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-AJAdam JonesOrioles
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-JSJonathan SchoopOrioles
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-NCNelson CruzOrioles
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-NMNick MarkakisOrioles
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-WCWei-Yin ChenOrioles
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-EW1Earl WeaverOrioles
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-EW2Earl WeaverOrioles
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-AJAdam JonesOrioles
Base3Rene RiveraPadres
Base32Carlos QuentinPadres
Base76Ian KennedyPadres
Base99Yonder AlonsoPadres
Base141Cory SpangenbergPadresRookie
Base145Jesse HahnPadres
Base170Tommy MedicaPadres
Base231Andrew CashnerPadres
Base287Everth CabreraPadres
Base298Rymer LirianoPadresRookie
Base337Jedd GyorkoPadres
Base338Yasmani GrandalPadres
Base342Padres PadresPadres
ArchetypesA-17Tony GwynnPadres
Career High AutographsCH-CSPCory SpangenbergPadres
Career High AutographsCH-MAMike AdamsPadres
First Home RunFHR-11Anthony RizzoPadres
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-ARIAnthony RizzoPadres
First Pitch InsertFP-06Agnes McKeePadres
Gallery Of GreatsGG-25Tony GwynnPadres
Highlight Of The YearH-18Willie McCoveyPadres
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-WMWillie McCoveyPadres
In The Name RelicsINT-HSHuston StreetPadres
In The Name RelicsINT-TRTyson RossPadres
RobbedR-2Alexi AmaristaPadres
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-CSPCory SpangenbergPadres
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-YSYangervis SolartePadres
Base10Cole HamelsPhillies
Base51Ryan HowardPhillies
Base118Domonic BrownPhillies
Base123Ben ReverePhillies
Base143Jonathan PapelbonPhillies
Base163Chase UtleyPhillies
Base187Marlon ByrdPhillies
Base212Cliff LeePhillies
Base218David BuchananPhillies
Base222Antonio BastardoPhillies
Base233Carlos RuizPhillies
Base309Maikel FrancoPhilliesRookie
ArchetypesA-3Steve CarltonPhillies
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Archetypes AutographsAA-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Archetypes RelicsAR-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Baseball History13BSteve CarltonPhillies
Baseball History2BRobin RobertsPhillies
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-RRRobin RobertsPhillies
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Baseball History StampsBH-RRRobin RobertsPhillies
Baseball History StampsBH-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Career High AutographsCH-RHRyan HowardPhillies
First Home RunFHR-23Chase UtleyPhillies
First Home RunFHR-24Ryan HowardPhillies
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-RHRyan HowardPhillies
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-CUChase UtleyPhillies
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-RHRyan HowardPhillies
Gallery Of GreatsGG-12Steve CarltonPhillies
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Highlight Of The YearH-19Mike SchmidtPhillies
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-MSMike SchmidtPhillies
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-MSMike SchmidtPhillies
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-MSMike SchmidtPhillies
In The Name RelicsINT-CUChase UtleyPhillies
InspirationsI-5Steve CarltonPhillies
InspirationsI-5Cole HamelsPhillies
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-HCCole HamelsPhillies
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-HCSteve CarltonPhillies
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-HCSteve CarltonPhillies
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-HCCole HamelsPhillies
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-HCCole HamelsPhillies
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-HCSteve CarltonPhillies
RobbedR-11Ben ReverePhillies
Robbed RelicsRR-BRBen ReverePhillies
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-MAAMike AdamsPhillies
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-MFRMaikel FrancoPhillies
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-RHRyan HowardPhillies
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
Base48John AxfordPirates
Base66Vance WorleyPirates
Base79Starling MartePirates
Base106Pedro AlvarezPirates
Base124Mark MelanconPirates
Base127Andrew McCutchenPiratesLeague Leaders
Base146Tony WatsonPirates
Base205Josh HarrisonPirates
Base253Gregory PolancoPiratesFuture Star
Base269Jordy MercerPirates
Base271Pittsburgh PiratesPirates
Base292Neil WalkerPirates
Base296Charlie MortonPirates
Base303Ike DavisPirates
Base345Brandon CumptonPirates
Archetypes RelicsAR-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-05Roberto ClementePirates
Career High AutographsCH-GPGregory PolancoPirates
Career High AutographsCH-JHJohn HoldzkomPirates
Career High AutographsCH-SMAStarling MartePirates
Career High RelicsCRH-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
Career High RelicsCRH-GPGregory PolancoPirates
First Home RunFHR-02Andrew McCutchenPirates
First Home RunFHR-21Jose BautistaPirates
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-JBJose BautistaPirates
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JBUJose BautistaPirates
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-JBJose BautistaPirates
Future Stars PinFS-04Gregory PolancoPirates
Gallery Of GreatsGG-23Roberto ClementePirates
In The Name RelicsINT-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
In The Name RelicsINT-JHJosh HarrisonPirates
InspirationsI-15Andrew McCutchenPirates
InspirationsI-15Willie StargellPirates
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-11Andrew McCutchenPirates
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-RCRoberto ClementePirates
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-RKRalph KinerPirates
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-WSWillie StargellPirates
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-GPGregory PolancoPirates
Base50Yu DarvishRangers
Base71Adrian BeltreRangers2014 Baseball Highlights
Base82Nick TepeschRangers
Base89Michael ChoiceRangers
Base103Guilder RodriguezRangersRookie
Base175Adrian BeltreRangers
Base198Alexi OgandoRangers
Base281Elvis AndrusRangers
Base320Shin-Soo ChooRangers
ArchetypesA-14Nolan RyanRangers
Career High AutographsCH-IKIan KinslerRangers
Career High RelicsCRH-IKIan KinslerRangers
Career High RelicsCRH-YDYu DarvishRangers
First Home RunFHR-20Adrian GonzalezRangers
First Home RunFHR-27Chris DavisRangers
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-AGAdrian GonzalezRangers
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-CDChris DavisRangers
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-AGAdrian GonzalezRangers
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-CDChris DavisRangers
Free Agent 40F40-9Alex RodriguezRangers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-24Nolan RyanRangers
Highlight Of The YearH-20Fergie JenkinsRangers
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-FJFergie JenkinsRangers
In The Name RelicsINT-ABAdrian BeltreRangers
In The Name RelicsINT-YDYu DarvishRangers
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-01Yu DarvishRangers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-RORougned OdorRangers
Base16David DeJesusRays
Base28Alex CobbRays
Base59Jake OdorizziRays
Base107James LoneyRays
Base158Kevin KiermaierRaysFuture Star
Base250Evan LongoriaRays
Base289Matt JoyceRays
Base324Chris ArcherRays
Base329Logan ForsytheRays
Career High AutographsCH-ELEvan LongoriaRays
Career High AutographsCH-GBGrant BalfourRays
Career High RelicsCRH-DPEDavid PriceRays
Career High RelicsCRH-ELEvan LongoriaRays
First Home RunFHR-35Evan LongoriaRays
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-ELEvan LongoriaRays
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-ELEvan LongoriaRays
In The Name RelicsINT-DPDavid PriceRays
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-ELEvan LongoriaRays
Base26Bryce BrentzRed SoxRookie
Base75Dustin PedroiaRed Sox
Base77Edwin EscobarRed SoxRookie
Base112Daniel NavaRed Sox
Base120Yoenis CespedesRed Sox
Base130Mike NapoliRed Sox
Base131Edward MujicaRed Sox
Base144Rusney CastilloRed SoxRookie
Base211Clay BuchholzRed Sox
Base240Anthony RanaudoRed SoxRookie
Base314Jackie BradleyRed Sox
Base327Xander BogaertsRed SoxFuture Star
Base335Matt BarnesRed SoxRookie
ArchetypesA-18Ted WilliamsRed Sox
ArchetypesA-6Yoenis CespedesRed Sox
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-YCYoenis CespedesRed Sox
Archetypes AutographsAA-YCYoenis CespedesRed Sox
Baseball History4BTed WilliamsRed Sox
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
Baseball History StampsBH-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-16Jim RiceRed Sox
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-JRJim RiceRed Sox
Career High AutographsCH-ARAAnthony RanaudoRed Sox
Career High AutographsCH-DMDaisuke MatsuzakaRed Sox
Career High AutographsCH-RCRusney CastilloRed Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-DMDaisuke MatsuzakaRed Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-DPADustin PedroiaRed Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-JEJacoby EllsburyRed Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-MBMookie BettsRed Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
First Home RunFHR-39Dustin PedroiaRed Sox
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
First Pitch InsertFP-15Meb KeflezighiRed Sox
Free Agent 40F40-6David OrtizRed Sox
Free Agent 40 Autograph RelicsF40AR-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
Free Agent 40 AutographsF40A-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
Future Stars PinFS-01Xander BogaertsRed Sox
Gallery Of GreatsGG-8Roger ClemensRed Sox
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
Highlight Of The YearH-26Nomar GarciaparraRed Sox
Highlight Of The YearH-6Ted WilliamsRed Sox
Highlight Of The YearH-8Ted WilliamsRed Sox
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
In The Name RelicsINT-JLEJon LesterRed Sox
In The Name RelicsINT-KUKoji UeharaRed Sox
InspirationsI-8Jim RiceRed Sox
InspirationsI-8Yoenis CespedesRed Sox
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-07Dustin PedroiaRed Sox
RobbedR-15Mookie BettsRed Sox
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-MBMookie BettsRed Sox
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-JFJimmie FoxxRed Sox
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-YCYoenis CespedesRed Sox
Base15Joey VottoReds
Base42Todd FrazierReds
Base61Johnny CuetoRedsLeague Leaders
Base85Johnny CuetoRedsLeague Leaders
Base182Devin MesoracoReds
Base209Daniel CorcinoRedsRookie
Base264Tony CingraniReds
Base266Brandon PhillipsReds
Base268Aroldis ChapmanReds
Base277Cincinnati RedsReds
Base301Zack CozartReds
Base333Billy HamiltonRedsFuture Star
Base344Manny ParraReds
ArchetypesA-16Johnny BenchReds
Career High AutographsCH-EDEric DavisReds
Career High RelicsCRH-JCJohnny CuetoReds
First Home RunFHR-17Adam DunnReds
First Home RunFHR-22Josh HamiltonReds
First Home RunFHR-25Joey VottoReds
First Home Run Auto RelicsFHRAR-JVJoey VottoReds
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-ADAdam DunnReds
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JHAJosh HamiltonReds
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JVJoey VottoReds
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-ADAdam DunnReds
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-JHAJosh HamiltonReds
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-JVJoey VottoReds
Future Stars PinFS-02Billy HamiltonReds
In The Name RelicsINT-DMEDevin MesoracoReds
In The Name RelicsINT-JCJohnny CuetoReds
RobbedR-7Ryan LudwickReds
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-JBJay BruceReds
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-JVJoey VottoReds
Base34Charlie BlackmonRockies
Base62Nolan ArenadoRockies
Base72Jordan LylesRockies
Base91Corey DickersonRockies
Base94Tommy KahnleRockies
Base125Troy TulowitzkiRockies
Base127Justin MorneauRockiesLeague Leaders
Base127Josh HarrisonRockiesLeague Leaders
Base168Colorado RockiesRockies
Base186Rex BrothersRockies
Base208Wilin RosarioRockies
Career High AutographsCH-CBCharlie BlackmonRockies
Career High AutographsCH-UJUbaldo JimenezRockies
Career High RelicsCRH-TTTroy TulowitzkiRockies
First Home RunFHR-38Troy TulowitzkiRockies
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-TTTroy TulowitzkiRockies
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-TTTroy TulowitzkiRockies
In The Name RelicsINT-CBCharlie BlackmonRockies
In The Name RelicsINT-TTTroy TulowitzkiRockies
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-CBCharlie BlackmonRockies
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-CGCarlos GonzalezRockies
Base39Salvador PerezRoyals
Base78Yordano VenturaRoyals
Base137Alcides EscobarRoyals
Base154Brandon FinneganRoyalsRookie
Base179Jason VargasRoyals
Base210Salvador PerezRoyals2014 Baseball Highlights
Base216Greg HollandRoyals
Base235Jeremy GuthrieRoyals
Base258KC RoyalsRoyals
Base323Eric HosmerRoyals
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-09Bo JacksonRoyals
Career High AutographsCH-YVYordano VenturaRoyals
First Home RunFHR-07Mike MoustakasRoyals
First Home RunFHR-08Eric HosmerRoyals
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-EHEric HosmerRoyals
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-MMMike MoustakasRoyals
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-EHEric HosmerRoyals
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-MMMike MoustakasRoyals
First Pitch InsertFP-09Tom WillisRoyals
Free Agent 40F40-13David ConeRoyals
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-DCDavid ConeRoyals
In The Name RelicsINT-GHGreg HollandRoyals
In The Name RelicsINT-SPSalvador PerezRoyals
Postseason Performance Autograph RelicsPPAR-SPSalvador PerezRoyals
Postseason Performance Autograph RelicsPPAR-YVYordano VenturaRoyals
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-SPSalvador PerezRoyals
Postseason Performance AutographsPPA-YVYordano VenturaRoyals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-AGOAlex GordonRoyals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-BBUBilly ButlerRoyals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-EHEric HosmerRoyals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-MMMike MoustakasRoyals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-SPSalvador PerezRoyals
Postseason Performance RelicsPPR-YVYordano VenturaRoyals
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-BJBo JacksonRoyals
Base2Victor MartinezTigersLeague Leaders
Base12James McCannTigersRookie
Base40Joakim SoriaTigers
Base54Joe NathanTigers
Base92Ian KinslerTigers
Base98Miguel CabreraTigersLeague Leaders
Base119Anibal SanchezTigers
Base126Detroit TigersTigers
Base140Alex AvilaTigers
Base148J.D. MartinezTigers
Base193Buck FarmerTigersRookie
Base200Miguel CabreraTigers
Base206Rick PorcelloTigers
Base214Max ScherzerTigersLeague Leaders
Base239Jose IglesiasTigers
Base243Al AlburquerqueTigers
Base270Steven MoyaTigersRookie
Base312Kyle LobsteinTigersRookie
ArchetypesA-24Ty CobbTigers
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-04Miguel CabreraTigers
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-20Max ScherzerTigers
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-MSMax ScherzerTigers
Career High AutographsCH-JMJ.D. MartinezTigers
Career High RelicsCRH-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Career High RelicsCRH-MSMax ScherzerTigers
First Pitch InsertFP-02Jack WhiteTigers
Gallery Of GreatsGG-9Miguel CabreraTigers
Gallery Of Greats Autograph RelicsGGAR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Gallery Of Greats AutographsGGA-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Highlight Of The YearH-29Justin VerlanderTigers
Highlight Of The YearH-30Miguel CabreraTigers
Highlight Of The Year Autograph RelicsHYAR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Highlight Of The Year AutographsHYA-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-JVJustin VerlanderTigers
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
In The Name RelicsINT-IKIan KinslerTigers
In The Name RelicsINT-MCBMiguel CabreraTigers
In The Name RelicsINT-MSMax ScherzerTigers
In The Name RelicsINT-VMVictor MartinezTigers
InspirationsI-4Al KalineTigers
InspirationsI-4Miguel CabreraTigers
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-CKAl KalineTigers
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-CKMiguel CabreraTigers
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-10Miguel CabreraTigers
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-23David PriceTigers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-IKIan KinslerTigers
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-MSMax ScherzerTigers
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-GKGeorge KellTigers
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-SASparky AndersonTigers
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-MSMax ScherzerTigers
Base41Chris ColabelloTwins
Base55Trevor MayTwinsRookie
Base128Anthony SwarzakTwins
Base185Ricky NolascoTwins
Base197Glen PerkinsTwins
Base204Eduardo EscobarTwins
Base219Kennys VargasTwins
Base259Brian DozierTwins
Base288Chris ParmeleeTwins
Base322Phil HughesTwins
Base330Brian DuensingTwins
First Home RunFHR-29Joe MauerTwins
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JMJoe MauerTwins
In The Name RelicsINT-GPGlen PerkinsTwins
InspirationsI-6Rod CarewTwins
InspirationsI-6Joe MauerTwins
Spring Fever Promo AutographsSFA-KVKennys VargasTwins
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-HKHarmon KillebrewTwins
Base22Tyler FlowersWhite Sox
Base65Alexei RamirezWhite Sox
Base176Jose AbreuWhite SoxFuture Star
Base177Paul KonerkoWhite Sox
Base256Adam EatonWhite Sox
Base276Conor GillaspieWhite Sox
Base341Chris SaleWhite SoxLeague Leaders
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-19Chris SaleWhite Sox
Birth Year Coin AutographsBYCA-CSChris SaleWhite Sox
Career High AutographsCH-CSAChris SaleWhite Sox
Career High RelicsCRH-JAJose AbreuWhite Sox
First Home RunFHR-30Jose AbreuWhite Sox
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-JAJose AbreuWhite Sox
First Pitch InsertFP-03McKayla MaroneyWhite Sox
Free Agent 40F40-12Carlton FiskWhite Sox
Future Stars PinFS-10Jose AbreuWhite Sox
Gallery Of GreatsGG-2Frank ThomasWhite Sox
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
In The Name RelicsINT-ALRAlexei RamirezWhite Sox
In The Name RelicsINT-CSChris SaleWhite Sox
In The Name RelicsINT-JARJose AbreuWhite Sox
InspirationsI-12Jose AbreuWhite Sox
InspirationsI-12Frank ThomasWhite Sox
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-21Jose AbreuWhite Sox
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-ALAl LopezWhite Sox
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-JAJose AbreuWhite Sox
Base1Derek JeterYankees
Base17Brian McCannYankees
Base21Brett GardnerYankees
Base45Carlos BeltranYankees
Base142Masahiro TanakaYankeesFuture Star
Base152Michael PinedaYankees
Base224Bryan MitchellYankeesRookie
Base225Jacoby EllsburyYankees
Base278David PhelpsYankees
Base302Martin PradoYankees
Base304Shawn KelleyYankees
Base307Mark TeixeiraYankees
Base319Derek JeterYankees2014 Baseball Highlights
Base343Shane GreeneYankees
ArchetypesA-10Babe RuthYankees
ArchetypesA-12Derek JeterYankees
ArchetypesA-2Mariano RiveraYankees
Archetypes Autograph RelicsAAR-MRMariano RiveraYankees
Archetypes AutographsAA-MRMariano RiveraYankees
Archetypes RelicsAR-DJDerek JeterYankees
Archetypes RelicsAR-MRMariano RiveraYankees
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-10Reggie JacksonYankees
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-11Derek JeterYankees
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-17Babe RuthYankees
Birth Year Coin And Stamp CardsCS-22Masahiro TanakaYankees
Career High AutographsCH-DBDellin BetancesYankees
Career High AutographsCH-HKHiroki KurodaYankees
Career High AutographsCH-JPOJorge PosadaYankees
Career High RelicsCRH-MTAMasahiro TanakaYankees
Career High RelicsCRH-RCRobinson CanoYankees
First Home RunFHR-04Robinson CanoYankees
First Home RunFHR-05Derek JeterYankees
First Home RunFHR-28Don MattinglyYankees
First Home RunFHR-40Deion SandersYankees
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-DJDerek JeterYankees
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-DMDon MattinglyYankees
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-DSDeion SandersYankees
First Home Run MedallionsFHRM-RCRobinson CanoYankees
First Home Run RelicsFHRR-DJDerek JeterYankees
Free Agent 40F40-11Reggie JacksonYankees
Free Agent 40F40-3CC SabathiaYankees
Free Agent 40F40-5Goose GossageYankees
Free Agent 40 Autograph RelicsF40AR-CSCC SabathiaYankees
Free Agent 40 Autograph RelicsF40AR-RJReggie JacksonYankees
Free Agent 40 AutographsF40A-CSCC SabathiaYankees
Free Agent 40 AutographsF40A-RJReggie JacksonYankees
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-CSCC SabathiaYankees
Free Agent 40 RelicsF40R-RJReggie JacksonYankees
Future Stars PinFS-07Masahiro TanakaYankees
Future Stars PinFS-08Dellin BetancesYankees
Gallery Of GreatsGG-19Mariano RiveraYankees
Gallery Of GreatsGG-21Joe DiMaggioYankees
Gallery Of GreatsGG-22Babe RuthYankees
Gallery Of GreatsGG-3Derek JeterYankees
Gallery Of Greats RelicsGGR-DJDerek JeterYankees
Highlight Of The YearH-1Lou GehrigYankees
Highlight Of The YearH-11Roger MarisYankees
Highlight Of The YearH-12Roger MarisYankees
Highlight Of The YearH-2Babe RuthYankees
Highlight Of The YearH-24Derek JeterYankees
Highlight Of The YearH-3Babe RuthYankees
Highlight Of The Year RelicsHYR-DJDerek JeterYankees
In The Name RelicsINT-DBDellin BetancesYankees
In The Name RelicsINT-DJDerek JeterYankees
InspirationsI-3Don MattinglyYankees
InspirationsI-3Mark TeixeiraYankees
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-TMMark TeixeiraYankees
Inspirations Dual Autograph RelicsIA-TMDon MattinglyYankees
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-TMMark TeixeiraYankees
Inspirations Dual AutographsIA-TMDon MattinglyYankees
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-TMMark TeixeiraYankees
Inspirations Dual RelicsIR-TMDon MattinglyYankees
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-14Masahiro TanakaYankees
Mlb Silhouetted Batter Logo PinMSBL-25Jacoby EllsburyYankees
RobbedR-3Jacoby EllsburyYankees
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-DZDon ZimmerYankees
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-JDJoe DiMaggioYankees
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-PRPhil RizzutoYankees
Strata Cut SignaturesSCS-RMRoger MarisYankees
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-CSCC SabathiaYankees
Strata Signature RelicsSSR-MRMariano RiveraYankees
Baseball History StampsBH-A11Apollo 11
Baseball History StampsBH-ABAmerican Bandstand Debuts
Baseball History StampsBH-APApple Founded
Baseball History StampsBH-CNClinton Earns Democratic Presidential Nomination
Baseball History StampsBH-CNNCNN Begins broadcasting
Baseball History StampsBH-ESESPN's First Broadcast
Baseball History StampsBH-GCGeneva Conference Begins
Baseball History StampsBH-GFGerald Ford sworn in as President of U.S.
Baseball History StampsBH-LALive Aid Concert occurs worldwide
Baseball History StampsBH-MLKMLK Leads march on Washington
Baseball History StampsBH-NKNixon / Kennedy Debate
Baseball History StampsBH-PVPolio vaccine announced as safe
Baseball History StampsBH-SDOSandra Day O'Connor sworn in as 1st woman Supreme Court Justice
Baseball History StampsBH-SSSpace Shuttle Columbia launches
Baseball History StampsBH-T40Top 40 Countdown premieres
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-BCBill Clinton
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-CBChris Berman
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-CKCasey Kasem
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-DCDick Clark
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-DEDwight Eisenhower
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-GFGerald Ford
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-JSJonas Salk
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-NANeil Armstrong
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-PLPatti LaBelle
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-RCRobert Crippen
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-RNRichard Nixon
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-RPRosa Parks
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-SDSandra Day O'Connor
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-SWSteve Wozniak
Baseball History Cut SignaturesBHCS-TTTed Turner
Baseball History1AGeneva Conference Begins
Baseball History2APolio vaccine announced as safe
Baseball History3AAmerican Bandstand Debuts
Baseball History4ANixon / Kennedy Debate
Baseball History5AMLK Leads march on Washington
Baseball History6AApollo 11
Baseball History7ATop 40 Countdown premieres
Baseball History8AGerald Ford sworn in as President of U.S.
Baseball History9AApple Founded
Baseball History10AESPN's First Broadcast
Baseball History11ACNN Begins broadcasting
Baseball History12ASpace Shuttle Columbia launches
Baseball History13ASandra Day O'Connor sworn in as 1st woman Supreme Court Justice
Baseball History14ALive Aid Concert occurs worldwide
Baseball History15AClinton Earns Democratic Presidential Nomination
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-1Babe RuthSt. Mary's Industrial student
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-2Babe RuthHometown Hero Baltimore
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-3Babe RuthRed Sox double threat
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-4Babe RuthPostseason Pitching Phenom
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-5Babe RuthFrom Hurler to hitter
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-6Babe RuthThe Home Run king
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-7Babe RuthMVP in '23
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-8Babe RuthMurder's Row Member
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-9Babe RuthThe Called Shot
The Babe Ruth StoryBR-10Babe RuthThe Babe becomes a media star
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-1Jackie RobinsonTwo-Sport College Star
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-2Jackie RobinsonServing his country
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-3Jackie Robinson.387 with KC
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-4Jackie RobinsonRobinson signs with the Dodgers
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-5Jackie RobinsonRobinson travels North
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-6Jackie RobinsonBreaking the MLB color barrier
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-7Jackie RobinsonNL MVP in 1949
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-8Jackie RobinsonWorld Series Highlights Series title in 1955
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-9Jackie RobinsonCall to the Hall
The Jackie Robinson StoryJR-10Jackie RobinsonNumber 42 retired across MLB