Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All The Cubs Inserts From the 1960s

With the last 60's inserts in hand, I now have that decade wrapped up!

During this era, the inserts were always true inserts....something other than a card.  Remember that at this time, the cards were king; the base cards were king.  We didn't need anything shiny, or fancy; we didn't need autographs of chips from a bat.  The cards were more than good enough.

So the inserts needed to be something other than cards.  And Topps went through several different items.... stamps, rub-offs, transfers, stickers, coins, posters, embossed, decals, deckle edge cards, game cards.

These were in cards from 1961 through 1969.

To make sure that I've got all the inserts, I went through both the Standard Catalog and Baseballcardpedia year by year to put together a master list of inserts and Cubs.

Here's what I came up with for the years 1961 - 1969

1961 Stamps: George Altman, Bob Anderson, Richie Ashburn, Ernie Banks, Ed Bouchee, Jim Brewer, Dick Ellsworth, Don Elston, Ron Santo, Sammy Taylor, Bob Will, Billy Williams
1962Stamps: George Altman, Ernie Banks, Dick Bertell, Don Cardwell, Dick Ellsworth, Glen Hobbie, Ron Santo, Barney Schultz, Team Logo, Billy Williams
1963Peel Offs: Ernie Banks, Ken Hubbs
1964Coins: Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Dick Ellsworth, Larry Jackson, Ron Santo, Ron Santo All-Star, Billy Williams
1965Embossed: 58 Ernie Banks, 67 Dick Ellsworth, 28 Ron Santo, 40 Billy Williams
Rub Offs: Ron Santo, Billy Williams
1966Transfers: Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs, Dick Ellsworth, Don Landrum, Ron Santo, Billy Williams
1967Poster: Ron Santo
1968Game: Ron Santo
1969Decal: Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo
Deckle Edge: Don Kessinger, Ron Santo

And now, the best part...a look at all of them!


  1. The best part of '60s inserts is the fact that they're not cards. You don't have to collect them if you don't want. I have some of these in Dodger form, but it's gonna be a long time before I care about collecting the stamps and coins.

  2. That my friend is a thing of beauty. I have about half of the Angels collection, but similar to Night Owl, I dont think I'll be going for the coins. I don't do coins so well.

  3. Great grouping....but what about 1969 Topps Super? There's a few opinions out there that they were inserted in cello packs of the base issue....there's 3 HOFers to chase!

  4. Don't know how nutty you want to be, but there are two versions of the 1963 Peel-Offs: those with a blank back and those with instructions on the back.