Friday, January 16, 2015

All The Cubs Inserts from the '70s and '80's

A few days ago I showed all the inserts from the Sixties.  Today I'll cover the next two decades.

I can knock off two decades at once because the '70s and '80s didn't see much insert action.  After eleven straight years of inserts, the 1972 set had none.  I'm guessing that they were eliminated as a way of saving money.  We had booklets, posters, scratch-offs, and coins in 1970 and 1971.  And then nada, nothing.

Inserts kinda returned in 1973 and 1974 as team checklists.  But the checklists were like any other regular cardboard card.

After the 1974 team checklists, inserts disappeared completely until 1982.  That year Topps put two sticker in packs.  The main motivation for the stickers was to build interest in the sold-separately sticker packs.  So they weren't really inserts as much as they were an advertising gimmick.

Actual inserts returned with the arrival of the glossy All-Star cards in 1984. But even these weren't all-out inserts.  The glossy All-Star cards were only available in rack packs.  Topps didn't put them in the smaller wax packs.  Glossy Rookie cards were added in 1987, but these too were limited, found only in 100-card jumbo packs.

Below is the checklist I used as I chased the Cubs:

1970Booklet: 14 Ernie Banks
Poster: 5 Ron Santo
Scratch Off: Glenn Beckert
1971Coins: 143 Glenn Beckert, 27 Jim Hickman, 51 Randy Hundley, 7 Fergie Jenkins, 119 Don Kessinger, 95 Ron Santo, 75 Billy Williams
Scratch Off: Glenn Beckert
1973Team Checklist: Chicago Cubs
1974Team Checklist: Chicago Cubs
1975 thruNO INSERTS
1982Sticker: Bill Buckner, Leon Durham
1984Glossy All-Stars: NO CUBS
1985Glossy All-Stars: 3 Ryne Sandberg
1986Glossy All-Stars: NO CUBS
1987Glossy All-Stars: 3 Ryne Sandberg
Glossy Rookies: 12 Rafael Palmeiro
1988Glossy All-Stars: 18 Andre Dawson, 14 Ryne Sandberg, 22 Billy Williams
Glossy Rookies: NO CUBS
1989Glossy All-Stars: 18 Andre Dawson, 14 Ryne Sandberg
Glossy Rookies: 4 Damon Berryhill, 11 Mark Grace, 12 Darrin Jackson

And...the inserts!

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