Saturday, January 24, 2015

All The Cubs Inserts From the 2000s

We're moving into the 21st century and the number of inserts has exploded!

By my count there are 95 Cubs inserts, almost ten per year.  That's over double the number from the '90s.

In the early part of the decade, Sammy Sosa was Topps' go-to Cub.  At the end of the decade, Alfonso Soriano took over that role.  

The decade also has the three inserts that I was missing....and am still missing!  Keep your eyes open for the 2000 Century's Best Insert #3 Lance Johnson, the 22006 2K6 All-Stars #4 Derrek Lee, and the 2006 Walmart Insert #38 Derrek Lee.

Here are the 92 inserts of the 2000s that I do have:

And here is the checklist I used:

2000 20th Century's Best: 3 Lance Johnson
21st Century Topps: NO CUBS
All-Star Rookie Team: NO CUBS
All-Topps Team: 9 Sammy Sosa
Combos: 6 Sammy Sosa
Hands of Gold: NO CUBS
Own the Game: 8 Sammy Sosa, 29 Sammy Sosa
Perennial All-Stars: 3 Sammy Sosa
Power Players: 16 Sammy Sosa
2001Before There Was Topps: NO CUBS
Combos: 6 Ernie Banks: 12 Sammy Sosa
Future Archives Reprints: 20 Rafael Palmeiro
Golden Anniversary: 2 Ernie Banks, 34 Corey Patterson, 24 Sammy Sosa
A Look Ahead: NO CUBS
Noteworthy: 40 Ernie Banks, 3 Sammy Sosa
Through the Years: 13 Ernie Banks, 33 Ryne Sandberg
A Tradition Continues:15 Sammy Sosa
Two of a Kind: NO CUBS
What Could've Been: NO CUBS
2002Aces: NO CUBS
All-World Team: 6 Sammy Sosa
East Meets West: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 10 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: NO CUBS
Ring Masters: NO CUBS
20031951 Blue Backs: 18 Mark Prior, 4 Sammy Sosa
1951 Red Backs: 4 Sammy Sosa
All-Stars: 12 Sammy Sosa
Draft Picks: NO CUBS
Flashback: NO CUBS
Futures Game: NO CUBS
Hit Parade: 2 Sammy Sosa, 16 Sammy Sosa
Hobby Masters: 15 Mark Prior, 5 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: 6 Sammy Sosa
Record Breakers: FJ Fergie Jenkins, SS Sammy Sosa, HW Hack Wilson, SS Sammy Sosa (Green)
2004All-Stars: 12 Kerry Wood
Fall Classic Covers: 06 Cubs, 07 Cubs, 08 Cubs, 10 Cubs, 18 Cubs, 29 Cubs, 32 Cubs, 35 Cubs, 38 Cubs, 45 Cubs
Hit Parade: 1 Sammy Sosa, 30 Sammy Sosa
Hobby Master: 2 Mark Prior, 6 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: 24 Mark Prior, 26 Kerry Wood
2005All-Stars: 7 Sammy Sosa
Grudge Match: 10 Sammy Sosa, 4 Carlos Zambrano
Hit Parade: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 8 Nomar Garciaparra, 2 Sammy Sosa
Own the Game: 24 Mark Prior, 26 Kerry Wood
20062k6: 4 Derrek Lee
Hit Parade: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 3 Nomar Garciaparra, 1 Derrek Lee, 9 Mark Prior
Opening Day Team Vs Team: RC Reds Cubs
Own the Game: 1 Derrek Lee
Rookie of the Week: 4 Ernie Banks, 24 Ryne Sandberg
Topps Stars: NO CUBS
Trading Places: NO CUBS
Walmart: 38 Derrek Lee, 33 Ryne Sandberg, 8 Carlos Zambrano
2007All-Star Rookies: NO CUBS
All-Stars: NO CUBS
Distinguished Service: NO CUBS
Flashback Friday: 6 Alfonso Soriano
Generation Now: NO CUBS
Hit Parade: NO CUBS
Hobby Masters: 5 Alfonso Soriano
Home Run Derby: Aramis Ramirez, Alfosno Soriano
Opening Day Team Vs Team: 8 Cubs
Own the Game: NO CUBS
Rookie Stars: NO CUBS
Stars: 2 Alfonso Soriano
Trading Places: 4 Alfonso Soriano
Walmart: 54 Alfonso Soriano
World Domination: NO CUBS
200850th Anniversary All-Rookie Team: 106 Kerry Wood
Home Run Derby: 48 Derrek Lee, 4 Alfonso Soriano
K Mart Gold: NO CUBS
Own the Game: NO CUBS
Dick Perez: 17 Alfonso Soriano
Red Hot Rookies: 4 Kosuke Fukudome, 8 Jeff Samardzija
Topps Stars: 21 Alfonso Soriano
Trading Card History: 21 Alfonso Soriano, 74 Carlos Zambrano
Year in Review: 32 Derrek Lee
2009Legends of the Game: RS Ryne Sandberg
Legends of the Game Career Best: NO CUBS
Red Hot Rookies: NO CUBS
Ring of Honor: NO CUBS
Ticket to Toppstown: 38 Kosuke Fukudome, 15 Alfonso Soriano, 39 Carlos Zambrano
Turkey Red: 118 Ryan Dempster, 40 Kosuke Fukudome, 52 Rich Harden, 133 Rogers Hornsby, 58 Alfonso Soriano, 42 Geovany Soto, 56 Carlos Zambrano
WBC Rising Stars: NO CUBS

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