Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1972 Fleer Famous Feats

Here's another set that I'm working on and it too has some holes in it. Boo!

They weren't able to put out cards of current players, but Fleer in the early '70s found a creative way around that problem-- cards of retired players.

The Baseball's Famous Feats cards were actually inserts in packs of cloth logo patches.

The pack includes the cloth patch, gum, and a Famous Feats card.

The Famous Feats set includes 40 cards.  The same artist that drew the Fleer World Series cards from 1970 and 1971,Robert G. Laughlin, worked his magic on these cards too.

Four of the events showcased the Cubs.

Ed Reulbach pitched shutouts in both ends of a double-header on September 26, 1908.  Click here to see the Chicago Tribune sports page from that day.  

Johnny Evers Famous Feat is that he stole home 27 times during his career.

The other two Cubs cards are nowhere to be found.  None of my usual sources have them.  I'm not aware that there are short-prints in the set, so I find it odd that some cards are easy to find while others are not.

These are the two missing cards.  What I'm showing are reprints Fleer put out in the 1980's.   They have team stickers on the back.  The reprints also are missing the bright colors of the originals.

Let me know if you see the original Toney/Vaughn or Hack Wilson cards.  I don't like having holes in my collection!!

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