Monday, January 26, 2015

More Goodies From Tim

Reader Tim has been re-prioritizing and thinning his collection.  He's been extremely generous by sending cards he no longer wanted my way.

A boatload of Billys was included.  I've got many of these already, so the doubles will go into the birthday packs for the kids at school.

In addition to the cards, a box was included...

...this box, a Ryne Sandberg Baseball Card Kit.  Line Drive was the maker of the kit back in 1991.

And what makes up a baseball card kit?

First, you get an album, this one personalized for Ryne Sandberg.  Inside are ten four-pocket pages for cards.

The kit also included this six page booklet on Ryno.

But you can't call something a baseball card kit without baseball cards.  So Line Drive included a set of 20 Ryne Sandberg cards.

I'd never seen the kit or cards before, so I am thrilled to add them to the Ryno collection.

Thank you Tim!

And if you see and 2014 Topps Tribute Billy Williams cards, let Tim know.... he's on the hunt for ALL of them!


  1. That is an awesome Ryno set. I wonder if Line Drive made any other players. Would be interested in seeing if there was a Don Mattingly made.

    1. They did make a Mattingley set. Several are on Ebay.