Sunday, January 4, 2015

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 13,280 Cubs cards from 104 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: 1963 Post #175 Don Landrum  Kudos to post for the picture of Landrum as a Cub.  The Cubs picked him in a trade on June 5, 1962 and this 1963 Post card shows him at Wrigley in the home pinstripes.  Even better, it's actually Don Landrum!  The 1963 Topps card for Landrum featured a picture of...

...Ron Santo.

1980s: 1982 Topps #484 Ivan DeJesus  The weak-hitting shortstop did his best work ever for the Cubs in 1982--he was traded to the Phillies in January for Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg.

1990s: 1995 Donruss #441 Derrick May  Bright sunshine, green ivy, blue pinstripes, MLB patch on the sleeve....a nice looking card.

2000s: 2005 Retired Signatures Gold #20 Ernie Banks  Looks like Mr. Cub is at spring training in Scottsdale in 1973, when he was on the Cubs coaching staff.  I wonder what ever became of the ball he's signing?

2010s: 2010 T206 #233 Frank Chance  Because on tobacco card brand (Allen & Ginter) wasn't enough, Topps trotted out T206.  The 2010 set was it's last, and it was replaced by Gypsy Queen in 2011.  Can't say that I disagree with that decision.  The GQ cards are more visually appealing than these T206 cards.  The picture here comes from the original T206 portrait yellow background card. It was one of three Chance cards in the 1909 set,


  1. I don't actively collect Banks but I'm surprised I've never seen that one before, or the image. You're the one to ask. Is that the only time that photo has been used?

    1. I've got 394 Ernie Banks cards and I found the picture on only one other, the 2011 Heritage Mint Card.....

      Topps Tribute from 2002 has a picture taken at about the same time, but not identical.

      Crazy...they use some pictures over and over and others hardly ever.

    2. Thanks. Can't figure Topps out sometimes.