Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Fever Cubs

Spring Fever is the Topps redemption gimmick with the 2013 set.  Random packs of Series One had a redemption coupon in them for a pack of five Spring Fever cards.  The coupon had to be redeemed at participating hobby shops.  I don't buy packs and I don't have a hobby shop with 50 miles, but I do have Ebay!

The checklist has 50 players, most active, but some retired guys too.  With 50 cards for 30 teams, there should be no more than two players per team.  But somehow, the Cubs topped that, having three players!

I've got both the front and the backs of the cards, since you may not have seen the backs anywhere...




 Topps has the three Cubs numbered consecutively, which is something they haven't done much of in the past.  And they left Starlin Castro off the checklist, too.  Rizzo in---Castro out!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Topps Vault is Run By Idiots

Yesterday, I read a thread on the Blowout Cards Forum that dealt with some crazy prices at Topps Vault. And the poster was correct...


....$250 for a Hobie Landrith slide is insane.

But even more insane is the description of the slide. Look at it again...

...Seriously, the Topps Vault has some complete idiots writing these descriptions.

"This posed 1957 Hobie Landrith transparency was taken during his first season with the Cardinals" was taken in 1956.

"Look at the old school Cardinals "C" on the cap, which isn't used any more." WRONG!!

Of course it's not used anymore....the Cardinals never used a "C" on their hat. That picture shows Ladrith in a Cubs uniform! The picture, which did end up on the 1957 card, was taken in 1956, when Landrith was a...


...light-hitting catcher for the Cubs. They traded him to the Cardinals during the winter of 1956-57.

If the knucklehead writer had checked the actual 1957 card that Topps issued for Landrith, he would have noticed that the picture on the card...


...was doctored a little. An "StL" was put on the cap and a script "Cardinals" was added to the jersey. For some reason, the Cardinals dropped the birds on bat...


....for the 1956 season. It was back the next year.

Double checking your work for an item that you're trying to sell for $250? Nah...too much trouble.



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Barney 2012 Barney Heritage SPs Showed Up!

On February 9 I had a post on the Darwin Barney Heritage No Position card and the gist of my post was that the market had dried up.  No new cards had been on ebay since November.

So of course, later that exact same day, not one, but two were listed!  I watched both auctions, interested to find out what they would go for.  Either they would go for crazy high prices, since it had been so long since one was listed, or else they would go for bargain prices since most have forgotten about them.

The final sale prices:  $39.99 and $59.00---well below the average sale price of $101.14.  These sales have knocked the average price under $100, down to $97.70.

These two were the 29th and 30th sold on ebay.  All have been sold by different sellers and not one has been resold by a buyer.  It's got to be collectors that are buying them, not flippers.

With 30 being sold on ebay alone, I think it's safe to say that these aren't as short-printed as Topps would like you to believe.

Compare the sales of this card with some cards with a known print run and you'll see why...

The 2013 Topps set has some colored border parallels that are numbered.

The pink cards are numbered to 25 and only two of Darwin Barney's #299 have shown up on ebay so far in the four weeks that the cards have been released.  2/25 = 8%  (as an aside...if you search "Topps 2013 Barney pink" you'll only find one sale...the other was mistakenly listed as "2012" instead of "2013" and it was sold for a very reasonable me!!)

The black cards are numbered to 60 and five of the Barneys have been sold on ebay, which is 8.3% of the cards.

Now let's apply the 8% to the first four weeks of the Heritage card, in which nine were sold.  A little math work tells me that there would be 112 of the Barney no position cards (8% of 112 = 8.96).

Would it be safe to say that there are over 100 of these cards out there somewhere?

Would it be safe to say that if you're paying $97.70 for one of 100 that you're overpaying?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Topps 2013 Barney Rainbow!

I've decided to skip making Cubs team sets with any of the parallel sets from Topps 2013.  No emerald for me, no camo, no blue, pink, gold, red, blue or purple.

The only exception is for Darwin Barney.  Since going all-in as a player collector, I've put together several Barney rainbows.  I wasn't going to skip the Topps 2013 rainbow, so as soon as the cards came out, I started picking up each of the eight variations.  On Thursday the final piece in the puzzle arrived.

Of the eight, four are numbered...
Pink /50
Black / 62
Camouflage /99
Gold /2103

Then there's the emerald card

And finally, there are the three retailer versions, Walmart blue, Target red, and Toys R Us purple.  That purple card was one of the tougher to get; not many of them have shown up on ebay.

I've also got my 1/1 Yellow printing plate to round out the rainbow.

Here are my ten versions of Darwin Barney's 2013 Topps card.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 11,206 Cubs cards from 77 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1950s / 1960s: 1966 Topps #43 Don Landrum  This card has always given me the creeps.  I know that they didn't, but it almost looks like Topps put Landrum's head on someone else's body.  The head seem too big.  Landrum didn't even spend the 1966 season with the Cubs.  He was traded to the Giants (along with Lindy McDaniel) during the off-season for a couple rookies that....

....ended up on a 1966 rookie card.  Both were important parts of the '69 Cubs, too.

1970s: 1978 Hostess #46 Bill Buckner  This card pictures the mental picture I have of Bill Buckner...bushy eyebrows, big mustache, and Cubbie Blue.  He had a great 1978 high in RBIs (74) and average (.323); struck out only 17 times in 470 plate appearances (best in NL), led team in doubles (26), and was voted Chicago Player of the Year by the Chicago sportwriters.

1980s: 1989 Big #170 Ty Griffin  This is a Big card for a big bust.  He was good in college and good for Team USA, but as a professional, Ty Griffin was no good.  He was the Cubs #1 draft selection in 1988, but never played any higher than AA.

1990s: 1992 Team Issued Andre Dawson This set, sponsored by Marathon Oil, were given away at Wrigley Field on July 10.  The 1992 season was Dawson's last with the Cubs.  He had a decent season, hitting .277 with 22 HRs and 90 RBIs.  But age and injuries were catching up with him and the Cubs didn't try to resign him after the season.

2000s: 2005 Fleer #14 Greg Maddux  The 2005 Fleer design has a old-time look to it,  reminiscent of some of the early Topps designs.  As a 39-year-old, Maddux led the NL in starts, taking the mound 35 times.  He was 13-15, his first losing season since his rookie year with  the Cubs in 1987.  He did pick up his 3000th strikeout and won his 15th gold glove, so the season wasn't a total bust.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

1983 Starliner Stickers Ernie Banks

I've got a real oddball today...

This is a sticker from a 1983 release known as the Starliner set.

The picture may look familiar because it is the same as the 1967 Dexter Press cards,

which I also had a post on a little while back.  I don't have the Ernie Banks Dexter Press card yet, so I had to borrow a picture.  You'll notice that the white border has been removed from the stickers.  While the Dexter cards are over-sized  the stickers are much smaller, coming in at 2 7/16" x 3 1/4".

The stickers are from an unlicensed and unauthorized set.  From what I could find, a midwest dealer named John Sterling printed up the stickers.  The set name comes from the brand name of the sticker paper, Starliner. Another brand of sticker paper was also used, Touchdown.  Mine is a Touchdown.

The entire set has 16 players.  I found this picture, of an uncut sheet...

....and you can see that Pete Rose and Mickey Mantle are double-printed.  It's a pretty amazing group of Hall of Famers.  Just one question....why was Rocky Colovito included??

Friday, February 22, 2013

The 2007 Connection

Yesterday's story about getting Ryne Sandberg's autograph ended with a teaser---another collection connection from that game in 2007.

I hadn't really thought about that Whitecaps/Chiefs game in a long time.  I see the Sandberg ball all the time, and I remember the excitement of getting Ryno's signature.  But details on the game were fuzzy, at best.  So I did a little digging.

I knew that I had a program from the game around the house somewhere. I did a little digging and found...

....this.   One nice thing about minor league games (at least the one's I've gone to) is that you get free programs. Something that would cost ten bucks at a big league game is free in class A.

I started flipping through the book and I came to the scorecard page.  I don't think that I've kept score at any of the other minor league games I've been to, but for some reason I kept the book for this one.

I started looking over the Chief's lineup and then I had one of those "Oh My!" moments.

Look who was batting second and playing shortstop.  It's my guy, Darwin Barney!  I had absolutely no recollection that he was in the lineup that day.  But there it was, written in my own handwriting.

He went 1-4 with a walk and two strikeouts.  Not the greatest day, but not the worst either.

Barney was drafted by the Cubs in June, 2007 and spent some time with a rookie team in Mesa before being promoted to Peoria.  He played a total of 44 games for Ryno and the Chiefs.  At the time I saw him, he had been with the Peoria for only two weeks.

I took a couple pictures during the game, but Barney wasn't in any of them.  I did find a couple online that showed him on the road against West Michigan.

I wonder if they were from the game I was at?  

So how cool is that?  Not only did I end up with the autograph of a Hall of Famer, but I also got to see the early, raw version of a player I ended up collection.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Ryno's Autograph

As long as I have been talking autographs this week, I thought I'd tell the story of how I got Ryne Sandberg's autograph.

In 2007 Ryne Sandberg, two years removed from his election to the Hall of Fame, took the job as manager of the Cubs low-A Midwest League team in Peoria, Illinois.  He had actually interviewed for the Cubs  job (which eventually went to Lou Piniella), but was told he needed some experience and the Cubs gave him the chance in Peoria.

My neck of the woods in SW Michigan is more than two hours from any big league team.  But within 90 minutes of me are four different Midwest League teams---South Bend, Fort Wayne, West Michigan (Grand Rapids) and Lansing.  I've been to games at all four parks.

Knowing that Sandberg would be in my neck of the woods with the Chiefs, I decided that I would try to seem his team and get his autograph.  My first attempt was on July 4 in South Bend.  I picked a bad day to get an autograph....the game was a sellout.  Ryno was very good about signing, and before the game he was stationed by the Chief's dugout, but the line to get to him was huge...I had no chance.


My next try was at Grand Rapids on Monday, July 30.  A  Monday night game was not going to be too crowded, so that was going to be in my favor.  Knowing that he signs each game, I also decided to get there as soon as the gates opened and then head toward the dugout to get in line ASAP.

I took WW Jr. with me.  He was armed with a Midwest League baseball he had gotten the year before a Michigan Devil Rays game (the franchise was based in Battle Creek, but has since moved to the Saginaw area).  I brought this book... autobiography that Ryne wrote in 1995, after his first retirement.

We got to the park early, before 6:00 when the gates were supposed to be opened for the 7:00 game.  There was just a short wait before fans were let into the park.  We went to out seats, which were in the fifth row behind the Chief's dugout.  Once settled, we headed towards the dugout, where lines had formed on each side.  We had to guess which side Ryne would be signing from...and we guessed right!

After about a 30 minute wait, he came over and started signing.  WW Jr handed him his ball and Ryne signed it...

I then handed him my book, opened to the cover page, and again....

he signed for me!  We both thanked him and moved back to our seats.  We had gotten what we came for, but there was still a game to be played.  It turns out that there was another connection to my collection at the game, but I never realized it until last weekend.

That story comes tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michael Barrett...I Just Had Too

This player was not a sentimental favorite of mine, but Michael Barrett interests me for...

....this reason.  He did in 2006 what most Cubs fans (and alot of baseball fans in general!) secretly wished someone would do---he decked A.J. Pierzynski.  Yes, there wasn't a great reason from the game action for Barrett to do it.  And yes, it was a sucker-punch.

But boy did it liven up an otherwise very dull 2006 season.  That's a good enough reason for me to add Barrett to my autograph binder.

The card, like the punch, is from 2006.  The autograph looks pretty close to most of the other Barrett autos that I've seen.  But real or not, who cares?  When I see the card, it brings a wry smile to my face.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cubs Autographs, '70s Style

With my quest for Cubs certified autographs finished (I think/hope!), I've turned my attention to getting cards from some of my favorites from my younger day.  The mid-70s were the years when I probably watched the most Cubs games on WGN and spent the most money on baseball card packs.

The Cubs teams then weren't very good.  By 1974 most of the '69 team had been traded away and the team was in rebuilding mode (sound familiar??).  Among my favorites from the era were...

....Andy/Andre Thornton.  The Cubs got Thornton in a trade with the Braves that sent Joe Pepitone south.  He was the Cubs starting first baseman from 1974 - May, 1976.  He hit for a decent average and was one of the few power hitters in the lineup.  He got off to a slow start in 1976 and in May he was traded to the Expos.  I was very disappointed to see him go.

The '76 set is one of my favorites because so many of the pictures show the Cubs in their home uniform (though mostly spring training shots).  I don't know why, but Cubs cards always seem disappointing to me when they show the road uniforms.

Another favorite was....

....Jose Cardenal.  He was the flash on an otherwise pretty boring team.  The Sox fans in the house considered him a hot dog....and he was.  But he always hit for a high average, played a decent center field, and had a super funky 'fro.  The picture on the card really seems to capture the fun-loving hot dog Jose.


....Carmen Fanzone.  Usually I don't have good memories of career .224 hitters, but Fanzone is different.  Ten-year-old WW got Carmen's autograph at Wrigley Field in 1972 (I've got the whole story here), and that puts him among my all-time favorites.  I went with this card since the photograph is from 1972.

All of these cards came from Ebay and were five bucks or less.  For the price of a few packs of today's cards, I got a card signed by some of my favorites.  Money well spent, if you ask me!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank You For the Extra Eyeballs Part 2

A couple weeks ago I offered up some thanks to those who helped me compete my autographed cards checklist.  My rule is to have a certified autograph for each Cubs player that had one issued during a season they played with the Cubs.

That post was my second attempt to finalize the checklist.

Today's is attempt number three.

Thanks to the comments that were left on the first Extra Eyeballs post, I became aware of a....

....Jacque Jones Inkredible card from 2006 plus a card for....

...Steve Clevenger from 2012 Bowman Sterling.

The Clevenger card sent me on another quest.  I knew there were other marginal players I missed, so I grabbed my media guide and started searching ebay for almost every player that wasn't in my collection.  I found several...

The first one I found was easy....

....Brett Jackson, also played briefly in 2012 and was included in Bowman Sterling.

I got lucky with....

...this one, Jason Dubois.  He played briefly for the Cubs in 2004 and 2005.  The lucky part was that I already had this card, given to me with several other Cubs prospect cards a couple years ago.  It was sitting in the prospects page of the binder.  All I had to do was move it up with the rest of the big boys.

I have no idea how I missed....

....Matt Garza.  Shame on me!  Missing the next guy....

....Steve Smyth was more understandable.  Smyth pitched in eight games for the 2002 Cubs and was included in the 2002 Studio Private Signings set.

And how could I forget....

....Roberto Novoa.  He pitched in 115 games over the 2005 and 2006 season and had a 2005 Pro Sigs card.

Finally, there was....

....Michael Wuertz, who had a couple different certified autographs during his time with the Cubs between 2004 and 2008.  This card is from 2004 Ovation Spotlight Signatures.

With these additions, the checklist has grown from 76 cards when I first thought I was done, to 91 cards.  And it wouldn't surprise me at all if it's not done yet.

Here is my latest list....keep your eyes pealed for any other players I'm missing!  Is there a "Thank You For the Extra Eyeballs Part 3" in my future??

Players with a certified autograph issued during a season they played with the Cubs

Terry AdamsTom GorzelannyCarlos Pena
Moises AlouKevin GreggBilly Petrick
Darwin BarneyAngel GuzmanFelix Pie
Francis BeltranBrendan HarrisLou Piniella
Milton BradleyKevin HartMark Prior
Roosevelt BrownJose HernandezAramis Ramirez
Scott BullettRich HillAnthony Rizzo
Freddie BynumMicah HoffpauirHenry Rodriguez
Marlon ByrdBrett JacksonJeff Samardzija
Andrew CashnerReed JohnsonRey Sanchez
Larry CassianJacque JonesRyne Sandberg
Frank CastilloMatt KarchnerScott Servais
Starlin CastroBrooks Kieschnick       Alfonso Soriano
Ronny CedenoBryan LaHairSammy Sosa
Buck CoatsDerrek LeeGeovany Soto
Tyler ColvinCole LiniakSteve Smyth
Juan CruzGreg MadduxRyan Theriot
Steve ClevengerDave MagadanOzzie Timmons
Blake DeWittSean MarshallSteve Trachsel
Rafael DolisScott MooreJermaine Van Buren
Scott DownsMatt MurtonTodd Walker
Jason DuboisRod MyersTodd Wellemeyer
Kyle FarnsworthRoberto NovoaRandy Wells
Mike FontenotWill OhmanTurk Wendell
Kevin FosterKevin OrieMichael Weurtz
Kosuke FukudomeAngel PaganKerry Wood
Sam FuldBob PattersonTravis Wood
Sean GallagherEric PattersonMichael Wuertz
Nomar Garciaparra      Corey PattersonCarlos Zambrano
Matt GarzaDavid PattonJulio Zuleta
Leo Gomez

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Complete 2013 Series 1

In addition to the Cubs cards, I also bought the 330 card set of series one cards.

A few random thoughts....
  • I give the card design a thumbs up.  It's fairly minimal, which I like.  Busy designs give me a headache.  And the baseball diamond theme is nice.
  • The "Career Chase" line on the back of the card is the dumbest things I've seen on a card in a long time.  Does anyone care that Carter Capps is 1,234 games away from Jesse Orosco's all-time games pitched record of 1,252 games.
  • Topps needs to stop the Mickey Mantle thing.  Skipping card #7 makes no sense.  The Mick has been gone for 18 years.  Time to move on.
Here's what I liked best about the set....Retro Uniforms!




Finally, for those of you that are team collectors, I've got the checklist broken down by team.  The big winner....the Yankees (of course).  At the other end, the Twins scored only four cards.

AngelsScott Downs 200
AngelsDan Haren 24
AngelsJason Isringhausen 245
AngelsMaicer Izturis 313
AngelsHowie Kendrick 47
AngelsNick Maronde 187
AngelsKendrys Morales 108
AngelsAlbert Pujols CL266
AngelsMike Trout 27
AngelsJered Weaver 36
AngelsVernon Wells 210
AstrosJose Altuve 227
AstrosBrian Bogusevic 319
AstrosLucas Harrell 164
AstrosJed Lowrie 104
AstrosJustin Maxwell 178
AthleticsBartolo Colon 259
AthleticsRyan Cook 48
AthleticsSean Doolittle 85
AthleticsStephen Drew 160
AthleticsBrandon Inge 76
AthleticsJarrod Parker 211
AthleticsJosh Reddick 316
AthleticsJemile Weeks 23
Blue JaysRajai Davis 311
Blue JaysKyle Drabek 304
Blue JaysEdwin Encarnacion 310
Blue JaysJ.A. Happ 163
Blue JaysAdeiny Hechavarria 84
Blue JaysDrew Hutchison 183
Blue JaysBrett Lawrie 13
Blue JaysBrandon Lyon 237
Blue JaysLuis Perez 247
Blue JaysColby Rasmus 68
Blue JaysJose Reyes 331
Blue JaysRicky Romero 124
BravesFreddie Freeman 105
BravesJason Heyward 222
BravesTim Hudson 115
BravesCraig Kimbrel 46
BravesBrian McCann 116
BravesMike Minor 257
BravesDan Uggla 126
BravesJonny Venters 201
BrewersNorichika Aoki 307
BrewersJohn Axford 59
BrewersRyan Braun 8
BrewersYovani Gallardo 149
BrewersAlex Gonzalez 322
BrewersTravis Ishikawa 45
BrewersNyjer Morgan 172
BrewersRickie Weeks 123
CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals NLDS269
CardinalsMatt Carpenter 193
CardinalsAllen Craig 321
CardinalsDaniel Descalso 190
CardinalsBrian Fuentes 188
CardinalsRafael Furcal 315
CardinalsJaime Garcia 54
CardinalsMatt Holliday 125
CardinalsMatt Holliday 207
CardinalsJon Jay 224
CardinalsKyle McClellan 146
CardinalsShelby Miller 305
CardinalsYadier Molina 4
CardinalsJason Motte 130
CardinalsEdward Mujica 96
CardinalsTrevor Rosenthal 261
CardinalsAdam Wainwright 50
CardinalsJake Westbrook 235
CubsDarwin Barney 299
CubsStarlin Castro 113
CubsDavid DeJesus 209
CubsRafael Dolis 280
CubsAnthony Rizzo 44
CubsJeff Samardzija 229
Diamondbacks  Trevor Bauer 61
DiamondbacksHeath Bell 221
DiamondbacksAdam Eaton 79
DiamondbacksDavid Hernandez 281
DiamondbacksAaron Hill 302
DiamondbacksDaniel Hudson 41
DiamondbacksIan Kennedy 131
DiamondbacksMiguel Montero 274
DiamondbacksGerardo Parra 72
DiamondbacksJ.J. Putz 240
DiamondbacksBryan Shaw 101
DiamondbacksTyler Skaggs 173
DiamondbacksJustin Upton 110
DiamondbacksBrad Ziegler 169
DodgersJosh Beckett 219
DodgersChad Billingsley 158
DodgersJoe Blanton 56
DodgersChris Capuano 191
DodgersRandy Choate 182
DodgersA.J. Ellis 314
DodgersAndre Ethier 16
DodgersAdrian Gonzalez 228
DodgersDee Gordon 9
DodgersJerry Hairston 306
DodgersKenley Jansen 74
DodgersMatt Kemp 242
DodgersClayton Kershaw 22
DodgersClayton Kershaw 81
DodgersBrandon League 295
DodgersTed Lilly 263
DodgersPaco Rodriguez 99
GiantsMadison Bumgarner WS 2256
GiantsBrandon Crawford 73
GiantsSan Francisco Giants WS 467
GiantsSan Francisco Giants NLDS260
GiantsAubrey Huff 117
GiantsTim Lincecum 55
GiantsJavier Lopez 192
GiantsAngel Pagan 284
GiantsHunter Pence 3
GiantsBuster Posey 128
GiantsSergio Romo 154
GiantsPablo Sandoval WS 1298
GiantsMarco Scutaro NLCS69
GiantsRyan Theriot 205
GiantsRyan Vogelsong 132
GiantsRyan Vogelsong WS 3196
GiantsBrian Wilson 38
GiantsBarry Zito 75
IndiansMichael Brantley 323
IndiansShin-Soo Choo 17
IndiansJason Kipnis 267
IndiansCasey Kotchman 180
IndiansJustin Masterson 63
IndiansCarlos Santana 141
MarinersDustin Ackley 252
MarinersCarter Capps 157
MarinersFelix Hernandez 34
MarinersLucas Luetge 244
MarinersKevin Millwood 325
MarinersBrendan Ryan 277
MarinersMichael Saunders 297
MarinersKyle Seager 162
MarinersJason Vargas 82
MarlinsChris Coghlan 198
MarlinsAdam Greenberg 253
MarlinsJosh Johnson 255
MarlinsAustin Kearns 93
MarlinsA.J. Ramos 175
MarlinsGiancarlo Stanton 127
MarlinsCarlos Zambrano 238
MetsJason Bay 144
MetsIke Davis 129
MetsR.A. Dickey 43
MetsR.A. Dickey 81
MetsLucas Duda 21
MetsJeurys Familia 271
MetsDillon Gee 156
MetsScott Hairston 312
MetsDaniel Murphy 300
MetsJonathon Niese 250
MetsKirk Nieuwenhuis 109
MetsBobby Parnell 139
MetsJon Rauch 60
MetsJohan Santana CL89
NationalsSean Burnett 254
NationalsTyler Clippard 136
NationalsIan Desmond 120
NationalsDanny Espinosa 97
NationalsChristian Garcia 278
NationalsBryce Harper 1
NationalsEdwin Jackson 233
NationalsMichael Morse 138
NationalsEury Perez 170
NationalsWilson Ramos 203
NationalsKurt Suzuki 208
NationalsChien-Ming Wang 40
NationalsJayson Werth 328
NationalsRyan Zimmerman 80
OriolesRobert Andino 176
OriolesJake Arrieta 134
OriolesLuis Ayala 276
OriolesDylan Bundy 78
OriolesEndy Chavez 309
OriolesChris Davis 119
OriolesL.J. Hoes 148
OriolesTommy Hunter 62
OriolesJim Johnson 143
OriolesAdam Jones 10
OriolesManny Machado 270
OriolesBrian Matusz 217
OriolesBaltimore Orioles 317
OriolesMark Reynolds 112
PadresYonder Alonso 223
PadresAnthony Bass 145
PadresCasey Kelly 111
PadresTom Layne 290
PadresCameron Maybin 324
PadresDustin Moseley 77
PadresWill Venable 225
PadresEdinson Volquez 137
PhilliesTyler Cloyd 197
PhilliesJose Contreras 152
PhilliesRoy Halladay CL264
PhilliesRyan Howard 6
PhilliesKyle Kendrick 71
PhilliesCliff Lee 33
PhilliesJimmy Rollins 206
PhilliesDarin Ruf 83
PhilliesChase Utley 26
PhilliesVance Worley 249
PiratesClint Barmes 92
PiratesA.J. Burnett 234
PiratesKevin Correia 262
PiratesJason Grilli 174
PiratesBrock Holt 171
PiratesJeff Karstens 293
PiratesStarling Marte 288
PiratesAndrew McCutchen 122
PiratesGaby Sanchez 98
PiratesJose Tabata 31
RangersAdrian Beltre 29
RangersYu Darvish 11
RangersScott Feldman 39
RangersNeftali Feliz 30
RangersColby Lewis 248
RangersMark Lowe 57
RangersMitch Moreland 18
RangersJoe Nathan 236
RangersMike Olt 87
RangersJurickson Profar 286
RangersGeovany Soto 184
RangersMichael Young 320
RaysAlex Cobb 53
RaysWade Davis 140
RaysKyle Farnsworth 168
RaysJeremy Hellickson 58
RaysJ.P. Howell 65
RaysDesmond Jennings 308
RaysElliot Johnson 177
RaysJeff Keppinger 181
RaysEvan Longoria 103
RaysJames Shields 133
RaysBen Zobrist 218
Red SoxAlfredo Aceves 91
Red SoxCraig Breslow 32
Red SoxJacoby Ellsbury 241
Red SoxDaisuke Matsuzaka 118
Red SoxWill Middlebrooks 64
Red SoxDaniel Nava 66
Red SoxVicente Padilla 279
Red SoxDustin Pedroia 15
Red SoxJarrod Saltalamacchia 301
Red SoxRyan Sweeney 291
RedsBronson Arroyo 161
RedsJonathan Broxton 51
RedsTony Cingrani 142
RedsZack Cozart 202
RedsJohnny Cueto 275
RedsTodd Frazier 70
RedsDidi Gregorius 296
RedsChris Heisey 195
RedsMat Latos 155
RedsSean Marshall 251
RedsLogan Ondrusek 166
RedsHenry Rodriguez 86
RedsDrew Stubbs 106
RedsJoey Votto 19
RockiesTyler Colvin 265
RockiesDexter Fowler 273
RockiesCarlos Gonzalez 5
RockiesRamon Hernandez 165
RockiesJordan Pacheco 186
RockiesRob Scahill 185
RoyalsAaron Crow 243
RoyalsAlex Gordon 204
RoyalsJeremy Guthrie 289
RoyalsLuke Hochevar 167
RoyalsEric Hosmer 135
RoyalsDavid Lough 268
RoyalsMike Moustakas 100
RoyalsJake Odorizzi 232
RoyalsFelipe Paulino 159
TigersOctavio Dotel 220
TigersPrince Fielder 28
TigersDoug Fister 258
TigersAvisail Garcia 199
TigersJhonny Peralta 327
TigersRyan Raburn 330
TigersRamon Santiago 239
TigersMax Scherzer 37
TigersDetroit Tigers ALDS42
TigersDetroit Tigers ALCS179
TigersJustin Verlander 35
TigersDelmon Young 121
TwinsJamey Carroll 88
TwinsJoe Mauer 107
TwinsDenard Span 102
TwinsJosh Willingham 216
White SoxGordon Beckham 215
White SoxJohn Danks 150
White SoxPaul Konerko 14
White SoxA.J. Pierzynski 12
White SoxAddison Reed 285
White SoxAlex Rios 151
White SoxChris Sale 49
White SoxMatt Thornton 292
White SoxKevin Youkilis 20
YankeesEric Chavez 212
YankeesCurtis Granderson 214
YankeesDerek Jeter 2
YankeesAndruw Jones 326
YankeesHiroki Kuroda 318
YankeesDerek Lowe 226
YankeesRussell Martin 282
YankeesCasey McGehee 114
YankeesMelky Mesa 231
YankeesIvan Nova 147
YankeesAndy Pettitte CL90
YankeesDavid Robertson 230
YankeesAlex Rodriguez 213
YankeesAlex Rodriguez CL303
YankeesCC Sabathia 52
YankeesCC Sabathia ALDS283
YankeesRafael Soriano 329
YankeesMark Teixeira 25
League Leaders NL ERA81
League Leaders AL ERA94
League Leaders AL Wins95
League Leaders AL Home Runs  153
League Leaders NL Batting189
League Leaders AL RBIs194
League Leaders NL Home Runs246
League Leaders NL RBIs272
League Leaders NL Wins287
League Leaders AL Batting294