Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tile Tuesday: Star...The Rest

After showing all the Sandberg Star cards last Tuesday, I figured I should show all the rest of the Cubs Star cards.

There were twelve non-Sandberg Star sets.  Some had 11 cards, others had 10, while the bulk of them had nine.  You'll see in the tile how I started with the 11s, then the 10s, and finished with the 9s.

You may also notice a non-Cub among the cards.  There was a 1990 Star set that split the 11 cards between the Cub's Jerome Walton and Greg Olson of the Orioles.

In order from top to bottom the sets are:

1989 Star Andre Dawson
1989 Star Jerome Walton
1988 Star Mark Grace
1990 Star Jerome Walton/Greg Olson
1988 Star Andre Dawson
1988 Star Gold Mark Grace
1990 Star Gold Mark Grace
1990 Star Platinum Mark Grace
1990 Star Silver Mark Grace
1990 Star Silver Mike Harkey
1990 Star Silver Jerome Walton
1991 Star Platinum Mark Grace

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