Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank You For the Extra Eyeballs Part 2

A couple weeks ago I offered up some thanks to those who helped me compete my autographed cards checklist.  My rule is to have a certified autograph for each Cubs player that had one issued during a season they played with the Cubs.

That post was my second attempt to finalize the checklist.

Today's is attempt number three.

Thanks to the comments that were left on the first Extra Eyeballs post, I became aware of a....

....Jacque Jones Inkredible card from 2006 plus a card for....

...Steve Clevenger from 2012 Bowman Sterling.

The Clevenger card sent me on another quest.  I knew there were other marginal players I missed, so I grabbed my media guide and started searching ebay for almost every player that wasn't in my collection.  I found several...

The first one I found was easy....

....Brett Jackson, also played briefly in 2012 and was included in Bowman Sterling.

I got lucky with....

...this one, Jason Dubois.  He played briefly for the Cubs in 2004 and 2005.  The lucky part was that I already had this card, given to me with several other Cubs prospect cards a couple years ago.  It was sitting in the prospects page of the binder.  All I had to do was move it up with the rest of the big boys.

I have no idea how I missed....

....Matt Garza.  Shame on me!  Missing the next guy....

....Steve Smyth was more understandable.  Smyth pitched in eight games for the 2002 Cubs and was included in the 2002 Studio Private Signings set.

And how could I forget....

....Roberto Novoa.  He pitched in 115 games over the 2005 and 2006 season and had a 2005 Pro Sigs card.

Finally, there was....

....Michael Wuertz, who had a couple different certified autographs during his time with the Cubs between 2004 and 2008.  This card is from 2004 Ovation Spotlight Signatures.

With these additions, the checklist has grown from 76 cards when I first thought I was done, to 91 cards.  And it wouldn't surprise me at all if it's not done yet.

Here is my latest list....keep your eyes pealed for any other players I'm missing!  Is there a "Thank You For the Extra Eyeballs Part 3" in my future??

Players with a certified autograph issued during a season they played with the Cubs

Terry AdamsTom GorzelannyCarlos Pena
Moises AlouKevin GreggBilly Petrick
Darwin BarneyAngel GuzmanFelix Pie
Francis BeltranBrendan HarrisLou Piniella
Milton BradleyKevin HartMark Prior
Roosevelt BrownJose HernandezAramis Ramirez
Scott BullettRich HillAnthony Rizzo
Freddie BynumMicah HoffpauirHenry Rodriguez
Marlon ByrdBrett JacksonJeff Samardzija
Andrew CashnerReed JohnsonRey Sanchez
Larry CassianJacque JonesRyne Sandberg
Frank CastilloMatt KarchnerScott Servais
Starlin CastroBrooks Kieschnick       Alfonso Soriano
Ronny CedenoBryan LaHairSammy Sosa
Buck CoatsDerrek LeeGeovany Soto
Tyler ColvinCole LiniakSteve Smyth
Juan CruzGreg MadduxRyan Theriot
Steve ClevengerDave MagadanOzzie Timmons
Blake DeWittSean MarshallSteve Trachsel
Rafael DolisScott MooreJermaine Van Buren
Scott DownsMatt MurtonTodd Walker
Jason DuboisRod MyersTodd Wellemeyer
Kyle FarnsworthRoberto NovoaRandy Wells
Mike FontenotWill OhmanTurk Wendell
Kevin FosterKevin OrieMichael Weurtz
Kosuke FukudomeAngel PaganKerry Wood
Sam FuldBob PattersonTravis Wood
Sean GallagherEric PattersonMichael Wuertz
Nomar Garciaparra      Corey PattersonCarlos Zambrano
Matt GarzaDavid PattonJulio Zuleta
Leo Gomez


  1. Hate to do this to you again but over the weekend I was sorting my collection and came across a 2007 Fleer Autographics Cesar Izturis. There's an exorbitantly priced one on ebay but a cheaper (yet still overpriced) one on COMC.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the Izturis card. It's not on COMC any more....some Cub fan in Michigan bought it ;)