Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Fever Cubs

Spring Fever is the Topps redemption gimmick with the 2013 set.  Random packs of Series One had a redemption coupon in them for a pack of five Spring Fever cards.  The coupon had to be redeemed at participating hobby shops.  I don't buy packs and I don't have a hobby shop with 50 miles, but I do have Ebay!

The checklist has 50 players, most active, but some retired guys too.  With 50 cards for 30 teams, there should be no more than two players per team.  But somehow, the Cubs topped that, having three players!

I've got both the front and the backs of the cards, since you may not have seen the backs anywhere...




 Topps has the three Cubs numbered consecutively, which is something they haven't done much of in the past.  And they left Starlin Castro off the checklist, too.  Rizzo in---Castro out!

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  1. These look very nice. I was happy to see Dawson included in the set as it gives me 'one more card' to target.

    This one, too, is in transit to me!