Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Topps Vault is Run By Idiots

Yesterday, I read a thread on the Blowout Cards Forum that dealt with some crazy prices at Topps Vault. And the poster was correct...


....$250 for a Hobie Landrith slide is insane.

But even more insane is the description of the slide. Look at it again...

...Seriously, the Topps Vault has some complete idiots writing these descriptions.

"This posed 1957 Hobie Landrith transparency was taken during his first season with the Cardinals" was taken in 1956.

"Look at the old school Cardinals "C" on the cap, which isn't used any more." WRONG!!

Of course it's not used anymore....the Cardinals never used a "C" on their hat. That picture shows Ladrith in a Cubs uniform! The picture, which did end up on the 1957 card, was taken in 1956, when Landrith was a...


...light-hitting catcher for the Cubs. They traded him to the Cardinals during the winter of 1956-57.

If the knucklehead writer had checked the actual 1957 card that Topps issued for Landrith, he would have noticed that the picture on the card...


...was doctored a little. An "StL" was put on the cap and a script "Cardinals" was added to the jersey. For some reason, the Cardinals dropped the birds on bat...


....for the 1956 season. It was back the next year.

Double checking your work for an item that you're trying to sell for $250? Nah...too much trouble.




  1. This coming from a company that can't tell the difference between Dick Ellsworth and Ken Hubbs

  2. On the bright side, the 1957 set had some really good alterations in their pictures. The Ray Jablonski one still stuns me.

  3. Lol... I guess I should get a job at Topps. Before I read the whole post, I was thinking it was a Cincinnati cap.