Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Cubs Calendar....Lousy Timing

Each year I purchase a Cubs calendar to hang in the WW World Headquarters.

A couple weeks ago I picked up the 2013 version.  It's not good.

Last August I had a post about the 2012 calendar and how by then, only four of the twelve players featured were still with the team.

This year I get to gripe about it early!  Of the 12 players on the 2013 Cubs calendar, only seven are with the team as of today.  Nearly half are already gone and spring training hasn't even started yet!

Want to get real ironic?  Take a look at the name of the publisher...

....Perfect Timing, Inc.   Perfect??? No, more like lousy timing!

Here are the five no longer with the team.....


And the seven holders are....

....I wonder how many will still be with the team come August?

My guess...four--Castro, Barney, Soriano (still can't find a taker for that big contract) and one more (either Garza or DeJesus)


  1. I used to work part-time in a bookstore that ran a seasonal calendar kiosk as well. We would start getting shipments of the following year's calendars in July-August so who knows when they were actually printed. Definitely pre-Rizzo callup.

    Unfortunately, you gotta blame the Cubs for the product they are putting on the field rather than the calendar company on this one though. If you can't field a team that provides you 10-12 players you know are going to carry over year to year, there's a problem. Think about the Cubs last May-ish and the only player I would have included that didn't get a spot is Samardzija.

    Also, is it just me, or does it look like Maholm is wearing a wrong-handed glove?

  2. Sounds like another custom project for you. The Wrigley Wax 2013 Cubs Calendar, "Now with actual Cubs players!"

  3. I agree, the calendar inaccuracy is definitely the result of a team in major rebuilding mode...Maholm's glove does look the big picture on the calendar I see that he just has his right arm turned funny....No point in even making a custom Cubs calendar unless I would just go month by month...I think the roster will continue to turn over quickly.

    1. You might want to search for the cubs convention calendar on EBay. It always runs through the following January (13 months total) and has the cubs schedule on the days they play. And this year, it features the SGA archive cards for a nice sneak peek! Well worth $10