Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Series One Cubs Inserts

Today I'll take a look at some of the inserts from the 2013 set.  The sets I'm going over today are the ones with mainly current Cub players on the checklist.

Anthony Rizzo showed up on several checklists

First, here he is in Chasing the Dream.

He was the only active Cub in the Commemorative Patch set.

Kerry Wood made the Chasing History set with his 20 strikeout game in 1998.

Probably the most talk-about insert cards are the 1972 Minis.  I like that they're using the 1972 design, but I still don't understand why they are minis.  There were no minis in 1972.  Just seems like a mini for the sake of a mini to me.

Two Cubs were included among the 50 players....


....the former and current Topps Cubs golden boys.  Topps did pass on a chance for some SPs here, though.  The original 1972 Cubs had a few with some extra green on the bottom of the "C" and "S".  Check out the difference between the two:


How could Topps have not made these?


The rest of the inserts with Cubs were either Ernie Banks or Ryne Sandberg cards, and those go in the player collections.  I'll have those on Saturday (tomorrow is Flick Friday).

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