Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michael Barrett...I Just Had Too

This player was not a sentimental favorite of mine, but Michael Barrett interests me for...

....this reason.  He did in 2006 what most Cubs fans (and alot of baseball fans in general!) secretly wished someone would do---he decked A.J. Pierzynski.  Yes, there wasn't a great reason from the game action for Barrett to do it.  And yes, it was a sucker-punch.

But boy did it liven up an otherwise very dull 2006 season.  That's a good enough reason for me to add Barrett to my autograph binder.

The card, like the punch, is from 2006.  The autograph looks pretty close to most of the other Barrett autos that I've seen.  But real or not, who cares?  When I see the card, it brings a wry smile to my face.