Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My 2013 Topps Cubs Have Arrived!!

My long-awaited package from BrentandBecca has finally arrived!

Among the contents was the Cubs team set from series one.  My rebuilding boys in blue rated only six cards out of the 330.  And one of the six has no business being included.

Let me show you the six and you can see if you can pick out the player that doesn't deserve a card...

....So who would you consider the clunker among the six?  Now be nice!  Don't say that they're all clunkers!

For me, it has to be Rafael Dolis.  How does a guy who goes 2-4 with an ERA of 6.39 get a card in the base set at all, let alone in the first series?  Wasn't there anyone else Topps could have used?

Of the six Cubs, three got featured status with Topps new numbering system.  Anthony Rizzo, #44 got card #44.  Rizzo is the new Cubs wonderboy in Topps' eyes.

Starlin Castro, #13, got card #113.  Jeff Samardzija, #29 and card #229, was the third.

This is the Out of Bounds SP card for Anthony Rizzo.  Last year Castro got a SP, but Topps has moved on to cranking out the Rizzo cards instead.

The David DeJesus card reminds me of this one from last year...

....of Reed Johnson.  But it's missing something....

....that I could fix.  All ivy shots must now include the 4:00 p.m. pigeons.


  1. I still have a few of the regular Cubs stuff from 2013 Topps to pick up, but that DeJesus is my favorite. It's an awesome picture. The Reed from last year was nice too. He was always a favorite of mine.

  2. Like the 2013 calendar you posted, I'm not sure when the deadline for finalizing these cards was, but I know that when researching the photos for my posts, they were from games in late May to early July. A lot of the bigger name guys (Garza, Marmol, Soriano) were trade bait at that time so they were probably playing it safe.

    Or maybe they had selected guys that actually were traded (Reed, Maholm, Baker) and swapped them for Dolis. Not that any of those guys are Series 1 material either...

  3. Only six cards?!?! I love the photo on Barney's card. Is that from his 5/30 walk-off?

  4. 4:00 gulls, actually. Ring-billed Gulls, if there's a birder out there. Love the addition, though. Now you've got me imagining gulls for every ivy shot!